Android 2.1是否有任何特定的内置电子书应用程序? -- samsung-galaxy-s 领域 和 ebook-reader 领域 android 相关 的问题

Does android 2.1 have any specific built-in ebook apps?







I'm thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy S phone, I want to know a bit more about its capabilities as an ebook reader

Does it have any built in applications for reading? And if so which formats does it support?




Android 2.1没有任何预装的电子书阅读器,但特定的手机可能有预装的东西。预加载的应用程序取决于运营商,但无论您如何免费下载来自Android应用市场的不同的电子书阅读器。不幸的是,目前的电子书读者都没有一个完整的解决方案,因为它们都有重大限制。以下是主要球员:


aldiko :支持epub,没有adobe DRM。有成千上万的这些书籍; Aldiko还设有包括销售商业,受DRM保护书籍的商店。伟大的用户界面。 Aldiko还有一个有更多功能的付费应用程序。


proprietary (这些都是免费的应用程序,但在大多数情况下你必须购买书籍)

reader :只读取PDB文件,您必须使用应用程序。有几本书商店,以这种格式销售书籍,包括reader.com和虚构的手段,但这些书通常是Kindle或Nook书籍的两倍。巴恩斯&贵族用于出售PDB电子书,但武装到DRM的ePub。这有一个伟大的(强大而简单)的UI,曾经是我可以从B&amp的书籍获取书籍时成为我最喜欢的。但是现在对我来说是无用的。

nook :读取打开的epub和drm'd epubs你从巴恩斯&amp购买;高贵。与Ereader和Aldiko相比,UI需要很多工作。 * 我只是为Kindle app放弃了这一点。

Kindle : (这一个来预装在T-Mobile Galaxy上) 读取您从亚马逊购买的DRM(.azw)电子书。 * 现在是我选择的reader。

Kobo :从Kobo.com读取电子书。自那里出来以来,我没有打扰这个。它曾经能够阅读Borders.com书籍,但我不再认识了。旧版本的应用程序不允许离线读数,但它们可能已修复。

大多数主要的专有读者(Nook,Kindle& Kobo)都有关于同样的价格相同的新发布书籍(每本书约12.99美元)。我希望这些应用程序在将来会更好,这只是我曾经能够使用更多的强大和用户友好的应用程序(Ereader),并使用新的B& n书籍,但现在我必须降级到了角落。




Android 2.1 doesn't have any preloaded ebook readers but specific phones may have something preloaded. The pre-loaded apps depend on the carrier, but regardless you can download different ebook readers from the Android App Market for free. Unfortunately none of the current ebook readers are a complete solution as they all have major limitations. Here are the main players:

Free & Non-proprietary (free app & free books)

Aldiko: Supports ePubs with and without Adobe DRM. There are thousands of these books available; Aldiko also has an included store selling commercial, DRM-protected books. Great user interface. Aldiko also has a paid app that has more features.

There are a bunch more that do the open source books in the app market but none hold a candle to Aldiko.

Proprietary (these are all free apps but in most cases you have to buy the books)

eReader: Only reads PDB files and you have to sideload the app. There area several book stores that sell books in this format including and fictionwise but these books are usually twice as much as Kindle or Nook books. Barnes & Noble used to sell PDB ebooks but swicthed to a DRM'd ePub. This has got a great (powerful and easy) UI and used to be my favorite when I could get books from B&N but now it is useless to me.

Nook: Reads open ePubs and DRM'd ePubs you buy from Barnes & Noble. The UI needs a lot of work compared to eReader and Aldiko. *I just abandoned this for the Kindle app.

Kindle: (this one comes pre-loaded on the T-Mobile Galaxy S) Reads DRM'd (.azw) ebooks you buy from Amazon. *This is now my ereader of choice.

Kobo: Reads ebooks from I haven't bothered with this since the Nook came out. It used to be able to read books but I don't know anymore. The old version of the app didn't allow for offline reading but they might have fixed that.

Most of the major proprietary readers (Nook, Kindle & Kobo) all have about the same selection of new release books at the same price (about $12.99 per book). I expect these apps to get a lot better in the future it's just a very frustrating that I used to be able to use a much more robust and user friendly app (eReader) with new B&N books, but now I have had to downgrade to the Nook.

But to answer you question (got off on a tangent there, sorry): If you get the Galaxy S from T-Mobile you'll have Kindle pre-loaded, but even if nothing's pre-loaded you can download all or any of the above mentioned apps for free from the Android Market (except eReader which you have to sideload).

Update: Amazon just recently updated their Kindle App with a few key features (that I came to love in eReader) that make it a Nook killer in my book: 1. Ability to highlight text and make notes 2. Ability to long click on a word and look it up at or wikipedia. I'm switching to the Kindle App now although I'm annoyed that I just bought two Nook books.


在美国,至少,大多数版本的Galaxy S都配有快速办公室,这是一个漂亮的功能文档查看器,包括Word& PDF支持。这是基本的,但有效。

除此之外,市场上有相当多的第三方应用程序,包括Adobe Reader,Amazon Kindle,Barnes&高贵的角落,以及支持非DRMED格式的少数读者,如TXT和EPUB。


In the US, at least, most editions of the Galaxy S are shipped with Quick Office, a pretty functional document viewer that includes Word & PDF support. It's basic, but works.

Beyond that, quite a few 3rd party apps are available on the market, including Adobe Reader, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and a handful of readers supporting non DRMed formats like TXT and epub.


我更喜欢 fbreader 但没有一个android读者适用于iPhone的斯坦扎。我发现它们都非常令人失望:(。


I prefer FbReader but none of the android readers are as good as Stanza for iPhone. I find them all quite disappointing:(.


我的TMO充满活力带来了Kindle app,但随着Saibooogu说,他们都可以下载。


My TMO Vibrant came with the Kindle app, but as Saiboogu said, they're all downloadable, too.


我正在使用 laputa 读者,我非常满意。


I am using Laputa reader and I am very much satisfied with same.


我的三星Galaxy S带有预先安装的Aldiko电子阅读器。显然,这是由三星预安装的,而不是我的承运人。它是在官方Galaxy S网站在用户指南,工具。


My Samsung Galaxy S came with the Aldiko e-reader pre-installed. Apparently, this is pre-installed by Samsung, not my carrier. It is specified in the official Galaxy S website in the user guide, under tools.



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