音频插孔不工作 -- 6.0-marshmallow 领域 和 audio 领域 和 xiaomi 领域 和 miui 领域 android 相关 的问题

Audio jack not working





据据说是xiaomi支持线是糟糕的,所以我不会尝试,特别是因为我找不到他们的支持电子邮件/票证网站... 咳嗽


系统信息: https://i.imgur.com/zjri8cf.png < / p>

  Device Android ID/Codename: Nikel Android: 6.0.1 MMB29M - MIUI8 Patch Level: 2017-04-01 MIUI Version: MIUI Global 8.2 Stable ( MCFMIDL) CPU: Octa-Core Max 2.00GHz RAM: 3.00 GB Internal: 32GB Kernel: 3.18.24-perf-g798c6bf   

是这个硬件问题,还是软件问题? 如果它是软件,我该怎么办才能解决它,这是一个已知的问题?



I have the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, however I am not sure that this is a hardware specific issue. The phone is a day old, so I don't know if it should have been working before.

Xiaomi support lines are reportedly bad, so I won't try, especially since I can't find their support email / ticket site in the first place... cough

When I insert an audio jack (headphones, tried two pairs) no audio is played through them, but instead, continues playing through main speakers.

System information: https://i.imgur.com/ZjRi8cf.png

Device Android ID/Codename: Nikel Android: 6.0.1 MMB29M - MIUI8 Patch Level: 2017-04-01 MIUI Version: MIUI Global 8.2 Stable ( MCFMIDL) CPU: Octa-Core Max 2.00GHz RAM: 3.00 GB Internal: 32GB Kernel: 3.18.24-perf-g798c6bf 

Is this a hardware issue, or a software issue? If it's software, what should I do to fix it, and is this a known issue?

This phone is NOT rooted... yet...






  1. 引用它的人群"你试过让它再次打开吗?" 似乎愚蠢,但它有效。如果这修复了它,它是一个软件问题。 (希望你再也见未见过)
  2. 再次引用它的人群,"它插入了吗?" 。检查端口内的连接是否有干净,没有任何东西被困在那里。不要在那里粘在一起,但是 也许是一个非常温和的潮湿q-tip 可以做这个技巧。
  3. 如果任何事情都没有,请尝试出厂重置。如果这不起作用,这是硬件损坏。

Seeing that it works (see question's comment), this answer is somewhat unnecessary, but for the future in a Q&A fashion, I'll put in my 2 cents.

There are a couple of things to know here. Glitches happen, and stuff breaks. We obviously prefer the first. Here's a couple of steps to isolate the cause.

  1. Quoting the IT crowd "Have you tried turning it off and on again?". Seems dumb, but it works. If this fixes it, it's a software issue. (Hopefully one you won't be seeing again)
  2. Quoting the IT crowd again, "Is it plugged in?". Check that the connections inside the port are clean and nothing is stuck in there. Don't go sticking anything wet in there, but maybe a very very mildly damp q-tip could do the trick.
  3. If neither of these do anything, try a factory reset. If that doesn't work, it's hardware damage.


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