隐藏状态栏中的警报图标 -- notifications 领域 和 2.3-gingerbread 领域 和 2.2-froyo 领域 和 notification-icons 领域 和 alarm 领域 android 相关 的问题

Hide Alarm icon in the status bar




我有至少一个警报设置每天下降,所以我的通知栏上的"闹钟" 图标真的毫无意义。

有没有办法在Android Froyo或Android Gingerbread中隐藏在一个隐藏的图标?


I have at least one alarm set to go off daily so the "alarm clock" icon on my notification bar is really pointless.

Is there a way to make this icon hidden in Android Froyo or Android Gingerbread?







No, for the same reasons detailed in this answer.

Can I hide a program from ongoing activities in the notification bar?


在Android Marshmallow上,您可以使用隐藏系统UI调谐器。

打开快速设置面板,然后按住设置的COG轮,直到开始旋转。然后,您在 system &gt中获得额外的设置条目。 系统UI调谐器> 状态栏,您可以隐藏警报。


On Android Marshmallow, you can use the hidden System UI Tuner.

Open the quick-setting panel, then press and hold the Settings' cog wheel until it starts spinning. You then get an additional settings entry in System > System UI Tuner > Status bar, where you can hide the alarm.


最简单的方式如果rooted : 您可以使用GravityBox,隐藏闹钟符号。

  1. 打开应用程序。
  2. 转到"调整状态栏" (我不知道确切的英文翻译)
  3. 选择"适应时钟"
  4. 勾选"隐藏报警符号" 旁边的框

Easiest way if rooted: You can use GravityBox, to hide the Alarm-Clock-Symbol.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Go to "Adapt Status Bar" (I don't know the exact English translation)
  3. Choose "Adapt Clock"
  4. Tick the box next to "Hide Alarm Symbol"




There is if you use the alarm app, Gentle Alarm. Besides the plethora of amazing features that app has, you can also turn off the notification bar icon and the app still runs in the background just fine. I've been running it that way for a long time.

On a semi-related note, my favorite feature of Gentle Alarm is the ability to keep alarms scheduled, but skip as many of them in order as you want. That way if you are on vacation for one day you can turn off scheduled alarm(s) for just that day and not be annoyingly woken up. I was on vacation for a week and was able to turn them all off and the following week I didn't have to remember to turn my alarms back on, already taken care of.




In Gentle Alarm, you must go to the Settings and turn on Advanced Features. Then Other Preferences > Notifications, and then you are presented with many options for the type of notification or turning it off.


我用这个应用程序实现了这个; 智能警报免费。它只是一个设置。这也是更好的警报应用程序的方式。


I achieve this with the app; Smart Alarm Free. It simply has a setting for it. Also it's a way better alarm app.





如果这是您发现有用的东西,您可以在Google Play商店免费获取:

  • x89状态ninja

Yes there is, but you need an app for it.

I was surprised to read that this was something people wanted, and so I ended up writing such an app (disclaimer: I wrote the app, but it is free).

It is small and lightweight, and removes the icon, but will also flash the icon every time another app updates the alarm.

If this is something that you would find useful, you can get it for free on the Google Play store:

  • X89 Status Ninja



Just found this in Marshmallow for anyone coming across this question. Go to Settings > Status Bar > Status Bar Icons and from there you can uncheck the alarm icon.


提供了Android rooted,安装了兼容的Xposed framework 1 ,您可以使用GravityBox Xposed模块隐藏警报图标。

我用 gravitybox [n] 以及它,转到 StatusBar调整→时钟设置→勾选隐藏报警图标




1 xposed framework 用于股票Android [基于] roms : android 4.x , Android 5.x,6.x和7.x


Provided your Android is rooted and a compatible Xposed Framework1 is installed, you can use GravityBox xposed module to hide the alarm icon.

I tested with GravityBox [N] and in it, go to Statusbar tweaks xe2x86x92 Clock Settings xe2x86x92 tick Hide Alarm icon.

Note that I cannot assure whether earlier Android version specific versions of GravityBox offered this tweak.

(Click image to enlarge)


1 Xposed Framework for stock Android [based] ROMs: Android 4.x, Android 5.x, 6.x and 7.x


for oreo,我使用了 systemui调谐器。需要启用 Developer选项< / a>暂时并授予计算机虽然需要计算机。它公开了必要的系统设置,也有很少的其他有用设置。

更详细信息: 在早期版本中,在向通知栏上滑动以扩展它后,可以通过长按设置齿轮在And​​roid系统上调用"系统UI调谐器" 。可悲的是,已经决定不将此公开给Oreo上的用户。所以我们需要第三方应用程序(例如上面的第一个链接)。并使用开发人员模式给出该应用程序必需的权限。这两个链接给出了所有细节和步骤。


For Oreo, I used SystemUI Tuner. Need to enable the developer options temporarily and grant it necessary rights though a computer. It exposes the necessary system settings and has few other useful settings too.

Bit more detail: In earlier versions it was possible to invoke the "System UI Tuner" on android system by long pressing settings cog wheel after swiping down on the notification bar to expand it. Sadly it has been decided not to expose this to users on Oreo. So we need a 3rd party app (e.g. first link above). And give that app necessary permissions using developer mode. The two links give all the details and steps.


您可以从xposed存储库中下载WANAM XPOSE 这里



这不是我的应用程序。我只是在股票JB 4.3(植根)上亲自使用它,发现它很棒。


You can download Wanam Xposed from Xposed repository here.

When you open the app you'll be instructed to install the framework (I've done it personally and haven't had any problems).

Once this is done go back to the original app and there will be many customizable features available including one for hiding the alarm clock icon.

This is not my app. I just use it personally on a stock JB 4.3 (rooted) and find it great.


如果您正在运行果冻bean(或更新),则可以选择禁用应用程序中的所有通知。该设置是每个应用程序,可以在Settings&gt中找到。 Apps&gt; (选择应用程序)&gt;取消选中"显示通知" 框。此方法的那个警告是该应用程序将不再在通知栏中显示任何通知,但如果对您可以接受而不是我发现此方法是一种简单的方法,可以避免使用不必要的通知来阻止我的通知抽屉。


if you are running Jelly Bean (or newer), there is the option of disabling all notifications from an app. The setting is per-app and can be found in Settings > Apps > (select the app) > uncheck the "Show notifications" box. The one caveat to this method is that the app will no longer show any notifications in the notification bar, but if that's acceptable to you than I've found this method to be an easy way to stop my notification drawer from filling up with unnecessary notifications.


Also, if you disable notifications entirely for an alarm clock, nothing will pop up when the alarm goes off. To turn off a ringing alarm, you will have to start your alarm clock app from the home screen, find the alarm schedule that is currently ringing, and turn off the scheduled alarm. You will have no option to snooze the alarm, or silence it but leave it on repeat. You'd have to turn it off and then on again.



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