“root手机”是什么意思? -- rooting 领域 android 相关 的问题

What does “to root a phone” mean?






I heard this phrase or the variants (rooted phone, rooting, etc.) in android forums but I don't know what it means. Can you explain it in simple terms?




为"root" 手机意味着在手机的文件系统上获得管理权限(在Linux中, Root 是主管理的用户名)。使用root访问权限,您可以在手机上安装和卸载您想要的任何内容。





To 'root' your phone means to gain administrative rights on the file system of your phone (in linux, root is the username of the master admin). With root access, you can install and uninstall anything you want on the phone.

Most phones come with limited access regarding what you can and can't do on it. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because it can keep users from accidentally breaking something they shouldn't mess with on the phone, especially in regards to the operating system. However, many manufacturers limit your rights to things that aren't really so mission critical, too, and rooting the phone gets around this.

If you have a few unnecessary applications (bloatware) pre-installed on your phone that you cannot uninstall, rooting will give you this ability. It will also allow you to upgrade to newer versions of Android before your phone's manufacturer and/or cell provider make the updates available to you. Be warned, though, that rooting may void your warranty.

For more info on what rooting enables you to do with your phone, check out this question.


当您"root" 手机时,您正在解锁手机的管理权限,默认情况下由制造商锁定。它类似于iPhone世界的"越狱" 。

rooting您的设备允许您使用CPU的超频率或底息,删除手机不会像Amazon MP3或Corp日历一样删除预加载的应用程序,安装需要root Access的某些应用程序,加载自定义ROM ...


  • 他们想控制并确保特定的用户体验
  • 某些运营商要求某些功能被锁定,因为他们希望您为他们支付或者因为它们与他们的网络不兼容
  • 如果你不知道你在做什么你可以"砖" (砖"(渲染无用)你的手机或至少导致足够的问题,你将在哪里调用技术支持要求为什么手机不起作用。< / li>

When you "root" your phone you are unlocking the administrative privileges of the phone which by default are locked by the manufacturer. It's similar to "Jailbreaking" in the iphone world.

Rooting your device allows you to do things like overclock or underclock your CPU, delete those preloaded apps that your phone wont delete like Amazon MP3 or Corp Calendar, install certain apps that require root access, load custom ROMs...

The manufacturers don't want you to have access to these options for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

  • They want to control and ensure a specific user experience
  • Certain carriers require that certain functions are locked out because they want you to pay for them or because they are incompatible with their network
  • If you don't know what you are doing you can "brick" (render useless) your phone or at least cause enough problems where you'll be calling tech support demanding to know why your phone doesn't work.



In short, it means to get administrator access to the phone. To do things that a normal (non-administrator) user of the phone cannot do.



'root'是具有UID 0的用户,其等同于完整的"系统管理帐户" 。

这意味着您有权执行任何操作。 任何内容包括打开保护端口(例如,为Wifi-tethering),更新和升级操作系统和所有软件,用自己的软件替换操作系统,完全访问计算机上的每个文件,以及删除任何文件的功能,包括整个操作系统。


To gain root (administrator) access to a phone.

'root' is the user with UID 0, which is the equivalent of a full 'System Administration Account'.

It means you have the permission to do anything. Anything includes opening protected ports (for example for WiFi-tethering), update and upgrade the OS and all software, replace the operating system with your own software, full access to every file on the machine, and the ability to delete any file, including the entire operating system.


这是一切的修正案。本质生根是越狱。您是用户,您没有管理员访问您自己的手机。生根是获得"root" 用户访问的过程。一旦你有root,你可以做一些有趣的事情。

  • 删除Sprint NASCAR或NFL应用程序等"系统" 应用程序。
  • 使用像打开的系绳这样的工具来做WiFi系列(免费)
  • 底线或超频处理器(使用setcpu超频有助于保留电池使用,同时在手机空闲/等时不会真正影响性能。)
  • 安装自定义恢复工具。
    • nandroid备份 - 将您的Android内存完整转储到SD卡,允许您进行非常干净的备份,并在需要时滚动您的Android返回该点。还允许您在几分钟内交换操作系统,每个备份,每个备份。




This is a bit of an amendment to everything. Essencially Rooting is Jailbreaking. You are a user, you don't have administrator access to your own phone. Rooting is the process of getting access to the "root" user. Once you have root, there are some fun things you can do.

  • Remove "system" apps like Sprint's Nascar or NFL apps.
  • Use tools like Open Tethering to do wifi tethering (for free)
  • Underclock or Overclock your processor (underclocking with SetCPU helps keep battery usage up while not really affecting performance when your phone is in idle/etc.)
  • Install a custom recovery tool.
    • Nandroid Backup -- A complete dump of your android's internal memory to the SD card which allows you to do a very clean backup and literally roll your android back to that point when needed. Also allows you to swap operating systems in minutes by having 2 backups, 1 of each.

Recently rooting is getting more efficient and with 1-click rooting coming up, it should be a breeze for most people, just set up and let it run for a half an hr.

The only risk is bricking your phone (screwing up some critical software thus making it impossible to start it up or install a fix).


其他答案已经是正确的,但只是有点写参考。在所有基于UNIX的系统中,有一个"root" 用户可以访问操作系统可用的任何和所有功能。这是一个非常强大的(和危险的)特权,因为一旦你是root,你就可以做任何事情,并且你能做的大部分都可以完全破坏系统。

这就是为什么当你管理服务器时,你通常不会像root那样这样做,以便你可以利用操作系统说"嗯......你不想这样做!" 当您不小心要求它擦拭凌晨3点的整个硬盘。


Other answers are already correct, but just for a bit of nerd reference. In all Unix-based systems, there is a "root" user who has access to any and all functions available by the operating system. This is a very powerful (and dangerous) privilege because once you are root, you can do anything, and much of what you can do can completely destroy the system.

This is why when you administer a server, you usually don't do it as root so that you can take advantage of the operating system saying "umm... you don't want to do THAT!" when you accidentally ask it to wipe clean the entire hard drive at 3am.


这个问题是在这个网站上看到的最常见问题之一,但所有答案都同样说:"获得管理员权限,让您这样做的东西像XYZ和ABC一样" 。后者不是相关答案的一部分,确实存在于这里有一个问题: rooted手机可以做什么?。

当rooting等于获取管理员权限,但让我们添加一些详细信息:如何在Android中实现了管理权限 。在技​​术水平,当你扎有手机时发生了什么?一个新的程序/ applet可用: su 。它位于/ system / xbin /文件夹中,并允许用户切换到不同的用户ID - 限制根(AKA管理员)。




只是将 su 复制到文件夹上并不普遍,因为/系统分区仅挂载,并且您需要root权限(重新)将其安装为可写(和您) d如果是)需要写入权限。


更"直接" 方式将使用一些闪烁工具直接闪烁新/系统分区(带根文件)。此类工具包括:

  • odin(仅限三星)
  • Fastboot(PC - 通用Android)
  • ullify(app - generic android)

从手机中复制/系统分区或从Web中的图像文件复制,并闪存回来的映像文件。最后,如果编译ROM以允许它(不常见的股票roms),则可以使用adb获得一个根外壳。使用根shell它是微不足道的重新安置分区并复制文件您想要的任何地方 - 如果您知道Linux命令。

这些简单的方法为解锁/易于解锁的手机工作。当引导加载程序被锁定时,生根的进程可以成为设备之间可能不同的卷积过程,请参阅更具体的生根info 这里。 这是因为对重要分区的任何自定义修改都将打破OEM'签名'并导致引导加载程序拒收加载(BootLoop)。或者,在某些情况下,引导加载程序只会撤消任何更改。


This question is one of the most viewed on this site, yet all answers say the same: "getting admin rights, let's you do stuff like xyz and abc". The latter is not really part of a relevant answer, and indeed there is already a question here: what can a rooted phone do?.

Sure rooting equals getting admin rights, but let's add some more details: how admin rights are implemented in Android. Whats happens, on a technical level, when you root a phone? A new program/applet becomes available: su. It sits in the /system/xbin/ folder and allows users to switch to a different user ID --including root (aka admin).

Remember that in android applications normally run under their own user ID. So if 1) su exists and 2) an app uses it to change to root, then the app can do anything the root user could do!

Not all rooting methods produce the same change. For example many methods rely on an additional app called superuser.apk that has a custom version of the su binary. This lets the app act as a permission control manager whenever su is invoked by an app.

In addition to su and superuser (or SuperSu), often busybox gets installed as part of the rooting script. These three files (technically busybox is a set of files) are the most common additions when we talk about rooting a phone.

It is not trivial to just copy a su to the folder yourself, as the /system partition is mounted read only and you need root rights to (re)mount it as writable (and you'd need write permissions if it was).

One 'indirect' way of doing this is using a recovery with extended functionality, it can mount /system as writable and copy files to it. In most cases this means flashing a custom recovery, as many stock recoveries are limited to patching only specific (OEM) files.

A more 'direct' way would be to directly flash a new /system partition (with root files) using some flashing tool. Such tools include:

  • odin(PC--Samsung only)
  • fastboot(PC--Generic Android)
  • flashify(app--Generic Android)

It is relatively easy to copy the /system partition from your phone--or an image file from the web, and flash the root-modified partition back. Lastly you may be able to get a root shell using ADB, if the ROM was compiled to allow it (not common in stock ROMs). Using the root shell it is trivial to remount partitions and copy files anywhere you want--if you know linux commands.

These simple methods work for phones that are unlocked/easy to unlock. When a bootloader is locked the process of rooting can become a convoluted process that may differ between devices, see more specific rooting info here. This is because any custom modifications to important partitions will break the OEM 'signature' and cause the bootloader to refuse loading (bootloop). Or, in some cases the bootloader will just undo any changes.



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