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What is Mobile Device Management and How can I use for my enterprise? [closed]



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What is Mobile Device Management and How can I use for my enterprise?

What is the benefits of using MDM?





安全电子邮件:MDM产品允许组织将其现有的电子邮件设置集成,以便轻松地与MDM环境集成。几乎所有MDM产品都支持与Exchange Server(2003/2007/2010),Office365,Lotus Notes,BlackBerry Enterprise Server(BES)等方便集成。这提供了配置电子邮件覆盖的灵活性。安全文档:经常看到,员工将从公司电子邮件下载的附件复制到他们的个人设备,然后滥用它。 MDM可以轻松地限制/禁用安全容器中的/退出/退出/退出;可以限制将附件转发到外部域,在SD卡上下载/保存附件。这确保了企业数据不是不安全的。


安全应用程序目录:组织可以使用应用程序目录在员工的设备上分发,管理和升级应用程序。它允许直接从App Store推送应用程序,或通过App目录推送企业开发的私人应用程序。这提供了组织以售货亭模式或锁定模式部署设备的选项。



  • 策略强制执行:有多种类型的策略可以在MDM用户上强制执行。
    • 个人政策:根据企业环境,高度可定制
    • 设备平台特定于:Android,iOS,Windows和BlackBerry设备的高级管理策略。
    • 合规策略/规则
  • VPN配置
  • 应用程序目录
  • 预定义的Wi-Fi和热点设置
  • 越狱/根检测
  • 远程擦拭公司数据
  • 远程擦拭整个设备
  • 设备远程锁定
  • 远程消息/ buzz
  • 在设备上禁用本机应用程序


All MDM products are built with an idea of Containerization. The MDM Container is secured using latest crypto techniques (AES-256 or more preferred). All the corporate data like email, documents, enterprise application are encrypted and processed inside the container. This ensures that corporate data is separated from userxe2x80x99s personal data on the device. Additionally, encryption for entire device and/or SD Card can also be enforced depending on MDM product capability.

Secure email: MDM products allow organization to integrate their existing email setup to be easily integrated with MDM environment. Almost all MDM products support easy integration with Exchange Server (2003/2007/2010), Office365, Lotus Notes, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and others. This provided flexibility of configuring Email-over-air. Secure Docs: It is frequently seen that, employees copy attachments downloaded from corporate email to their personal devices and then misuse it. MDM can easily restrict/disable clipboard usage in/out of Secure Container; forwarding attachments to external domains can be restricted, downloading/saving attachments on SD Card. This ensures corporate data is not left insecure.

Secure browser: Using secure browser can avoid many potential security risks. Every MDM solution comes with built-in custom browser. Administrator can disable native browsers to force user to use Secure Browser, which is also inside the MDM container. URL filtering can be enforced to add additional productivity measure.

Secure app catalog: Organization can distribute, manage, and upgrade applications on employeexe2x80x99s device using App Catalogue. It allows applications to be pushed on user device directly from the App Store or push an enterprise developed private application through the App Catalogue. This provides an option for the organization to deploy devices in Kiosk Mode or Lock-Down Mode.

Additional MDM features

There are plenty of other features depending on which MDM product is chosen:

  • Policy Enforcing: There are multiple types of policies which can be enforced on MDM users.
    • Personal Policy: According to corporate environment, highly customizable
    • Device Platform specific: policies for advanced management of Android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry devices.
    • Compliance Policies/Rules
  • VPN configuration
  • Application Catalogue
  • Pre-defined Wi-Fi and Hotspot settings
  • Jailbreak/Root detection
  • Remote Wipe of corporate data
  • Remote Wipe of entire device
  • Device remote locking
  • Remote messaging/buzz
  • Disabling native apps on device



移动设备管理(MDM)是用于远程定义管理移动电话,平板电脑和笔记本电脑的管理设备的术语。 MDM可在上提下或 cloud实例。

MDM帮助您的企业通过管理员远程管理员工的设备,并为设备中的企业数据提供安全性。 MDM具有以下功能:

  1. 安全性:MDM通过加密设备上的企业相关文件提供安全性。如果设备似乎被盗或丢失,则设备可以锁定或擦除以保护数据。全擦拭擦拭整个设备,选择性擦除从设备擦拭特定于企业的数据。


    一个理想的MDM将支持多个平台,例如iOS,Android,Windows手机和移动,Windows PC,MacOS,Watchos,BlackBerry等。
  1. 可伸缩性:MDM应该能够一次处理任意数量的设备。


  • 移动应用程序管理:包括远程和白名单或黑名单应用程序部署应用程序的功能。

  • 移动内容管理:允许企业在加密文档时向员工发送文档,密码保护文档,并要求身份验证以访问该文档。

  • 移动费用管理:帮助企业计算企业的网络使用,以及每个部门和员工的下面。

  • 亭模式:禁用除应用程序或网页(通过MDM控制台设置)之外的所有按钮和用户界面,从而有助于安全地使用该设备作为亭。

  • 移动电子邮件管理。


Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a term that is used to define managing mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablet and laptop computers remotely. MDM is available on-premise or as cloud instance.

MDM helps your Enterprise to manage devices of employees remotely by administrator and provide security to the Enterprise data in the devices. MDM have the following features:

  1. Security: MDM provides security by encrypting Enterprise-related files on the device. If the device appears to be stolen or missing, then the device can either be locked down or wiped out to protect data. Full-wipe wipes the entire device and selective wipe wipes Enterprise-specific data from the device.

Security can also be achieved through several in-built security policies in MDM. These policies can be ranged from setting the password complexity to restricting WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile data.

  1. An ideal MDM will support multiple platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mobile, Windows PC, MacOS, WatchOS, Blackberry etc.

  2. Scalability: An MDM should be able to handle any number of devices at a time.

Other features include

  • Mobile Application Management: Includes features like deploying apps remotely and whitelisting or blacklisting apps.

  • Mobile Content Management: Allows an Enterprise to send documents to employees while encrypting document, password protecting the document, and requiring authentication to access the document.

  • Mobile Expense Management: Helps an Enterprise to calculate network usage in the Enterprise as well as below every department and employees.

  • Kiosk mode: Disables all buttons and user interface except that of an app or a webpage (set via MDM console) thus helps securely use the device as Kiosk.

  • Mobile Email Management.



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