Android如何获得粗糙的位置? -- geolocation 领域 android 相关 的问题

How does Android get the coarse location?





  1. Android通常使用这两种方法,或者它更喜欢一个并倒回另一个?
  2. 它与服务器通信以通过WiFi获取位置吗? (例如,将WIFIS的SIDS发送到Web服务)
  3. 它与载体通信,以通过GSM塔获得位置,也可以在设备上完成这一点?

I read that Android (and similar operation systems, e.g. iOS) get the current coarse location by using either WiFi or GSM tower triangulation. I get the basic idea but have questions about the details.

  1. Does Android normally use both methods, or does it prefer one and fall back to the other?
  2. Does it communicate with a server to get the position via WiFi? (e.g. sending the SIDs of the WiFis to a web service)
  3. Does it communicate with the carrier to get the position via the GSM towers or is this done on the device?



它真的达到了开发人员如何实现定位服务。完整描述是在 Android开发人员官方网站(2010年9月24日捕获)


  • 缓存修复
  • Cell-ID
  • wifi
  • gps
  • 模拟位置



  1. 它取决于各个应用程序开发人员,但在大多数情况下,序列将被缓存修复,单元格,WiFi,GPS,以此顺序。
  2. 是,在获取WiFi信号的塔ID或SSID之后,将该数据传输到Google以确定粗略的位置。
  3. 否,谷歌在这里做了真正聪明的事情。谷歌拥有自己的蜂窝塔位置数据库,不需要与载体的交互来确定塔的位置。

Francisco Kattan的一篇文章" 动态小区ID"有一些细节。简短的版本是,当您使用像Google地图这样的应用程序时,该应用程序将与当前的GPS修复一起发送当前的Cell-ID信息。通过这种方式,谷歌在各种位置获得了非常好的信号优势,能够构建一个非常丰富的数据库。


It is really up to the developer as to how to implement the location service. The full description is available on the Android Developers official site (as captured on 24 Sep 2010)

The graph about 1/3rd down the page is pretty useful to see what a typical app might do, but again, it is completely up to the app developer. The location service types are:

  • Cached Fix
  • Cell-ID
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Mock Location

If the app requests permission for coarse location only, it will not use the GPS to determine location.

To answer your questions:

  1. It is up to the individual app developer, but in most cases, the sequence will be Cached Fix, Cell-ID, WiFi, GPS, in that order.
  2. Yes, after acquiring the tower IDs or SSIDs of the WiFi signals, that data is transmitted to Google to determine a rough location.
  3. No, Google has done something really clever here. Google has their own database of cell tower locations and does not require an interaction with the carrier to determine the location of the tower.

An article by Francisco Kattan on "Dynamic Cell-ID" has some of the detail. The short version is that, when you use an app like Google Maps, the app will send the current Cell-ID information back along with your current GPS fix. In this way, Google gets a very good sampling of the signal strengths in various locations and is able to build a very rich database.



  1. 是的,但它取决于由DEV设置的特定应用程序LBS优先级,并且可以基于当前课程精度,功率水平,预定义优先级等。
  2. 是的。运营商有专有的WiFi基站位置DBS。
  3. 我不能具体地与Android说话,但通常,这将是载体和网络类型(CDMA或GSM)。手机都有两者,但至少几年前,他们由于做了OTA的带宽限制而在手机上做了这项工作。

A lot of this is carrier-specific and I'm not a dev but here's what I could piece together from the interwebs and the trainings I've had in electronic crime investigation:

  1. Yes, but it depends on the specific apps LBS priorities which are set by the dev and can be based on current course accuracy, power levels, predefined priorities, etc.
  2. Yes. The carriers have proprietary WiFi base station location DBs.
  3. I can't speak to Android specifically, but generally, this is going to be the carrier and network type (CDMA or GSM). Phones are capable of both, but at least a few years ago they did this work on the handset because of the bandwidth constraints of doing it OTA.


每个国家/地区都有一个提供商数据库,其中存储地图上的塔ID的位置。该数据库可能很小,可以通过提供者预装或在空中提供。 Android手机如何获取此数据,我不知道。


Your phone knows what the closest towers are.

There is a provider database for each country in which the location of tower IDs on the map is stored. This database might be small enough to be preinstalled by your provider or supplied over the air. How an Android phone gets this data, I don't know.





Does it communicate with the carrier to get the position via the GSM towers or is this done on the device?

The device could be used if you want to use triangulation, but you need to use the carrier if you want to match the Cell-ID and the localization of the GSM (or CDMA) tower.



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