如何找到丢失的手机或帮助人们返回它? -- applications 领域 和 security 领域 和 geolocation 领域 和 lost-phone 领域 android 相关 的问题

How can I find a lost phone or help people return it?




我正在寻找一个像 的应用程序,我的droid 有助于找到丢失的设备。


  1. 能够向屏幕显示消息以帮助人们返回它,如Windows Phone 7将拥有,如这里说明。

  2. 能够在远程转动GPS以帮助手机的物理位置。我不想一直都要保持GPS,避免电池排水。

在非生根的Galaxy S Captivate上运行。


I'm looking for an app like Where's My Droid to help locate a lost device.

Ideally I'm hoping there is one that might have two specific features:

  1. The ability to display a message to the screen to help people return it, like Windows Phone 7 will have, as illustrated here.

  2. The ability to turn the GPS on remotely to aid in the physical location of the phone. I do not want to have to keep GPS on all the time, to avoid the battery drain.

Running on a non-rooted Galaxy S Captivate.




另一个选项:我喜欢 lookout 。



Another option: I like Lookout.

In addition to tracking/finding your phone, also does virus scanning and backs up data. It doesn't display a message though.


try red for android 。


    要触发它,您可以发送特定文本的短信(默认:go emy)
  • 一旦触发,开始录制其位置以显示在您的猎物仪表板上
  • 如果"缺失" ,您可以在屏幕上放置短信或导致播放响亮的警报

这是最近的评论: http://www.downloadsquad.com/2010/10/28/prey-for-android-is-an-open-source-anti-theft-service/


Try Prey for Android.

Some features:

  • To trigger it, you send an SMS with specific text (default: GO PREY)
  • Once triggered, starts recording its location to display on your Prey dashboard
  • If "missing" you can put text messages on the screen or cause a loud alarm to be played

Here's a recent review: http://www.downloadsquad.com/2010/10/28/prey-for-android-is-an-open-source-anti-theft-service/


请注意,启用GPS不会(与蓝牙不同)耗尽电池。 GPS仅在激活时使用电池,只有在尝试使用它时才发生。

我不知道如果它禁用,可以启用GPS的任何应用程序。然而,对于消息,您最佳解决方案目前可能是 wavesecure 。


Note that having the GPS enabled doesn't (unlike with Bluetooth) drain the battery. The GPS only uses battery when it's active, which only happens when something is trying to use it.

I don't know of any app that can enable GPS if it's disabled. For the message however your best solution currently is probably WaveSecure.





At least for #2 check out Samsung Dive, if it's supported in your country (it isn't in mine). It should do the trick. Also has remote lock and remote wipe functionality.

EDIT: Just realized that Captivate is a US device, so this is not supported yet (UK and Germany only). Sorry, my brain hasn't completely woken up yet :)


我建议你得到盗窃。与所有其他人不同,曾经安装过一旦完全看不见。您通过呼叫键盘与您选择的代码一起回到UI。将向您发送详细信息,并在您的手机上加上芯片加上其他东西的责任。给它看,它是免费的。 与其他一些安全应用程序结合使用这绝对无价。

http://www.androidpit.com/ EN / Android / Tests / Test / 391607 /盗窃感知 - 试验


I suggest you get Theft Aware instead. Unlike all the others mentioned this one once installed is totally invisible. You get back to the UI through the call out keypad with a code of your choice. Will send you details on command of whoever has their chip in your phone plus loads of other things. Give it a look, its free. Used in combination with some other security app this is absolutely priceless.





Mobile Defense is great, though in closed beta at the time of posting. It lets you see the current status of your phone, its location (with greater accuracy if within GPS range) and lets you sound an alarm with a message. I am not sure when they will re-open the beta, but I love the product.



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