Android 1.5蛋糕支持WMA解码器吗? -- wma 领域 和 1.5-cupcake 领域 android 相关 的问题

Does Android 1.5 Cupcake support WMA decoder?





我发现Android 1.5不支持WMA编解码器,在SDK中宣布 文档。我在PV OMX中也没有找到一个WMA解码器。



I pushed some WMA files to emulator yesterday, and I found all of these music files can be played well by the music player, So I was confused.

I found that Android 1.5 didn't support the WMA codec, which is announced in the SDK documentation. I also didn't find a WMA decoder in PV OMX.

How does this happen?





看到这些链接有点更详细说明:温和介绍视频编码:有损音频编解码器和 wikipedia - wma


There isn't just one thing called WMA, WMA describes a whole set of different audio formats and technologies that all normally have a .WMA ending. Some of these are DRM encrypted, some have higher or lower level quality than others, some are optimized for voices. It's entirely possible that although your audio file has a .WMA extension and container, inside that it's actually a type of codec that Android can already natively handle.

See these links for a bit more explanation: Gentle Introduction to Video Encoding: Lossy Audio Codecs and Wikipedia - WMA


我相信一个实际的 Windows Media Audio 解码器将需要从Microsoft获取许可在Android中。与Microsoft Exchange集合的手机制造商如何在其Android手机中加入Microsoft(HTC我认为如此之巅),以及为什么 Exchange通过touchdown 我假设费用为19.99美元。

像Gathrawn说,你声称的.wma文件可能是mp3或其他格式的android本地支持误标标签的文件扩展 - 尝试编码一些自己,并再次尝试。 :)


I believe an actual Windows Media Audio decoder would require to be licensed from Microsoft to be included as such in Android. Like how Microsoft Exchange intergration is liceanced from Microsoft by handset manufactures to include in their Android phones (HTC I think does so off the top of my head) and why Exchange by Touchdown I assume costs $19.99.

Like GAThrawn said, the .wma files you claim are probably MP3 or another format Android natively supports with a mislabeled file extension - try encoding some yourself and give it another try. :)



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