哪个消耗电池减少:Wi-Fi或2G数据? -- wi-fi 领域 和 battery 领域 和 data-connection 领域 和 2g 领域 android 相关 的问题

Which consumes less battery: Wi-Fi or 2G data?








I just want to know what consumes less battery Wi-Fi or 2G Data.

My battery last long for 12- 16 hours only. I know there are lots of application which continually running and fetching data from internet.

I have both options available, in my office i have Wi-Fi and i also has 2G plan in my sim account, both give me desire speed.




我已经发布了这个 EnergiesParplan (Leise是德国的一个非常着名的技术出版商; 谷歌翻译在这里):

  ┌────────────┬──────────┬────────────┬──────────┐ |  Standard  |  Upload  |  Download  | Standby  | ├────────────┼──────────┼────────────┼──────────┤ |  3G        |  1410 mW |   1349 mW  | 18,3 mW  | ├────────────┼──────────┼────────────┼──────────┤ |  2G        |  1179 mW |    853 mW  | 11,6 mW  | ├────────────┼──────────┼────────────┼──────────┤ |  Wifi      |   479 mW |   1158 mW  |  7,8 mW  | └────────────┴──────────┴────────────┴──────────┘   



I already posted this in another answer. As it where different details that time (more a general "what consumes most"), here some details from a reference Motorola Droid. Data taken from a German article named Energiesparplan (Heise is a very famous technology publisher in Germany; Google Translate Version here):

xe2x94x8cxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xacxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xacxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xacxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x90 |  Standard  |  Upload  |  Download  | Standby  | xe2x94x9cxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xbcxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xbcxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xbcxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xa4 |  3G        |  1410 mW |   1349 mW  | 18,3 mW  | xe2x94x9cxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xbcxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xbcxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xbcxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xa4 |  2G        |  1179 mW |    853 mW  | 11,6 mW  | xe2x94x9cxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xbcxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xbcxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xbcxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xa4 |  Wifi      |   479 mW |   1158 mW  |  7,8 mW  | xe2x94x94xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xb4xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xb4xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xb4xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x98 

Guess this definitly answers the question. Though the values may vary between devices, relations should roughly match.









The generic perception is that networking via Wi-Fi cause less drain on your device's battery than connecting with 3G.

During the data transfer, if you use both connections to perform the same download, you will find that Wi-Fi is more efficient since it transfers stuff faster than 3G, thus leading to less consumption of your battery.

Rare exceptions may prove otherwise, but 3G faster and with stronger signal than Wi-Fi is a grandpa's fairytale ;)

One important thing to account for, is the network coverage:

If you stay a large amount of time within a limit coverage area, either for 3G or WiFi, disable the one who's suffering from low coverage. Your device will constantly be searching for available network, and that's just energy wasted on fruitless searches.

Being this usually the cause for complain on the battery life.

在标准使用(冲浪,小型下载等)时,2g消耗比WiFi更小的功率。 WiFi的问题:即使连接到一个而不使用它,它也不断扫描热点。



2G consumes less power than WiFi when it comes to standard usage (surfing, small downloads etc). The problem with WiFi: It constantly scans for Hotspots even when you are connected to one and not using it.

When it comes to big downloads etc, WiFi is more efficient. Reason: Due to slow speed, 2G will continue to drain battery for 2 hours when WiFi quits downloading within 5 minutes.



在大多数情况下,Wi-Fi收音机将提供更大的带宽 电池成本显着降低。 因此,您应该在可能的情况下[更喜欢] Wi-Fi。

- developer.android.com:根据连接修改下载模式键入

通过 传输数据而不排出电池


Use Wi-Fi.

In most cases a Wi-Fi radio will offer greater bandwidth at a significantly lower battery cost. As a result, you should [prefer] Wi-Fi whenever possible.

-- developer.android.com : Modifying your Download Patterns Based on the Connectivity Type

via Transferring Data Without Draining the Battery.



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