为什么某些应用程序即使在我不使用它们时也会运行? -- applications 领域 和 auto-start 领域 android 相关 的问题

Why do certain apps run even when I don't use them?




我发现某些应用程序(例如,亚马逊MP3和股票)偶尔会在后台运行,即使我从未打开过他们也是如此。为什么是这样?这是不可取的 - 那些CPU周期是我的,而不是他们的!


I've found that certain apps (Amazon MP3 and Stocks, for example) will occasionally be running in the background even when I've never once opened them. Why is this? This is not desirable - those CPU cycles are mine, not theirs!






Those apps come with the phone and can't be turned off or removed unless you root. Blame your carrier. There's really nothing you can do about it non-rooted. I feel your pain.




他们拿起RAM。但是,与桌面不同,当Android想要RAM时,它将删除它想要(较小的第一个)以释放空间的"背景" 。


所以不要担心这么多。除非他们做任何事情,否则这些Bloatware应用程序不会伤害您的Android,因为击球手是一个很大的关注。小心使用Facebook / Twitter每隔几秒钟每隔几秒钟才能禁用"ping" ,只需禁用行为,它们就不会做任何事情。即使是Messenger应用程序可能会从内存中删除,当系统执行后台同步时,它会唤醒,加载,运行,并返回非活动状态。


This goes with another post I made about a slightly different issue.

Background apps usually just respond to events. Events they care about, which is usually nothing for these sprint apps.

They take up RAM. HOWEVER unlike a desktop, when android wants ram it will remove anything in the "background" that it wants (older first) to free up space.\

The only exception to ram freeing up is when it sends notifications (a permanent icon in the notification bar... like a downloading icon from the market while the item is downloading).

So don't worry so much about it. These bloatware apps don't harm your android unless they do anything because batter is a big concern. Careful with facebook/twitter as they ping the service every few seconds, you can disable the "pinging" by just disabling the behavior, they won't do anything then. Even the messenger app might get removed from memory, when the system does a background synch it wakes up, loads, runs, and goes back to inactive.



唯一知道的,就像我的点一样 出来,需要扎根手机和 空缺保修。去 /etc/rcx.d并删除关联的 使用可执行文件的文件。 (这个, 课程,假设文件系统 按照每个的相同的层次结构 其他Linux发行版我已经运行。)



Most of my background is with iPhone, and there are certain launch daemons that run when the phone starts up. Sounds like this is the case here too. Dennis from this post says

The only thing I know of, like I point out, requires rooting the phone and voiding the warranty. Go to /etc/rcx.d and remove the associated file with the executable. (This, of course, assumes that the filesystem follows the same hierarchy as every other Linux distro I have run.)

Hope this helps!




Before rooting your phone, a not-so-easy operation, you should have a try to disable the auto launch when the phone restart.



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