天气信息在锁定屏幕上没有像之前出现 -- 5.0-lollipop 领域 和 lock-screens 领域 和 weather 领域 android 相关 的问题

Weather information not showing up on lock screen like before




我有一个三星Galaxy S5手机,在我以前版本的Android(大概的Kitkat)中,我配置了它在那天的锁屏上显示基本天气信息(通常在外面的温度和整体条件)。此设置位于Settings>锁屏和gt;额外的信息>检查"天气" 框以启用。




I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, in my previous version of Android (presumably KitKat), I configured it to show basic weather information on the lock screen for that day (typically temperature and overall conditions outside). This setting is in Settings > Lock Screen > Additional Info > check "Weather" box to enable.

Since I upgraded to Lollipop, the setting is still there, but even when I enable it the weather info no longer shows up on the lock screen. Pedometer is working, all the other lock screen settings seem to be working. Did they remove this one feature in Lollipop? Because honestly I found it really handy so I didn't have to unlock my phone just to view the current temperature.

Does anyone know if this is a bug or was it removed and they forgot to remove the actual option to display it?







I had the same problem with the pedometer widget, which I solved by toggling the Additional information and Pedometer settings on and off and rebooting.

Also note that the weather and pedometer widgets only display if there are no other notifications showing on the lock screen.


嘿,我有同样的问题。将下拉菜单从顶部滑动。打开'位置'。当显示出现时,单击同意 - 提高位置准确性? -

然后转到时钟天气应用程序(应在您的主屏幕上)。单击右上角的"+" 按钮。 Donot类型和搜索您的位置,而是按"位置图标" ,让您的手机自动找到您。选择任何显示,刷新和更新天气,然后锁定屏幕。它现在应该出现。 (:

Hey I had the same problem. Slide the drop down menu from top. Turn on 'location'. Click agree when this shows up -- Improve location accuracy? --

Then go to the clock-weather app (should be on your homescreen). Click the '+' button on top right corner. DONOT type and search for your location instead press the 'location icon' and let your phone automatically locate you. SELECT whatever shows up, refresh and update weather and then lock your screen. It should show up now. (:




I encountered the same problem and Samsung Philippines said that the new Lollipop-OS removed the weather feature in lock screen.


我有三星Galaxy A5,突然间我的天气Wiget停止了更新,找不到我的位置。 Wiget上的时间工作正常,但不是天气,它不再显示我的位置。我在锁屏中检查了我的天气功能,它被打开,但它仍然没有找到我的位置。我不得不将锁定屏幕中的天气功能转到关闭,然后再次运行并立即找到我的位置。


I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 and all of a sudden my weather wiget stopped updating and couldn't find my location. The time on the wiget works fine but not the weather and it no longer shows my location. I checked my weather feature in lock screen and it was turned on but it still would not find my location. I had to turn the weather feature in lock screen to OFF and then it works again and found my location immediately.


您可以通过进入以下目录打开或关闭相机快捷键,天气和计步器等锁屏显示功能。 1.背包 2.一般 3.Croll下来并点击配件 4.3.Scroll下来,然后点击"选择要显示的项目" 你在这里。随时检查或取消选中您选择的功能,以显示在您的Android 5.0锁屏上。 注意:您可能必须重新启动设备以进行更改。


You can turn the lock screen display features like the Camera shortcut, Weather and Pedometer on or off by going to the following directory. 1.SETTINGS 2.Tap On GENERAL 3.Scroll down and tap on Accessories 4.Scroll down and tap on "Select items to display" 5.And here you are. Feel free to check or uncheck the features of your choice to show on your android 5.0 lock screen. Note: You may have to restart your device for the changes to take place.




phenry's answer mentioned that you couldn't run the weather and pedometer at the same time. I was trying to run it with the news ticker. I found out that I could run both if I deleted the clock from the clock screen. So, maybe two but not three.



我是一个gs3,gs4,gs5,更新到Android 5和6版本,注意到只有时钟没有显示天气窗口小部件。禁止天气,没有彩色照片OT动画,只是一个左侧时钟。保持删除和重新添加天气时钟4x2小部件,三星默认为一个。没有什么结果结果。

去了 设置/应用程序管理器/更改系统设置

似乎我在某种程度上失去了打开我的"系统设置" 的能力切换为应用程序。统一的守护程序和其他人出现灰色或关闭,无法重新打开。



解决方案:担心菜单中的"重置为默认值" 后会毁掉我的设置,尝试上面的所有和下载4.4.01 APK和Unifiedaemon,它随之而来。我被安装警告,我将覆盖一个较新的人。我取消了尽快。

在3小时后决定在菜单键下的"更改系统设置" 中以默认重置为默认值。

goto 申请经理 更改系统设置"(从菜单下拉下降)然后出现下一个屏幕(命中菜单键)选择 "重置应用程序首选项"

不需要重启或重新启动 做了4个手机。

我必须回到并限制我不想控制我的系统的应用程序。但我不会触摸统一的daemon 100%

谁会将我们指向真正的APK for Samsung Accuweather APK来自GS6,GS7 ???不是一些克隆的外观相似的应用程序,需要第三方小部件编辑和下载应用程序。我不希望不必要的应用程序。

只想要Samsung和AccuWeather为Galaxy S手机制作的真实原始APK。我有GS7手机,如何从那里拉到GS5。我也会分享它。


FYI I've run weather and pedometer health apps same time for years. No issues.

I've a gs3, gs4, gs5, updated to android 5 and 6 versions noticed that only clock showed no weather information Iin weather widget. Infact no weather, no colour photo ot animation, just a clock left side. Kept deleting and re adding weather clock 4x2 widget, the Samsung default one. Nothing still same result.

Went to Settings /Application Manager / Change System Settings

Seems I'd somehow lost the ability to turn my "Systems Settings" On Off toggle for apps. Unified Daemon and others appeared greyed out or off and couldn't be turned back on.

I remembered that I'd gone crazy restricting tons of apps to get better battery life.

************* verified solution below ************

Solution : after fearing that " Reset to defaults" in menu would ruin my settings, trying all of the above and downloading the stock 4.4.01 apk and unifiedaemon that came with it. I was warned by installed that I'd be overwriting a newer one with older. I canceled that asap.

After 3 hours decided to hit the reset all to default in the Change System Settings under the menu key.

Goto application manager change system settings " ( from menu drop down) then when next screen appears ( hit menu key ) select "reset app preferences "

That's it enjoy accuweather,
no reboot or restart required did 4 phones.

I've got to go back in and restrict apps that I don't want to control my system. But I won't touch unifiedDaemon 100%

Whose gonna point us to the true apk for Samsung accuweather apk from Gs6, Gs7 ??? Not some cloned look alike app that requires a 3rd party widget editing and downloading app. I don't want unnecessary apps.

Only want the true original APK made for galaxy S phones by Samsung and accuweather. I've got the Gs7 phones, a how to pull from there to gs5 would be appreciated. I'll share it too.



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