三星S6如何找到SSID -- settings 领域 和 samsung-galaxy-s-6 领域 android 相关 的问题

Samsung s6 how do I find SSID






我发现Android版本为7.0在设置和gt下;关于设备>软件信息,现在知道UX是"三星体验" 。


How do I find the SSID on my Samsung S6? I don't know what the Android version/variant is or how to find it. I recently updated the phone and the icons now have rounded iOS style borders


I found the Android version is 7.0 under settings > about device > software info, and now know that the UX is the 'Samsung Experience'.



  • 您的Android版本:设置→关于手机→Android版本

  • ssid notify 可以帮助您使用SSID和其他连接细节

  • 电话信息三星是一个多功能的应用程序,为您提供有关您的设备的信息

根据来自Reched Site的POST 来自Android 7

  • Your Android Version : Settings xe2x86x92 About Phone xe2x86x92 Android Version

  • SSID Notify can help you with SSID and other details of connection

  • Phone Info Samsung is a versatile app which gives you a ton of info about your device

According to this post from a reputed site rounded icons are an OS feature in Android 7



http://www.theandroidsoul.com/view-wifi-parsworous - Android /


I found this guide which describes how it can be done by using a file manager with root file access:




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