三星Galaxy S 2 Kies更新问题:“不支持初始化” -- updates 领域 和 samsung-galaxy-s-2 领域 和 samsung-kies 领域 android 相关 的问题

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Kies update problem: “does not support initialising”




我已经毫不含糊地试图为我的S2获得新的Android操作系统更新,这是一段时间,我终于以为我的麻烦在我看到Samsung Kies今天早些时候的更新时,但现在我只是更困惑。在没有更新的选项之前(灰色更新按钮)但是现在固件更新和初始化按钮不再灰色但出现错误通知:




I've been fruitlessly trying to get the new Android OS update for my s2 for quite some time now and I finally thought my troubles were over when I saw an update for Samsung Kies pop up earlier today but now I'm just even more confused. Before there just wasn't an option to update (the update button was greyed out) but now the firmware update and initialisation button is no longer grey but comes up with the error notice:

GT-I9100 does not support initialising

What does this mean? I've spent quite a long time trawling through internet forums trying to find my answer to no avail; it seems no one out there has my problem. What does this error mean? Am I unable to update at all?




昨天我有可用的"固件升级" 按钮,工作(开始下载升级组件等),但我的互联网正在播放,所以我今天再次尝试,所有突然的kies都告诉我"gt-i9100t'不支持初始化"(并且未显示升级组件下载窗口)。

如sparx所示,我检查了我的调试设置。它已经取消选中,但我发现当我检查它时,然后取消选中它(手机将提示您在切换此选项之前删除USB电缆)它恢复了"固件升级" 按钮。


  1. 该过程再次开始但停止半路,告诉我"手机电池低电平,充电电话电池" (通过USB插入电话并从计算机上充电)。当我点击确定时,流程中止,我回到了Kies屏幕,没有"固件升级" 按钮(所以必须再次切换调试选项 - 令人讨厌,但比重启计算机和/或电话更快)。

  2. kies没有告诉你下载大小 - 我有拨号 宽带带宽津贴,不能承受 下载过多的金额。如果我们的话会真的很有帮助 可以发现这些升级下载的大小。

  3. kies重新下载固件更新过程文件(它之前的固件 每次尝试时都开始下载实际升级文件 升级固件 - 即使这是1分钟前完成的。我想 三星现在将具有编程实力来缓存这些 文件而不是重新下载它们(对我而言,这也涉及 问题#2)。



Yesterday I had the "firmware upgrade" button available and working (begins to download upgrade components etc) but my internet was playing up, so I tried again today and all of a sudden Kies was telling me "'GT-I9100T' does not support initialisation" (and upgrade component downloading window did not appear).

As suggested by Sparx, I checked my debugging setting. It was already unchecked, BUT I found that when I checked it, then unchecked it (the phone will prompt you to remove USB cable before you can toggle this option) it restored the "firmware upgrade" button.

Frustrations which remain:

  1. The process began again but stopped half way through, telling me that "phone battery is low, charge phone battery" (phone was plugged in via USB and charging already from computer). When I clicked OK, the process aborted and I am back at the Kies screen without a "firmware upgrade" button again (so will have to toggle the debugging option again - annoying, but faster than rebooting computer and/or phone).

  2. Kies doesn't tell you the download size - I have dialup broadband with a small bandwidth allowance and cannot afford to be downloading excessive amounts. It would be really helpful if we could discover the sizes of these upgrade downloads.

  3. Kies re-downloads firmware update process files (the ones before it starts downloading the actual upgrade files) each time I attempt to upgrade firmware - even if this was done 1 minute ago. I would think Samsung would have the programming prowess by now to cache these files rather than re-download them (for me, this also relates to issue #2).

I hope this helps others.


对于比较我设置了一个VM的Windows XP 32位和安装kies,它识别固件没有问题(ACE2和Galaxy S3),Kies On Win 8 64位告诉我两部手机不支持初始化和无法升级固件(尽管重复重新安装和故障排除)!?!



For comparison I set up a VM of windows xp 32 bit and installed kies, it recognized the firmware without issue (both an ACE2 and a Galaxy S3), kies on win 8 64 bit tells me both phones do not support initialization and the firmware cannot be upgraded (despite repeated re-installs and troubleshooting) !?!

My feeling from reading other posts and the above is KIES has problems with 64 bit environments




Also, make sure USB debugging is set to off. Find it in settings > Applications > Development





I was having the same issue, download the latest version of Kies (from the Samung website) and then retry.

This worked for me


这与我自己的S2相同,我认为选择变得可用只是最新KIE更新中的错误。在所有概率中,Android 4.0更新(我假设)您正在等待尚未为您的手机发布。


This is the same situation as my own S2, I think that option becoming available is simply a bug in the latest Kies update. In all probability the Android 4.0 update (I assume) you are waiting on has not been released for you version of the handset yet.



本质上讲,在运营商正在完成对更新包的测试时,您将获得该消息,以确保一切都将正常工作,如Simon Stanford,三星英国和爱尔兰网络的VP副总裁,专门用于CNET UK:

Galaxy S2 Sim-Free的所有者最后获得IC,三星承认


On the same day you were having the problem mentioned on your question, a CNET article was being published covering the reason as to why you have the update option available but can't just wet perform the update.

Essentially, you'll be getting that message while operators are finishing tests to the update package, in order to make sure everything will work properly, as mentioned by Simon Stanford, VP of Samsung Telecommunications and Networks for Samsung UK and Ireland, speaking exclusively to CNET UK:

Galaxy S2 SIM-free owners last to get ICS, Samsung admits

Additionally, this is covered at Vodafone forums, and linked on page 15.



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