从Ubuntu到Android的流声 -- usb 领域 和 audio 领域 和 linux 领域 和 streaming 领域 android 相关 的问题

Stream Sound from Ubuntu to Android




当有人打电话给我时,我厌倦了在桌面和Android之间重新打开我的耳机。有没有办法从ubuntu流出声音(我使用 pulseaudio )通过WiFi或USB的Android手机?


I got tired of replugging my headset between a desktop and Android when someone calls me. Is there a way to stream sound from Ubuntu (I use Pulseaudio) to Android phone over wifi or usb?




ubuntu建立了 Ubuntu One Mobile 为此而言。该服务可以自由尝试一个月,然后是3.99美元/月(或年度39.99美元)。值得一提的是,付费帐户为您提供了25GB的存储和无限制流,用于运行Android 2.1+,iOS 3.1+以及Windows XP,Vista和7的设备(以及额外存储的费率)。



Ubuntu has built Ubuntu One Mobile for that very purpose. The service is free to try for one month, then $3.99/month (or $39.99 yearly). It's worth mentioning that the paid account gives you 25GB of storage and unlimited streaming for devices running Android 2.1+, iOS 3.1+ as well as Windows XP, Vista and 7 (and there are rates for additional storage).

(For those who do not wish to stream music, Ubuntu One provides 5GB of cloud storage for free.)


是!有一个名为远程音频的应用程序,它通过SSH或1或2个其他协议通过计算机的音频输出。我刚刚安装它并没有设置它,但我计划在家中使用远程VNC连接与我的桌面一起使用,所以我可以远程使用能量XT来序列歌曲的歌曲想法我碰巧的任何地方。 =)

我相信ubuntu的东西很棒的音乐很棒,可能涉及一个更简单的设置,但这将流到您的计算机的任何声音,它是免费的(并与任何* nix系统一起使用。您发布的Rhythembox的事情也会令人敬畏,但您需要先设置ICeCast媒体流式传输服务器。


Yes! There is an app called Remote Audio which tunnels your computer's audio output over either SSH or 1 or 2 other protocols. I just installed it and haven't set it up yet, but I plan on using it alongside a remote VNC connection to my desktop at home so I can use Energy XT remotely to sequence song ideas from wherever in the world I happen to be. =)

I'm sure the Ubuntu thing works awesome for music, and probably involves a simpler set-up, but this will stream ANY sound your computer makes, and it's free (and works with any *nix system). The Rhythembox thing you posted about would work awesome too, but you need to set up an Icecast media streaming server first.


我使用旧的winamp shoutcast 流式服务器工具。然后使用播放Shoutcast Stations的应用程序之一。 Winamp(官方应用程序,但令人嘘声流仍在开发中,截至11/8/2010)或 xialive ( appbrain link )。


I use the old Winamp Shoutcast streaming server tools. Then use one of the apps that play Shoutcast stations. Winamp (official app, but Shoutcast streaming still in development as of 11/8/2010) or XiiaLive (AppBrain link).


你有没有想过upnp av方法?该协议允许在同一网络中的各种设备之间流式传输(例如WiFi)。 有各种服务器和所有o什么的客户端

例如, mediatomb 是一个可用于Ubuntu的众所周知的媒体服务器。有关手机的播放,您可以使用全部在某些手机上预装的AllShare,或者像 bubbleupnp 或 skifta 。


Have you thought of an UPnP AV approach? The protocol allows streaming of media between various devices in the same network (e.g. Wifi). There is a large variety of servers and clients for all the OSes.

For example, MediaTomb is a well-known media server also available for Ubuntu. For playback on the phone you could use allShare, which comes preinstalled on some phones, or a free client like BubbleUPNP or Skifta.


https://play.google.com/store/ apps /详细信息?id = com.bubblesoft.android.airbubble

Pulseaudio可以配置为流到任何AirPlay接收器 - 有关设置上的详细信息,请检查此答案: https: //superuser.com/questions/331126/how-can-you-stream-music-from-ubuntu-to-airplay-speakers-on-your-network-with-ub



You can install airbubble on your android, which works as a speaker using apple's AirPlay (DAAP) protocol.

Pulseaudio can be configured to stream to any AirPlay receiver - check this answer for details on setting that up: https://superuser.com/questions/331126/how-can-you-stream-music-from-ubuntu-to-airplay-speakers-on-your-network-with-ub

With airbubble running, it should show up as a speaker option in the ubuntu sound menu.


检查亚音音。 www.subsonic.org. 它在市场上有自己的应用程序,应该玩电话。 大约需要2秒钟才能在内部网络上设置,3分钟从任何地方访问它。


Check out subsonic. www.subsonic.org It has its own app in the market and should play nice with phone calls. Takes about 2 seconds to setup on an internal only network and 3 min to access it from anywhere.



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