如何在rooted android设备上使用亮粉? -- root-access 领域 和 nfc 领域 和 hidden 领域 和 magisk 领域 和 root-cloak 领域 android 相关 的问题

How to use Glase on a rooted Android device?




如何在设备上使用Magisk rooted的设备上使用Tap和Glase (以前是 seqr )来使用Tap和Pay


How can I use the Tap and Pay payment app Glase (formerly SEQR) on a device which has been rooted using Magisk?



  • 步骤0.清洁/卸载一切亮相/ seqr,换句话说 - 重新开始。
  • 步骤1.从播放商店安装Glase但不要打开它!
  • 步骤2.打开Magisk Manager,点击"点击开始SafetyNet Check" 。如果要求,允许下载非OSS。如果Magisk通知您已重新包装并无法执行检查,您必须使用第三方应用来检查SafetyNet状态。
  • 步骤3.确保基础节点和CTSProfile都是真实的。如果没有,请确保通过在Magisk下的Magisk Manager设置内切换其设置来启用Magisk隐藏。在股票ROM上的华为设备上,您必须通过TWRP恢复刷新特定的"补丁" ZIP文件。如果即使在启用Magisk隐藏CTSProfile和/或基础之后也是假的,请重新启动您的设备,并且 - 如果它仍然不起作用 - 重新安装股票固件/ ROM并重新开始。请注意,在某些自定义ROM上,您必须使用"道具" Magisk模块启用Magisk隐藏。
  • 步骤4.进入Magisk Mode隐藏Magisk Manager菜单,然后选择/标记您的Glase或SEQR应用程序。你应该看到它旁边的橙色滴答声(Âœ")勾选框。
  • 步骤5.现在进入Magisk Manager设置,然后从"常规" 菜单中选择"隐藏Magisk Manager" 条目。如果您没有看到它,而且相会有"恢复Magisk Manager" ,这意味着您已经完成了此问题,您可以进入下一步。
  • 步骤6.现在打开Glase / SEQR应用程序并按照屏幕上的说明进行设置。 注意:"点击和薪水激活" 程序有时是错误的,无论您是否植根于根本。请允许最多2分钟的Glase向您发送"激活" 通知。如果您没有获得一个,请删除Glase的应用程序数据,使用您的帐户重新登录,然后再次尝试"点击并提交激活"
  • Step 0. Clean/uninstall everything Glase/SEQR, in other words - start over.
  • Step 1. Install Glase from Play Store but don't open it!
  • Step 2. Open Magisk Manager, hit "Tap to start SafetyNet check". Allow download of non-OSS if asked for. If Magisk notifies you that it has been repackaged and the check cannot be performed, you'll have to use a third-party app to check for SafetyNet Status.
  • Step 3. Ensure both basicIntegrity and ctsProfile are true. If not, ensure Magisk Hide is enabled by toggling its setting inside Magisk Manager settings, under Magisk. On Huawei devices on stock ROM you have to flash a specific "patch" zip file via TWRP recovery. If even after enabling Magisk Hide ctsProfile and/or basicIntegrity are false, please reboot your device, and - if it still doesn't work - reinstall stock firmware/ROM and start over. Please note that on some custom ROMs you'll have to use the "Props" Magisk Module to enable Magisk Hide.
  • Step 4. Go into Magisk Hide from the Magisk Manager menu and select/mark your Glase or SEQR app as enabled. You should see an orange ticked (xe2x9cx93) tick box next to it.
  • Step 5. Now go into Magisk Manager settings and select the "Hide Magisk Manager" entry from "General" menu. If you don't see it, and instead have "Restore Magisk Manager", it means you have done this already and you can go to the next step.
  • Step 6. Now open your Glase/SEQR app and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up. Note: the "Tap and Pay Activation" procedure is sometimes buggy, regardless if you're rooted or not. Please allow up to 2 minutes for Glase to send you an "Activated" notification. If you don't get one, please delete app data of Glase, re-sign in with your account and attempt "Tap and Pay Activation" again


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