用Supersu替换Kingoroot Superuser的详细说明 -- rooting 领域 和 supersu 领域 android 相关 的问题

Detailed instructions for replacing KingoRoot's Superuser with SuperSU







我的设备上的超级用户包是com.kingouser.com版本2.1.6.8(2168)。该设备是AZPEN A746,这是世界第二次最便宜的平板电脑。



KingRoot's Superuser, while effective at its main purpose, is throwing up adware lockscreens. I'd like to replace it with SuperSU but have had difficulty finding instructions detailed enough for my low level of knowledge.

I tried just installing SuperSU from the play store but that failed.

When googling, I see results for kingroot, kingoroot, and I don't even know if they are the same or not.

The Superuser package on my device is com.kingouser.com version (2168). The device is an Azpen A746, the world's 2nd cheapest tablet.

Detailed information on replacing this SuperUser with SuperSu would be greatly appreciated.




tl; dr - 跳到步骤部分


kingroot ,虽然它可能是"1次点击根" 解决方案的领先应用程序,但也安装了您可能或可能或可能的令人讨厌的服务不知道。

kingoroot 我真的不能说太多了,考虑到始终存在许多其他解决方案,以实现包括kingroot的root。

好的,所以我已经使用了这种方法,它的时间是99%的时间。我唯一没有它的工作是为了一个verizon htc一个m8,因为kingroot只给出(至少在当时)temproot需要几点尝试让它正常工作。我给出了W0LFDroid的所有信用,找到它,并且可以在这里找到原始指南 http://www.w0lfdroid.com/2015/05/how-to-remove-replace-kinguser-kingroot-with-supersu.html




  1. 下载以下三项:

https://play.google.com /store/apps/details?id=jackpal.androidterm& hl=en

- (终端仿真器应用程序/或者您只需使用adb shell) -


- (包含必要的文件/ v1的zip存档) -


- (包含必要的文件/ v2的zip存档) -

  1. 两个zip存档包含相同的文件,但如果步骤不使用v1文件返回所需结果,则使用v2文件重复步骤。
  2. 从zip存档中提取"mrw" 文件夹,并将其放在"/ sdcard" 中的任何位置。为方便起见,让我们只是说你没有使用电脑,而是从您希望从Kingroot切换到SU的手机中的所有这些都是这样做的。下载文件将放入其中/ sdcard /下载。因此,使用内置文件资源管理器(如果您没有一个),使用内置文件资源管理器(或root浏览器),从zip提取"mrw" ,然后继续安装终端仿真器。
  3. 打开终端仿真器并键入以下命令:


sh /sdcard/download/mrw/root.sh

  1. 这将返回大量的文字和相当多的错误,不要担心它,我从未有过它不是返回一些错误。完成后,它将自动安装SuperSu并打开应用程序,询问您是否要安装必要的二进制文件。点按"是" ,然后选择 not 以在恢复中安装的选项。
  2. 此时它将是两种方式之一:二进制安装将失败,此时您必须使用Kingroot重新root并使用其他zip文件重复步骤;或者二进制安装将成功,您需要重新启动设备。启动后,您将看到Kingroot和所有关联的文件已被删除,并用Supersu替换。




TL;DR - skip to the STEPS section

Kingroot and Kingoroot are two completely different apps, made by two completely different group of developers.

Kingroot, while it is probably the leading app for "1-Click-Root" solutions, also installs a ton of bloatware and annoying services that you may or may not know about.

Kingoroot I can't really speak too much about, considering there have always been many other solutions to achieving root including Kingroot.

Okay so I've used this method dozens of times and it works 99% of the time. The only time I haven't had it work was for a Verizon HTC One M8, since Kingroot only gives (at least at the time) temproot it took a few tries to get it working properly. I give all credit to w0lfdroid to finding it, and the original guide can be found here http://www.w0lfdroid.com/2015/05/How-to-Remove-Replace-KingUser-KingRoot-with-SuperSU.html


This may leave your device in an unrooted state, if this happens then just run Kingroot again and it will fix itself.


  1. Download the following three items:


--(Terminal Emulator App / Alternatively you can just use ADB shell)--


--(Zip archive containing necessary files / v1)--


--(Zip archive containing necessary files / v2)--

  1. The two zip archives contain the same files, but if the steps don't return the desired result using the v1 files, then repeat the steps using the v2 files.
  2. Extract the "mrw" folder from the zip archive and place it anywhere in "/sdcard". For convenience let's just say you're not using a computer and instead doing this all from the phone you're wishing to switch from Kingroot to SU. Downloading the files will put them inside /sdcard/Download. So navigate to there using the built-in file explorer (or Root Browser if you don't have one), extract "mrw" from the zip, and proceed to install Terminal Emulator.
  3. Open Terminal Emulator and type the following commands:


sh /sdcard/Download/mrw/root.sh

  1. This will return a ton of text and quite a few errors, don't worry about it, I've never had it not return some errors. When finished it will install SuperSU automatically and open the app, asking you if you'd like to install the necessary binaries. Tap "Yes" and choose the option that is NOT to install in recovery.
  2. At this point it will go one of two ways: either the binary installation will fail, at which point you'll have to re-root with Kingroot and repeat the steps using the other zip files; or the binary installation will succeed and you'll need to reboot the device. Upon booting you will see Kingroot and all associated files have been removed, and replaced instead with SuperSU.

If neither of these methods work there is a paid app in Play Store called Super-SuMe that's supposed to be specifically made for removing Kingroot and installing SuperSU, although despite purchasing it multiple times I have never once had anything happen besides either a reboot, force close, or the app hangs.

Best of luck.


是否是"Kingroot" 或"Kingo Superuser" 您正在尝试交换到Supersu,最好使用手动方法,因为大多数汽车脚本都没有在所有设备上工作。最简单和最简单的方法甚至没有比文件管理器所要求的任何应用程序。这可以使用es文件资源管理器完成。

我曾经面对Kingoroot的问题。它开始在锁屏幕上显示令人讨厌的广告和电池保护程序,而无需任何开关即可禁用它,这是非常讨厌和ram消耗的。在尝试一个名为"supersume" 的自动脚本应用程序后,不幸的是不起作用,我稍后发现如何删除它并手动使用supersu交换它。这种方法适用于带有Kingroot或Kingoroot Kingo Superuser的手机。


唯一的要求是es文件资源管理器。我使用es,因为它具有root explorer内置。



Whether it is "Kingroot" or "Kingo Superuser" you are trying to swap to SuperSU, it will be best to use manual methods as most auto scripts out there doesn't work on all device. The simplest and most easiest way to do this does not even required any apps than a file manager. This can be done using ES File Explorer.

I've once faced an issue with kingoroot. It starts displaying annoying ads and battery saver on my lock screen without any switch to disable it, which is very annoying and RAM consuming. After trying an auto-script app called "SuperSume" which unfortunately doesn't work, I later found out how to remove it and swap it with SuperSU manually. This method works for phones with Kingroot or Kingoroot Kingo superuser.

I wrote a detailed guide on it including screenshots and all the process involved. It is posted here.

The only requirement is ES File Explorer. I use ES because it has root explorer built-in.

Give it a try.


我想我已经过度思考了这一点。我只是通过应用程序卸载了Kingoroot的超级用户应用程序,然后从播放商店下载并安装了超级Su。还有根。 "太容易" 就像萨密斯勋爵一样。



I guess I was overthinking this. I just uninstalled Kingoroot's Superuser app through Apps, then downloaded and installed Super SU from the play store. Still have root. "All too easy" as a certain Sith Lord would say.

The last straw was when Kingoroot Superuser installed an unwanted app without asking. It had to die after that.

只是要在 therealjavi's答案中添加它如果有像我这样的人有漂亮的人卡住。终于在一对偶然左右的时候得到了这一点。



  1. 使用了Android的本机设置将Supersu移动到内部存储
  2. 使用Link2SD将Supersu转换为系统应用
  3. 重新启动。

btw,我在cloudfone excite 501o上做到了这个(Android版4.2.2 [Kitkat])。我使用了IROIT(以前称为巨魔,但不确定它是如何与现在存在的魔鬼))到手机,并最终获得中国市场应用程序和许多广告。


Just going to add this on topr of therealjavi's answer in case there are other people like me who got pretty stuck. Finally got this right after a couple runs or so.

If, after updating the binary according to the instruction given above, your phone prompts that you have two superuser apps now [instead of having the kinguser automatically removed], find a little time to unsinstall that little pesky app, [in my case, I used Link2SD which is available in the PlayStore,] then go back to the terminal emulator, and rerun the scripts again. Voila, you're done.

I also had the problem of ending up installing SuperSu on my sdcard. To fix that [not sure if necessary or I'm just paranoid], I did the following:

  1. Used native setting of android to move SuperSU to Internal Storage
  2. Used Link2SD to convert SuperSU to system app
  3. Reboot.

Btw, I did this on Cloudfone Excite 501o (Android ver. 4.2.2 [KitKat]). I used iRoot (previously known as vRoot, but not sure how similar it is to VRoot which also exists now) to root the phone, and ended up getting a Chinese market app and lots of ads.



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