如何从播放商店下载APK文件? -- google-play-store 领域 和 apk 领域 android 相关 的问题

How can I download an APK file from the Play Store?




我无法从我的Android设备上的播放商店下载应用程序(也许是由于网络问题),所以我想知道如何从 http://play.google.com/store ?


I can't download apps from the Play Store on my Android device (maybe due to a network issue), so I'm wondering how could I download the APK file of an app on my PC from http://play.google.com/store?




没有简单的方法来下载APK文件。但是, redphoenix89已找到带有Chrome扩展的APK的方法。 bexton 做了一些清理和包括指南的结果:

  • http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1809458

您需要禁用SSL警告所需的指南,但即使在不禁用SSL警告(Linux上的Chromium 21.0.1180.81),我也可以下载APKS,更新使用铬23的更新版本 https://github.com/lekensteyn/apk-downloader 。








There is no easy way to download an APK file. However, redphoenix89 has found a way to download the APK with a Chrome extension. bexton did some cleanups and the result including a guide is available:

  • http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1809458

The guide mentions that you need to disable SSL warnings, but I could download APKs even without disabling SSL warnings (Chromium 21.0.1180.81 on Linux) An updated version that works with Chromium 23 is available on https://github.com/Lekensteyn/apk-downloader.

After installation and configuration, there will be a new button in the location bar for the Android Market as can be seen below. It even works if you are not logged in on the page itself since you have entered your credentials in the APK Downloader options screen.

APK Downloader in location bar

The Chromium extension is completely open-source (in the sense that you can unzip it and check the Javascript files) and I have not found anything suspicious.

Also note the note on the end of the guide:

Legal Note / Disclaimer

Finally, please note that the use of this Chrome extension is violating Google's Play Store TOS! You've been warned.


我花了一定的时间,试图弄清楚这一点,因为我不想拥有"谷歌体验" ,据我所知,它是不可能的。我已经解决了它:

f-droid存储库和 Amazon Appstore 都是合理的维护 - 无论是管理你安装的任何应用程序,都是方便的。那就是我开始的地方。

否则,我追踪并下载Google Run Market之外的.apk。在许多情况下,Android市场将指向开发人员的网页和联系信息 - 如果他们没有在其网页上发布.apk,您可以随时询问它。



什么是替代的Android App Markets? < / p>

ps。不要忘记:从.apk安装应用程序,您必须打开未知来源( Settings > Applications > Unknown sources )。

pps。一旦你的电脑上有了.apk,你知道你需要打开USB调试,这样你就可以将.apk复制到手机,对吧? Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging


I spent a decent amount of time trying to figure this out because I don't feel like having the "google experience" and as far as I can tell, it isn't possible. I've worked around it:

The F-Droid repository and Amazon Appstore are both reasonably well maintained -- either will manage any apps you install, which is handy. That's where I start.

Otherwise, I track down and download the .apk outside of the google-run market. In many cases the Android market will point you to a developer's web page and contact information -- if they don't publish the .apk on their web page, you can always ask for it.

Two answers worth checking out:

Where can I find open source Android apps?

What are the alternative Android app markets?

PS. Don't forget: to install apps from .apk you have to turn on unknown sources (Settings > Applications > Unknown sources).

PPS. Once you have the .apk on your computer you know you need to turn on USB Debugging so you can copy the .apk to your phone, right? Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging




替代市场&amp;网站肯定是选项 - 请注意,很难确定应用程序是否尚未从市场版本中修改。您还可以使用USB网络或WiFi。 USB网络可能需要root。


(亚马逊的"当天的免费应用程序" 和'getjar gold apps'促销是例外情况的例子。)


As many others have said, you cannot download directly from the market.

Android Phones with Google experience maintain a connection to Google's servers; it is over this channel that Google tells your phone to download & install the APK.

Alternative markets & websites are certainly options - please note it can be hard to determine if the application has not been modified from the market version. You can also use USB networking or wifi. USB networking may require root.

If you have to pay for the application on the market, but don't on the other website, that's a sign that the application is probably not supposed to be there: it is at best an illegal copy and at worst loaded with malware.

(Amazon's "free app of the day" and 'getjar gold apps' promotions are example of exceptions to this.)


As far as I know, you cannot download directly from the web Market, but you can find many apps on other app sites.





One thing you could potentially do is get the android market on the android emulator (which I don't think your supposed to be able to do, but some people have done it in the past), and download the apk onto the emulator. Then, you can find the data in /data/app/-.apk on the emulator. Pull it off with adb, and install it on your device with adb.

But like the other answers, I would recommend finding other stores (or developer websites) to buy the app first.


您无法从Market.Android.com下载APK。但是 getjar 有很多应用程序,您可以将它下载到您的PC。


You can't download apk from market.android.com . But getjar has lots of app and you can download it to your PC.


你可以是使用浣熊 - 这是我使用的幻击java应用程序:

raccoon (源: tyonaut ;单击图像以获得更大的变量)

应用程序需要Google帐户的凭据(您可以使用自己的凭据,在这种情况下,您还可以访问您购买的应用程序 - 或使用浣熊的 companion-app dummydroid 创建一个替代配置文件,包括伪造设备,也可以访问应用程序" 与您的设备不兼容")。工作得很好,快速。不仅用于下载应用程序,还用于检查它们的元数据(描述,权限,大小,最后更新):详细信息加载的速度快得多,而不是使用Glayers重载的网页;)


  • 浣熊v4有其github repo 这里
  • 浣熊网站(用下载等)可以找到这里

You can e.g. use Raccoon for that xe2x80x93 a phantastic Java app I'm using:

Raccoon (source: Tutonaut; click image for larger variant)

The app requires credentials of a Google account (you can either use your own, in which case you also can access apps you've bought xe2x80x93 or use Raccoon's companion-app DummyDroid to create an alternative profile, including fake-device, to also access apps otherwise "incompatible with your device"). Works wonderful and fast. Not only for downloading apps, but also for checking their Metadata (description, permissions, size, last update): details load much faster than using GPlays overloaded web page ;)

UPDATE: As development goes on, there are new locations:

  • Raccoon v4 has its Github repo here
  • the Raccoon Website (with downloads etc.) can be found here

无法从 http://play.google.com/store <。< / p>

还有其他方法来获取应用程序(替代市场,开发人员站点),您可以手动安装它们,只要您可以打开"未知来源" 设置。


You cannot download apk files from http://play.google.com/store.

There are other ways to get apps (alternative markets, developer sites) and you can install them manually provided you can turn on the "Unknown sources" setting.





There have been times that I haven't been able to install an app from the Market on the phone but I have been able to get it to download by using the Market site on my computer bt telling it to install the app. Usually the app starts downloading almost immediately. That won't work if the router/network you are using is blocking access for some reason but the app should install as soon as you are on a network that will allow downloads.

You might try cleaning your Market data and cache. When you fire up the Market you will have to accept the Terms again.


我已经仔细检查了其他相关帖子。但是,它看起来没有人提到过这些。实际上,你 can 得到apk文件。

真正的apk leecher:

afaik,这是一个我在一周前发现的一个惊人的应用程序。但是,该应用是几乎 6个月。 Real APK Leechher是一个 Java-Word 程序,用于从Android Market获取APK文件(仅限免费应用程序)。

  • 您可以在其 作者的页面 立即。

基本上 - 这个应用程序的主要优点是,它不需要任何其他程序来使其工作。解剖学上,它类似于 chrome扩展(建议的其他答案)。

当您打开程序时(特别是首次启动),它要求您的Gmail帐户信息(即)您的用户名和密码,以及您自己的唯一设备ID(您可以使用设备ID 应用程序,如果您没有)。严格来说,没有与之关联的广告软件/恶意软件。 "APK Leechher" 的谷歌曲抛出了很多结果提供对该程序的评论。

它只是获取信息,因为它使Android市场认为,"这个程序是一个手机试图获得免费应用程序" (从而违反条款) 。

apk top

我认为这个网站只是 3天前。提供.apk文件非常好。此外,它不是黑色市场。对于大多数免费应用程序,它给出了信息,审查,市场链接以及自己的链接以及QR码。用户可以选择他们想要的任何东西。下载文件时,链接还提供恢复功能。




I've double-checked other related posts. But, It looks like no one has mentioned these yet. Actually, you can get the apk files.

Real APK Leecher:

AFAIK, This is an amazing app I've figured out just a week ago. But, The app is almost 6 months old. Real APK leecher is a java-written program to fetch the apk files (only the FREE apps) from android market.

  • You can have an overview at this app on its Author's page right away.

Basically - the main advantage of this app is, it doesn't require any other programs to make it work. Anatomically, It works similar to the Chrome extension (which other answers suggest).

When you open the program (specifically the first start), it asks for your gmail account info (i.e) your username and password, along with your own unique device ID (which you can manually get using a Device ID app, if you don't have it). Strictly speaking, there's no adware/malware associated with it. Googling for "APK leecher" throws a lot of results providing the reviews for the program.

It just gets the info because, it makes the android market believe that, "this program is a phone trying to get free apps" (thereby violating the terms).


I figured out this site just 3 days ago. It is very good in providing .apk files. Also, it isn't a black market. For most of the free apps, it gives the info, review, market link along with its own link and also, a QR Code. Users can choose whatever they wish. The link also provides resuming capability while downloading the files.

While in case of paid apps, it displays the cost and the market link. Based on my 3-day experience, the site is very much useful for me. The site-developers post new apps (atleast 10-15 per day) or newer versions of apps.

The main advantage here is: Unlike many other blogs, this site uses its own link (so that they won't expire whenever they wish).


有一个名为 apk下载器的在线服务,可让您从Google Play下载APKS店铺。但是,这仅适用于免费应用程序;由于盗版问题,不支持付费应用程序。

你曾经想过最新游戏吗? 发现Google Play认为它与您的兼容 电话?也许你没有Snapdragon装置,但你很漂亮 当然,旧设备可以处理它。有一个红火和想要的 访问不仅仅是亚马逊appstore?

直到现在你已经被困,但新的在线服务也有 Chrome扩展名为APK Downloader将允许您下载一个 APK文件从Google直接播放到您的桌面而不是 您的设备。


There is an online service called APK Downloader that lets you download APKs from the Google Play Store. However, this works only for FREE apps; paid apps are not supported because of piracy issues.

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on the latest game, only to find that the Google Play thought it wasn't compatible with your phone? Maybe you don't have a snapdragon device, but youre're pretty sure an old device could handle it still. Have a Kindle Fire and want access to more than just the Amazon AppStore?

Until now you've been stuck, but a new online service also come with Chrome extension called APK Downloader will allow you to download an apk file from the Google Play directly to your desktop rather than to your device.


YALP Store






单击 Download 将下载 Downloads 目录中的应用程序,并要求安装apk。


Yalp Store

Available on F-Droid.

On starting the app will ask to log in. Use fake Yalp Store account:

different login methods

After logging in, you'll see the updates available. There is a search button available to search apps. You can also browse apps through categories from more options. Clicking on App will provide a button to download.

package view

Clicking on Download will download application in Downloads directory and ask to install the APK.


我发现了一个 apk-downloaders.com 从中我们可以下载哪些外观类似的展示 apk下载器(我发现有时apk下载器显示错误)。


  1. 输入包名称:


  2. 获取详细信息&amp;点击下载APK:


    • 在信息的底部,您将找到下载的按钮,apk: step-2.2
  3. get apk: 单击下载按钮后,您将看到页面说: step-3

    • 并下载将很快启动(一分钟内): step-4



示例: http://apk-downloaders.com/download /dl.php?dl=jackpal.androidterm


I've found one apk-downloaders.com from which we can download apks which appearance is similar to Apk Downloader (I found sometimes Apk Downloader shows an error).


  1. Enter package name:


  2. Get Details & click to download apk:


    • At the bottom of information, you will find button for downloading apk: step-2.2
  3. Get apk: After clicking on download button you will see the page saying: step-3

    • And downloading will be started soon (within a minute): step-4

Another (quick) way is to directly apply package name in following address:


Example: http://apk-downloaders.com/download/dl.php?dl=jackpal.androidterm


Google Play似乎使用一些非标准端口访问该站点。一些调制解调器/路由器/网关防火墙默认阻止此端口。这就是为什么Google Play在一些LAN中不起作用。

  • racoon 是一个桌面Google Play客户端,可以从播放商店下载APK文件。它是一个独立于平台的Java应用程序。
  • 总命令 (文件管理器应用程序)允许您复制已安装在设备中的应用程序的APK文件。只需将它们复制到SD卡并将其移动到需要安装应用程序的任何设备。
  • Android警方在 http://www.apkmirror.com/ 中维护归档APK文件。它很干净。

Google Play seems to use some non-standard port to access the site. Some modem/router/gateway firewalls block this port by default. This is why Google Play does not work in some LANs.

  • Racoon is a desktop Google Play client that can download APK files from the Play store. It is a platform-independent Java app.
  • Total Commander (a file manager app) allows you to copy APK files of apps already installed in a device. Just copy them them to a SD card and move them to any device where the apps need to be installed.
  • Android Police maintains an archive APK files at http://www.apkmirror.com/. It is clean.

您还可以在桌面上安装Android模拟器,然后使用 APK Extractor 以提取APK。


You could also install an Android emulator on your desktop and then use APK Extractor to extract the APK.


我会建议 apk下载器为Chrome的扩展,因为它更方便。您使用Google帐户登录,输入手机中的一些数据,它将添加一个简单的"下载APK" 按钮到播放商店网站上的所有应用程序。



I would suggest APK Downloader extension for Chrome as it is far more convenient. You log in with your Google Account, input some data from your phone and it will add a simple "Download APK" button to all apps on Play Store website.

If you are conserned giving your credentials to some 3rd party app, its not possible to download APK's otherwise as any tool needs to be able to identify itself as a phone with google account to get the APK. You can build a tool yourself to be sure, but that probably is not an option right now.



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好的,我有一个nexus 5,库存,更新到最后一个android版本。 当我更新应用程序时,其中一些,在下载更新时,使Google Play商店崩溃到家。 我再次开始播放商店,我开始再次更新:这一次,没问题。 这不是一个大问题,但随机性有点恼人。 任何人都知道为什么会发生这种情况? ...

2  在市场上购买PIN重置  ( Pin reset for purchases on market ) 
我创建了一个用于接受Android市场购买的PIN,我似乎忘记了它。如何重置它?它看起来好像我无法访问没有所述PIN的用户控件。这不是一笔巨大的交易,因为我仍然可以从网站购买应用程序,但如果我在去的话,那就可以选择这个选项。 ...

8  在哪里检查我购买的应用程序  ( Where to check what apps i have purchased ) 
我得到了我的银行的一个声明,我有2个交易我不知道它们是什么。 Google * E-Commerce Ltd Google.com为15.99 通常我有一个文本,它表示我购买的应用程序或服务。但这些职位根本没有那种信息。 是什么?到目前为止如何检查谷歌购买的内容? ...

0  无法建立与服务器Google Play的可靠连接?  ( Cant establish a reliable connection to the server google play ) 
好的,所以我有三星galaxy s3我一周前扎根它,它的工作完美无瑕,后来我打开了Google Play它说没有连接。我尝试了所有的方法,如设置日期和时间清洁数据和缓存,但没有什么orked最后一个选择我剩下的是出厂重置我做到了,但在重新启动它时没有任何工作,当我试图登录它时,我试图在提示无法建立一个可靠的连接时。现...

0  从服务器RH-01播放商店检索信息时出错  ( Error while retrieving information from server rh 01 play store ) 
我已经rooted android手机它给出了以下错误: Error retrieving information from server [RH-01] 播放商店。 所以我无法使用任何Google应用程序。我在我的Android上安装了自定义ROM。我在互联网上提供了所有帮助以及这个问题:继续获取" 从服务器检...

41  如何在Google Play商店中获取给定应用程序的更新通知?  ( How to get rid of update notifications for a given app in google play store ) 
一般问题 我在版本中安装了我的设备上的app x。我不想出于某种原因将其更新到任何较新版本(y + z)。仍然, Google Play Store 应用程序始终列出X的更新,这让我从简单的"更新全部" 。我的问题,放到一个句子: 如何从"可用更新" 列表中永久地隐藏X更新? 具体例子 首先,我知道有替代方...

7  如何在市场上添加评论到应用程序?  ( How do i add comments to an app in the market ) 
市场的应用有很多意见和评论。如何将自己的评级和评论添加到这些? ...

25  如何从我的市场帐户中删除设备?  ( How to remove devices from my market account ) 
我知道我可以选择"隐藏在菜单中" ,并且在安装应用程序时,永远不会再次看到设备。但我不希望我的旧手机在我的帐户设置中显示。我已经卖掉了这些手机,再也不会使用它们了! 事实上,列表现在喜欢我脑海里的墓地。 ;( ...

16  我如何看到我未特定的应用程序的列表?  ( How can i see a list of my unrated apps ) 
对我来说很重要,为我使用的应用提供反馈。 但是,我不记得我已经评为哪些应用程序,我发现自己一个接一个地检查我的应用程序,找到我还没有评级的应用程序。 有没有办法查看我未特定的应用程序的列表? 我有一个带有IC的Galaxy S2,但我认为这个问题与所有Android设备相关。 ...

10  为什么Google Play说app是“不兼容”  ( Why does google play say app is incompatible ) 
我有一个我想在我的Android手机中安装的应用程序。不幸的是,它标志着'不相容'。我可能会尝试升级系统安装应用程序,但是首先我想知道应用程序是'不兼容'的确切原因。 IE。什么是"变量" 我的手机无法安装应用程序。 有没有通用方法来做到这一点? ...

2  Google Play的应用程序下载了下载?  ( Where the apps from google play get downloaded ) 
如果我在Windows中安装应用程序,我将下载exe并单击EXE将安装应用程序。即使我卸载应用程序,我也可以从下载的exe重新安装应用程序。 现在,如果我正在从播放商店下载应用程序,它正在下载和安装。下载的应用程序将保存在其他一些空间中,然后安装,如果是,在下载时将是应用程序?我知道已安装的应用程序将在 data/a...

7  如何更改Google播放更新检查的频率?  ( How to change the frequency of google play update checks ) 
每天我在我的Inc2上获得通知,市场上有应用程序更新。有没有办法改变这些更新检查的频率?我认为没有理由将提示每天更新我的应用程序,这有点烦人。我希望只能每周检查更新。 ...

0  从App-Store中提取应用程序名称://和Intent://链接  ( Extract app name from app store and intent links ) 
从时刻遇到链接,例如: android -app://com.sudaytoz.kakao.wbb/stzkakaowbb/sundaytoz 我想了解他们的play.google名称 前面的示例答案是: https://play.google.com /store/apps/details?id=co...

1  如何安装Amazon MP3应用程序?  ( How can i install the amazon mp3 app ) 
我有一个摩托罗拉Backflip在AT&amp; T使用Android 1.5。我之前有一个G1,我一直在使用亚马逊MP3来购买音乐。但是,亚马逊MP3没有Backflip并不在市场上。我在哪里可以安装它? 也,有没有原因在市场上?我的猜测是因为AT&amp; T希望我使用他们的专有应用程序。 ...


46  如何在谷歌的播放商店规避区域限制? 
6  Android应用程序捆绑的语言支持呢? 
4  什么是“重复提供者”错误? 
16  Android Market [复制]的替代方案 
1  从Google Play的应用程序而不登录Google Play 
3  如何重新安装PlayStore? 
6  在使用信用卡的应用订阅中 
0  CM 10.2与Google Apps版本20130813不会从播放商店下载 
4  有没有办法在我的moto droid上得到swype? 
11  应用程序卡在市场上的“安装...”阶段 
0  需要身份验证 
10  成功下载应用程序100%但是之后不会安装 
15  SD卡上的应用程序在更新后返回到设备存储? 
0  出厂重置可以解决我的问题吗? 
1  “不幸的是,Google Play Store已停止”错误导致弹出 
4  Android:应用程序无法下载/安装 - 我该怎么办? 
1  播放商店在更新Nexus 5上的应用时继续崩溃 
2  在市场上购买PIN重置 
8  在哪里检查我购买的应用程序 
0  无法建立与服务器Google Play的可靠连接? 
0  从服务器RH-01播放商店检索信息时出错 
41  如何在Google Play商店中获取给定应用程序的更新通知? 
7  如何在市场上添加评论到应用程序? 
25  如何从我的市场帐户中删除设备? 
16  我如何看到我未特定的应用程序的列表? 
10  为什么Google Play说app是“不兼容” 
2  Google Play的应用程序下载了下载? 
7  如何更改Google播放更新检查的频率? 
0  从App-Store中提取应用程序名称://和Intent://链接 
1  如何安装Amazon MP3应用程序? 

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