从我的设备上的Gmail注销 -- security 领域 和 gmail 领域 和 google-account 领域 和 accounts 领域 和 gmail-password 领域 android 相关 的问题

Logout from Gmail on my device









It bothers me that my Android Phone is permanently logged into my Gmail account.

I want to logout from the device and somehow make the phone ask for username/password when connecting to my account.

It seems there is no such option. What are my options?

P.S. Please don't suggest to lock my phone when not in use. I already do that.




"登录" 是一种误解。即使在使用浏览器时"登录" 时,也可以通过存储在其中的身份验证令牌的Cookie存储来处理。在设备上是有点相同的,除了它不是"cookie" 。设置帐户时,请求身份验证令牌并存储在设备上。新令牌也可以在其他时间交换,但你不知道它甚至发生了。

当应用程序,如gmail,go和检查新邮件时,他们使用该令牌告诉您是"您" 的Gmail服务器。您无法"退出" 的原因是因为那么您将无法检查新邮件,获取应用程序更新和背景中发生的其他内容。如果您要退出,那么每隔几分钟都要放入您的凭据,以便您的设备可以检查更新和新邮件。

内置于Android的大型服务使用您的身份验证令牌。即使您在设备上创建,编辑或删除联系人时,它也因为它将该数据同步到Google服务器上的帐户。日历约会,GTalk,Google语音,搜索小部件,语音到文本,推送通知(仅仅使用C2DM的任何服务)以及在 Abcdefghijklmnabcdefghijklmn0 可以在任何给定时间都需要这种身份验证令牌。



Being "logged in" is a misconception. Even when you are "logged in" when you use a browser, this is handled by the storage of a cookie with an authentication token stored in it. On the device is sort of the same, except it is not a "cookie". When you set up your account, an authentication token is requested and stored on the device. A new token can also be exchanged at other times, but you are unaware that it even happens.

When the applications, like gmail, go and check for new mail, they use that token to tell the gmail servers that you are "you". The reason you can't "sign out" is because then you would not be able to check for new mail, get application updates and other things like that that happen in the background. If you were to sign out, then every couple minutes you would have to put in your credentials so your device could check for updates and new mail.

A large set of the services built-in to android use your authentication token. Even when you create, edit, or delete a contact on your device, because it syncs that data to your account on google servers. Calendar appointments, gTalk, Google Voice, the search widget, voice-to-text, push notifications (for just any service that uses C2DM), and any other service that may show up under your google account in Accounts & Sync can and will need this authentication token at any given time.

It is more like you are logged in to your PC (Windows, Linux, OSX) then logged in to any particular google service.


没有办法做到这一点。 它已在Gmail的支持论坛上摆在过去和答案一直是(来自上面的链接讨论):

... Google在Android手机上的本机应用程序旨在使用手机 本身要登录和签出。如果您关注的帐户安全性 在您的手机上,我建议您将锁定图案或PIN添加到手机上 (访问设置>位置&安全设置设置这些设置)。

如果要解除您的帐户,您可以执行出厂重置,这将删除所有个人数据,并要求您再次设置帐户。然而,这并不是真正实用的是"退出" 方法,因为您必须完全重新创建帐户以访问它。

我想你也可以转到Web浏览器并更改您的Gmail密码,以有效地"注销" 手机并提示新密码,但是每次访问时都必须更改它Gmail应用程序。再一次,不实用。


There's no way to do this. It's been posed on Gmail's support forums in the past and the answer has always been (from the linked discussion above):

... Google's native apps on Android phones are designed to use the phone itself to sign in and out. If you're concerned about account security on your phone I recommend you add a lock pattern or PIN to your phone (visit Settings > Location & security settings to set these up).

If you want to disassociate your account you can perform a factory reset, which will erase all of your personal data and require you to set up the account again. This isn't really practical as a "sign out" method, though, since you'd have to completely re-create the account to access it.

I suppose you could also go to a web browser and change your Gmail password to effectively "log out" your phone and prompt for the new password, but then you'd have to change it after every time you've accessed the Gmail app. Again, not practical.




The primary advantage of Gmail being a native app is that it keeps your emails synchronized and for getting new mail notifications, but if you really don't want to stay logged in and can accept that not being logged on means you won't get synchronizations or notifications, then just don't use the Gmail app. You can check your email through Gmail's mobile webmail instead.



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