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Bulk uninstall applications








I like to try out lots of apps. Often a site like Lifehacker or Droidlife will feature several that are similar in functionality and I will install them all in order to compare features.

That leaves me with lots and lots of applications that I end up not wanting to keep. Unfortunately, I can only uninstall one at a time.

Is there an app or method that would allow me to uninstall a bunch at a time?





许多更全面的特色应用程序管理器也有批量卸载选项。我喜欢巩固函数作为我可以的一些应用程序。现在我使用 smartbar ,其中一个很好的App Manager,其中包含批量卸载。


There are tons of apps that do batch uninstalling but here's a simple free one that I know works: Uninstaller Pro

A lot of the more full featured app managers also have a batch uninstall option. I like to consolidate functions into as few apps as I can. Now I use SmartBar which has a good app manager with batch uninstall.


通过adb&amp脚本; PM(包管理器)



# Use android's package manager 'pm'
# list all 3rd party pkgs (using the '-3' parameter)
me@local:~$ adb shell pm list packages -3 > /tmp/pkg.list
# Use whatever editor you like (grep, vi, GUI) to edit the list
me@local:~$ vi /tmp/pkg.list
me@local:~$ cat /tmp/pkg.list | sed 's,.*:,,' | while read a; do adb uninstall $a;done


谷歌的播放商店现在提供各种设备管理的改进(自从Google i | 2012年):


  • 更新按钮(如果有更新)
  • 卸载按钮(系统应用程序除外)




Scripted via adb & pm (package manager):

If the SDK is installed and you like to use the commandline, that's about the quickest way I know of:

Downside: you only get to see the package names, not the friendly application names (There's seemingly no easy cli way. For programmers: get application name from package name)
Downside 2: Be sure what you do, you might uninstall every app on your phone if you don't edit the list.

# Use android's package manager 'pm'
# list all 3rd party pkgs (using the '-3' parameter)
me@local:~$ adb shell pm list packages -3 > /tmp/pkg.list
# Use whatever editor you like (grep, vi, GUI) to edit the list
me@local:~$ vi /tmp/pkg.list
me@local:~$ cat /tmp/pkg.list | sed 's,.*:,,' | while read a; do adb uninstall $a;done

Maybe also an improvement for a limited number of apps:

Google's Play Store now offers improved per device management (since around Google I|O 2012):

Go to My Android Apps (login required) and you see "Apps installed on [Device Model]". Per app you have an:

  • Update button (if there's an update)
  • Uninstall button (except for system apps)

Using this you can easily uninstall apps on specific phones or tablets using your internet browser.

See also this accepted answer: Remotely uninstall apps?


已经是一段时间,因为我使用它,但是 appbrain的app 意志让您同步到您的AppBrain帐户...所以它应该卸载从AppBrain帐户中删除的应用程序,但我无法验证,因为我不再使用它了。



It's been awhile since I used it, but AppBrain's app will let you sync to your AppBrain account... so it should uninstall apps you remove from your AppBrain account, but I can't verify that since I don't use it anymore.

Not a batch uninstall, but in LauncherPro you can drag and drop apps to the trash can, hover for a few seconds, and then drop to uninstall it (instead of removing it from the homescreen). Works from the app drawer too. This is the method I usually use.





alt text


There are a ton, aren't there?

One I'm looking at is Apps Uninstall.

A nice feature it has is the ability to mark apps to protect them from accidentally bulk uninstalling.

alt text


他的方法和我所看到的大多数其他方法的问题(至少在我的 centos 6和 ubuntu 10机器)是CRLFS在每一行的末尾 /tmp/pkg.list 文件,因此卸载程序而不是卸载 com.google.chrome ,实际上尝试卸载'com.google.chrome ^ m'...注意Cr返回字符。通过DOS2UNIX,有'成功',不是"失败" 。他的 sed

  [CentOS6]# adb shell pm list packages > /tmp/pkg.list.txt [CentOS6]# adb push /tmp/pkg.list.txt /tmp/ [CentOS6]# adb shell android:/root # dos2unix /tmp/pkg.list.txt android:/root # for f in `cat /tmp/pkg.list.txt`; do echo $f; pm uninstall $f; done;   

"失败" 问题与 adb shell附加了一个dos line结尾^ m(无论如何在Centos Linux上)。

因为我从CentOS 6做了所有内容,我惊讶于1980年代的技术再次被咬伤,从1969年永远不会那么好看。我想谷歌想要更容易让ADB shell的Windows用户更容易。< / p>



The problem with his method and most other methods I have seen (at least on my CentOS 6 and Ubuntu 10 machines) is that CRLFs were at the end of each line of the /tmp/pkg.list file, so the uninstaller instead of uninstalling com.google.chrome, was actually attempting to uninstall 'com.google.chrome^M' ... notice the CR return character. By doing dos2unix, there is 'Success', not 'Failure'. His sed script may have originally been a substitute for dos2unix, but was mangled when posted.

[CentOS6]# adb shell pm list packages > /tmp/pkg.list.txt [CentOS6]# adb push /tmp/pkg.list.txt /tmp/ [CentOS6]# adb shell android:/root # dos2unix /tmp/pkg.list.txt android:/root # for f in \`cat /tmp/pkg.list.txt\`; do echo $f; pm uninstall $f; done; 

The 'Failure' problem has more to do with the ADB shell appending a DOS line ending ^M (on CentOS Linux anyway).

Since I did everything from CentOS 6, I was surprised to be bitten yet again by 1980s technology that was never as good as the technology from 1969. I guess Google wanted to make things easier for Windows users of the ADB shell.

(I had edited (appended) to ce4's answer, but apparently that did not take.)



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