如何强迫我的设备从充电器拉出更多瓦特? -- 4.4-kitkat 领域 和 battery 领域 和 charging 领域 android 相关 的问题

How can I force my device to pull more watts from charger?




我有三个设备,Nobis NB7022 S,Droid Mini,华硕备忘录7(ME170CX)。我正在使用一个额定电流为2000mA的充电器。 Nobis从墙上出口绘制8到10瓦。机器人迷你和华硕只能从同一充电器和线上拉3瓦。华硕只是几周大的,而Droid和Nobis是大约一岁的岁月。

权力抽取差异的原因是什么? Droid带有2安培充电器。我可以做些什么来使机器人和华硕更快地吸取更多的电力和充电?




I have three devices, Nobis nb7022 s, droid mini, asus memo pad 7 (me170cx). I am using a charger that has a rated out put of 2000ma. The nobis draws 8 to 10 watts from the wall outlet. the droid mini and asus can only pull 3 watts from the same charger and cord. the asus is only a few weeks old while the droid and nobis are a about a year old.

What is the reason for the difference in power draw? the droid came with a 2 amp charger. Is there anything I can do to make the droid and asus draw more power and charge faster?

Additional information:

I believe the problem may be that the Droid Mini and Asus may think they are connected to a computer.





  1. 所提到的设备具有不同的电池容量。它们是意味着用不同的额定电流,因此不同的电源(华硕设备是3950 mah,nobis为2500 mah,droid mini 2130 mah容量)。

  2. OEM专有充电方法也可以显着变化电流。例如,注2表示充电电流为1600 mAh,Xperia充电电流约为600 MAH,适用于相似尺寸电池

  3. you CAN 强制更高的电流,用于更快的充电,但不可建议(除非OEM提供方式)

  4. 可以确保额定额定额定的额定电流。



P (Watts) = Voltage (Volts) x Current (Amps) (or corresponding milli units)





b)电池容量(mAh)或常见的尺寸。通过OEM依赖于​​此充电率。华硕设备的电池容量为3950 MAH,诺伯斯是2500 MAH,Droid MINI 2130 MAH


  1. li-ion或li-po充电当您以OEM的充电率充电电池时,它通过四个充电阶段(恒定电流充电,饱和电荷并准备好当前和准备好),见 bu-409充电Li-ion 。从图形电压和电流看起来可以看出,如果您使用像安培从当前读数中导出瓦数, 你最终可能会出现错误的比较 如果你没有测量的充电阶段

  2. OEM专有充电方法也可以显着变化电流。例如,注2表示充电电流为1600 mAh,Xperia充电电流约为600 MAH,适用于相似尺寸电池

您正在比较华硕(3950 mah),诺比人(2500 mah),droid mini(2130 mah)之间的功率,它本身并不是苹果对苹果的比较,并结合以上的因素

Droid和华硕电力由于电池的容量相似而类似,而诺曼斯容量与机器人相比几乎是两倍,因此似乎很好,并且不需要"强制" 绘制更多的电流。这样做会导致电池性能差。简单地说,强制电池通过增加电流将导致电池更快地充电,从而降低。这是我的答案和电池大学链接以上



  1. 使用从播放商店的应用,这些应用程序要求充电更快

  2. 使用"快速充电器"

  3. 通过闪烁允许您更改充电电流的内核,如果您的设备rooted



  1. 在充电时不要使用电源密集型应用程序。 原因 / p>

  2. 通过使用安培或 3C电池监视器窗口小部件排除充电器电缆问题,导致充电电流为低电平。

  3. 如果您更换充电器电缆,请进入更较短的电缆(24/28 AWG)而不是更长的,较薄的电缆,因为前者提供对当前的抵抗力

  4. 清洁设备的充电端口通过将其吹送到脱绒或污垢,当您的手机处于口袋或户外使用时(它们造成差的连接和增加抵抗力)


Short Answer

  1. Devices mentioned have different battery capacities. They are meant to be charged with different rated current and therefore different power ( Asus device is 3950 mAh, Nobis is 2500 mAh, Droid Mini 2130 mAh capacity).

  2. OEM proprietary charging methodology can also significantly vary current. For instance, Note 2 charging current is 1600 mAh while Xperia charging current is around 600 mAh for similar size battery

  3. You can force higher current for faster charging but not advisable (unless OEM offers a way)

  4. What you can do to ensure rated current is delivered is covered

Long Answer

I do not know how you are measuring power in watts directly , but power is given by this equation (ignoring power factor or efficiency of charging)

P (Watts) = Voltage (Volts) x Current (Amps) (or corresponding milli units)

Reasons for difference in power drawn

Voltage supplied by a standard USB wall charger is 5V. That leaves us only current to be varied to obtain varying power

  1. Typically, current drawn by the charger is dependent on

a) Charging Rate Charging rate is a measure that governs at what current a battery is charged and discharged. At 1C, a battery rated 1,000mAh charges at a current of 1,000mAh. In an ideal world the battery would be fully charged in 60 minutes. At 1C, the same battery discharges at 1,000mA. Ideal charging rate is accepted to be around 0.5 to ,0.8 C for maximum battery life (battery life is measured in discharge cycles). This rate is decided by the OEM and coded in the charging algorithm implanted on ROM and varies

b) Battery Capacity (mAh) or size as commonly referred. Charging rate is varied dependent on this by OEM. Battery capacity of your Asus device is 3950 mAh, Nobis is 2500 mAh, Droid Mini 2130 mAh

c) Battery Type Not really relevant since most mobile devices and tablets use Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries

  1. Li-Ion or Li-Po charging When you charge a battery at charging rate decided by OEM, it goes through four stages of charging (Constant Current Charge,Saturation Charge and Ready No Current and Ready), see Figure 1 of BU-409 Charging Li-Ion. As you can see from graph voltage and current vary so if you are measuring current using an app like Ampere and derive wattage from current reading, you could end up in wrong comparison if you are not measuring in the same stage of charging

  2. OEM proprietary charging methodology can also significantly vary current. For instance, Note 2 charging current is 1600 mAh while Xperia charging current is around 600 mAh for similar size battery

You are comparing Power between Asus (3950 mAh), Nobis (2500 mAh), Droid Mini (2130 mAh), which by itself is not an apple to apple comparison and in conjunction with factors above

Droid and Asus power drawn is similar owing to capacity of battery being similar, whereas Nobis capacity is nearly double compared to Droid,so it seems fine and there is no need to "force" more current to be drawn. Doing so will result in poor battery performance. Simply put, forcing the battery to charge faster by increasing the current will result in a battery that discharges faster. This is covered in my answer and in the Battery University link above

However, to answer your question

How do I increase power drawn?

  1. Using apps from play store which claim to charge faster

  2. Using "fast chargers"

  3. By flashing a kernel which permit you to alter charging current, if your device is rooted

** I do not recommend options 1 and 2 for reasons mentioned in my answer. Option 3 is safer by comparison but needs to be cautiously tweaked and you need to understand the risks.

How to ensure getting maximum (rated) current

  1. Don't use power intensive apps while charging. Reasons

  2. Get the right combination of chargers and charging cables by measuring current with Ampere or 3C Battery Monitor Widget to rule out charger cable problems resulting in low charging current.

  3. If you are replacing charger cable, go in for a shorter thicker cable (24/ 28 awg) rather than longer, thinner cables as the former offer less resistance to current

  4. Cleaning the charging port of your device by blow drying it to dislodge lint or dirt that does accumulate when your phone is in pocket or outdoor usage (they cause poor connection and increase resistance )



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