“格式为内部存储”选项不再可用 -- internal-storage 领域 和 sd-card 领域 和 storage 领域 和 adoptable-storage 领域 和 formatting 领域 android 相关 的问题

“Format as Internal Storage” option no longer available




当我第一次插入我的SD卡时,它显示了"选项" 按钮的通知。我继续将卡格式化为外部,便携式存储,尽管系统存储格式选项可用(我的零件上的错误)。当您没有选择将应用程序移动到SD卡时,我后来意识到这一点,就像LG设备一样。所以,我去了存储设置,然后按下了格式,它没有显示要格式化为内存的选项。任何人都可以帮助我将此microdd卡设置为内部存储? ***

请注意,这不是先前的问题。我知道 我的手机有能力将其设置为内部存储。我见过 选项。阅读整个问题。


When I first inserted my SD card, it showed a notification with an "options button." I proceeded to format the card as external, portable storage, although the system storage format option was available (a mistake on my part). I later realized this when there was no option to move apps to SD card, as you can on LG devices. So, I went to storage settings, and pressed format, and it did not show the option to format as internal memory. Could anyone help me set this microSD card as internal storage? ***

Please note that this is not a previously asked question. I know that my phone has the ability to set it as internal storage. I have seen the option. Read the entire question.




似乎制造商正在删除更新手机上的"格式为内部" 功能。也许是因为它的兴趣迫使我们升级我们的设备才能跑进记忆挫折。


  1. 我使用了 mtk adb驱动程序而不是链接的指导。这取决于你的芯片类型,如果你不知道哪个挑选,尝试两者都没有伤害。只是你的手机可能没有在STEP 7上显示。

  2. 在步骤8中,第四命令 adb shell sm partition disk:179,64 private 可能会给您一个Java异常错误。我不得不用第一个命令 adb shell sm list-disks 使用我的结果是 disk:179,124 的东西。作者忽略了提及您的设备可能会有所不同。



It seems like manufacturers are removing the "Format as Internal" feature on newer phones. Perhaps because it's in their interest to force us to upgrade our devices after running into memory frustrations.

So after a long and frustrating process, this eventually method worked for me. I had to make two alterations:

  1. I used the MTK ADB driver instead of the one linked in the guide. This depends on your chip type, there's no harm in trying both if you don't know which to pick. Just that your phone might not show up on step 7.

  2. On step 8, the fourth command adb shell sm partition disk:179,64 private might give you a java exception error. I had to use my result from the first command adb shell sm list-disks which was something like disk:179,124. The author neglects to mention that this may vary for your device.

With a bit of patience this should work for you too. If I missed anything, search the comments of the article, another person's experience might give you a clue.


将SD卡插入PC,或通过USB将手机与SD卡连接到PC。接下来,在文件资源管理器中将SD卡定位为"PC" 。当您找到它时,右键单击它并将其格式化为EXT4或EXFAT。格式化后,将microSD卡返回给手机或拔下手机,然后重新启动。它应该,在通知/警报下拉说SD卡已损坏。单击此通知,您现在应该选择在重新启动手机后将其格式化为内部存储。


Insert the SD card into a PC, or connect the phone with the SD card in it to a PC via USB. Next, locate the SD card through "This PC" in file explorer. When you find it, right click it and format it as EXT4 or exFAT. After it is formatted, return the MicroSD card to the phone or unplug the phone and then restart it. It should, in the notifications/alerts dropdown say the SD card is corrupted. Click this notification, and you should now have the option to format it as internal storage after restarting your phone.



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