同步设置问题:将Android,Outlook 2010,Gmail,Calendar和联系人同步吗? -- sync 领域 和 2.2-froyo 领域 和 outlook 领域 android 相关 的问题

Sync setup question: will Android, Outlook 2010, Gmail, calendar and contacts sync?




我之前的电话是来自HTC的Windows Mobile 6.5。所以我与我的电脑有关(Windows 7 x64 pro),它使用Windows Mobility Center与Outlook 2010同步。一切都很好。我还在Outlook中添加了MAP的Gmail。

但是现在我拥有这个令人敬畏的全新HTC愿望,并使用Android 2.2(Froyo),所以它要求我的Google帐户。现在我在Outlook,Phone和Gmail中结束了联系人。 Outlook和Google日历中的日历和我拥有HTC Sync和 AbcDefghijklmnabcdefghijklmn0 同步,我不知道最好的设置是什么。任何人想法?

我想在我的Gmail,谷歌Cal,手机等中的Outlook联系人中拥有相同的联系人。所以我想与一切同步所有内容,可以使用一些帮助。因为我在Outlook中有联系人,这些联系人不是在Gmail和手机上的人不在Gmail等中,因为我是一个Android N00B,它很难让自己有一个终极同步设置与Outlook 2010和我的手机和Gmail的东西< / p>

编辑:如答案所指出的那样,我应该不是与我的手机同步我的手机,但应该将Outlook同步到Gmail。谷歌拥有一个日历同步工具,它很棒,但不同步联系人。不,我找到了 KiGoo 但我不相信它们。有人是否建议使用Gmail的Outlook 2010同步Outlook 2010的免费和/或开源应用程序。


my previous phone was a windows mobile 6.5 from HTC. so I had it linked to my computer (windows 7 x64 pro) and it used windows mobility center to sync with outlook 2010. everything was fine. I also added Gmail by IMAP in outlook.

but now I have this awesome brand new HTC Desire with Android 2.2 (Froyo) so it asked for my Google account. Now I ended up with contacts in outlook, phone and Gmail. calendar in outlook and Google Calendar and I have HTC sync and Google Cal sync and I don't know what the best setup is. anybody an idea?

I'd like to have the same in my outlook contacts as in my Gmail, Google Cal, phone etc. so I'd like to sync everything with everything and could use some help. because I have contacts in outlook that are not in Gmail and people on my phone which are not in Gmail etc. and since I am an android n00b it's kinda hard to get myself an ultimate sync setup with outlook 2010 and my phone and Gmail stuff

Edit: as pointed out in the answers, I should NOT sync my phone with outlook, but should sync outlook to Gmail. Google has a calendar sync tool, which is great, but does not sync the contacts. No I've found KiGoo but I don't trust them yet. Does anybody recommend a good preferably free and/or open source application for syncing outlook 2010 with Gmail?







Android syncs to Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar nearly effortlessly. It seems like in your case it's Outlook that is the problem child. Do you need to sync contacts with Outlook too? If not, a one-time export/import from Outlook to Gmail should meet your needs.

I would say have Outlook sync with Google and have the phone sync with Google. Syncing the phone to Outlook too will probably duplicate data and/or leave gaps in your data.


我正在寻找一种用outlook同步我的x10的方法,找到了这个链接,它被称为我的手机资源管理器 http://www.hackitz.ca/droid/android_contact_sync_outlook



i was looking for a way to sync my x10 with outlook and found this link, it's called my phone explorer http://www.hackitz.ca/droid/android_contact_sync_outlook

works good, and it's free



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