如何在应用程序中选择“分享”某些内容时,如何自定义弹出的服务列表? -- share-menu 领域 android 相关 的问题

How can I customize the list of services that pops up when I choose to “share” something in an app?




许多应用程序会让您选择"分享" 您正在查看的(或观看或收听)。这通常以弹出服务列表的形式显示:Gmail,Facebook,Twitter ...)列表似乎与应用程序相同。如何更改此弹出屏幕上列出的服务?有没有办法更改,添加,删除,附加此列表?

我在Moto Droid 1上运行Android 2.2。


Many apps give you the option to "Share" whatever it is you are looking at (or watching or listening to). This usually manifests in the form of a popup list of services that include: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter...) The list seems to be the same from app to app. How can I change what services are listed on this popup screen? Is there any way to change, add, remove, append this list?

I'm running Android 2.2 on a Moto Droid 1.




列表中的项目由哪个安装的应用程序支持 ACTION_SEND 意图。任何支持该意图的应用程序将包含在列表中。我不认为用户有一种方法可以修改安装/卸载应用程序以外的列表。


The items in the list are determined by which installed apps support the ACTION_SEND intent. Any app that supports that intent will be included in the list. I don't think there is a way for users to modify the list other than installing/uninstalling applications.


我个人使用 appchooser pro 已经大约一年(还有一个免费版本测试首先,如果你喜欢它)。它与和admade share 非常相似,其中已经用在这里旧的答案(但是首先看起来更好(好的,那是非常主观的),但对我来说也更好地工作,以某种方式更多"智能" :

appchooser列表  appchooser grid
appchooser:列表和网格视图(来源:Google Play;点击较大变体的图像)

首先,它提供列表一个网格视图 - 如上所示屏幕截图显示。您可以使用底部的相应图标(中间;在屏幕截图中易于识别)之间切换。您可以按字母顺序排序列表,隐藏您从未使用(或很少)使用的项目,同时仍然能够向它们显示"所有" (再次适当的图标),选择多个目标等。默认情况下,列表/网格顺序是lru的一种:一旦使用目标,它将被移动到顶部。



I personally use AppChooser Pro for about a year already (there's also a free version to test first if you like it). It's quite similar to Andmade Share which already was recommended with an older answer here, but first looks better (OK, that's quite subjective), but for me also works better, somehow more "intelligent":

AppChooser List AppChooser Grid
AppChooser: List and grid view (source: Google Play; click images for larger variants)

First, it offers a list and a grid view xe2x80x93 as above screenshots show. You can switch between both using the appropriate icon on the bottom (in the middle; easy to identify in the screenshots). You can sort the list alphabetically, hide items you never (or rarely) use while still being able to show them xe2x80x9cALLxe2x80x9d (appropriate icon again), select multiple targets, and more. By default, the list/grid order is kind of LRU: once you used a target, it will be moved to the top.

I immediately went for the paid version (not even taking a look at the free one), and never regret it. Differences between the two are listed on the Playstore page of the free version.

Unfortunately, this app has been removed from the play store by the developer.


您无法更改列表,删除所讨论的应用程序。作为一个应用程序开发人员说话,我可以说它也很难从那方面做到 - 所以我们几乎陷入了系统的工作原理。



You can't change the list, short of removing the apps in question. Speaking as an app developer, I can say it's also hard to do it from that side too - so we're pretty much stuck with how the system works.

It may be annoying, but the system makes interop so easy between applications, both from the user and developer perspectives, that it's hard to complain.




This isn't possible from an OS level. That share menu is populated by Android based on what apps you've installed declare they can open. You can look at the technical details here, but the end result is that without extra coding from each individual app to filter the results, you are always going to get the full list in whatever order Android returns them in.


fliktu 看起来很棒,简单,可定制,非常光滑



Fliktu Not free but looks great, simple, customisable and very slick

enter image deschhription here

sharedr很好地做到这一点。 4.0在谷歌商店评分

https://play.google.com/store /apps/details?id=com.rejh.sharedr


SharedR does this nicely. 4.0 rating in google store




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