如何在我的Android设备上安装Google Apps包(播放商店,......)? -- google-play-store 领域 和 gmail 领域 和 installation 领域 和 google-maps 领域 和 google-apps 领域 android 相关 的问题

How can I install the Google Apps Package (Play Store, …) on my Android device?





如何在我的Android设备上安装Google Apps包(播放商店,......)?


I have recently installed a custom ROM and cannot find the Play Store. It seems like all apps that belong to Google are missing.

How can I install the Google Apps Package (Play Store, ...) on my Android device?





仅由开放式手机联盟许可的Android设备包含所谓的Google Apps。通常人们将应用程序与Android等谷歌地图,谷歌播放商店等应用程序相关联,但由于Android的开源性质,制造商可以在没有Google Apps的情况下销售Android设备,因此避免支付许可费。


在第一个Cyanogenmod用预先安装的Google Apps运送其ROM。 2009年9月,Cyanoon的创始人收到了Google的停止和停止信,要求谷歌应用程序不包含在团队的ROM中,因为ROM可以移植到没有许可的设备,这些设备无法获得Google应用程序。反过来,这将绕过需要许可的设备的要求。几天后,ROM的开发停止了,在互联网上有来自Android用户的封面,许多涉嫌谷歌刚刚在脚下拍摄。

最终,找到了替代方法,其中Google应用程序不包括在ROM中正确,但设备的谷歌应用程序将由设备的自定义恢复或其他应用程序备份,然后重新安装到一旦新ROM闪烁,设备。因此,这将是"Google-ify" 一个人的ROM。


如何安装Google Apps?


首先下载与您版本的Android对应的包。目前(2015年11月),可提供的GAPPS有几个"经销商" 。每个版本每个Android版本都提供了一组包,每个包具有更多内容。软件包中的应用程序范围从Lite封装带有基本应用程序(〜100MB)到Googles Apps(200 + MB)。应用程序本身不受影响。

  • 如果您不想或无法root设备:

    1. 闪存gapps( google apps package )zip包,具有自定义恢复。

您可能首先需要使用Fastboot或Odin / HeimDall等PC工具刷新自定义恢复(如CWM或TWRP)。依次闪烁可能需要手机上解锁的引导加载程序。

  • 如果root不是问题:( 查看您是否可以root设备)

一些库存恢复将让您"使用adb更新" 。只需安装adb,然后安装adb命令安装是: adb sideload gapps.zip - 假设包在adb文件夹中,称为gapps.zip

您还可以在未引发的情况下安装自定义恢复。 root通常允许Android应用程序刷新新的恢复(即没有PC)。

使用Google Framework安装ROM,如果存在您的设备。虽然许多ROM开发人员跟随CyanogenMod的分离分配示例。

如果刷新GAPP ROM,则可以在保留GAPP的同时随着另一个非GAPPS ROM重新闪烁。这假设Android版本兼容。 能够闪烁ROM的大多数用户将能够单独闪烁GAPP。


  • 如何在Android设备/手机上安装Google Apps(GAPP)


Only Android devices that are licensed by the Open Handset Alliance contain the so called Google Apps. Usually people associate apps like Google Maps, Google Play Store, etc. with Android, but because of the open-source nature of Android, manufactures can sell Android devices without Google Apps and therefore avoid to pay the license fee.

Custom ROMs

At first cyanogenmod shipped its ROM with pre-installed Google Apps. In September 2009 the founder of Cyanogen received a cease and desist letter from Google, demanding that the Google Apps not be included in the team's ROMs, since the ROM could be ported to devices which are not licensed to have the Google Apps. In turn, that would bypass the requirement for the devices to be licensed. For a few days, development on the ROM ceased, there were outcries from Android users all over the Internet, and many bloggers suspected Google had just shot itself in the foot.

Eventually, an alternate method was found, whereby Google Apps are not included in the ROM proper but the Google Apps which came with a device would be backed up by the device's custom recovery or another app, and then re-installed onto the device once the new ROM was flashed. This would therefore "Google-ify" one's ROM.


How to install Google Apps?

Generally speaking:

First download the package corresponding to your version of android. Currently (november 2015), there are several "distributors" of Gapps available. Each typically offers a set of packages per android version, each package with more content. The apps in the packages range from a lite package with the basic apps (~100MB) to all of googles apps(200+MB). The applications themselves are untouched.

  • If you don't want to or cannot root your device:

    1. Flash the Gapps (Google Apps Package) zip package with a custom recovery.

You may first need to flash a custom recovery (like CWM or TWRP) using a PC tool such as Fastboot or Odin/Heimdall. This flashing in turn may require an unlocked bootloader on the phone.

  • If root is not a problem: (See if you can root the device)

Some stock recoveries will let you "update with adb". Just install adb, then adb command to install is:adb sideload gapps.zip--assuming the package is in the adb folder and is called gapps.zip

You may also install a custom recovery like in the unrooted case. Root typically allows android apps to flash a new recovery (i.e. without a pc).


Install a ROM with the Google Framework, if it exists for your device. Though many ROM developers have followed CyanogenMod's example of separating distribution.

If you flash a Gapps ROM, it may be possible to re-flash with another non-Gapps ROM afterwards while retaining the Gapps. This assumes the android versions are compatible. Most users capable of flashing a ROM will be capable of flashing Gapps separately.

Further References

  • How to install Google Apps (GApps) on your Android Device / Phone


  • http://opengapps.org/



As detailed in the FAQ, download the appropriate gapp from this site

  • http://opengapps.org/

Then install it using recovery.



打开gapps: http://opengapps.org/

这个网站很棒,因为加载时,您将获得一个基本的UI,允许您指定所需的耦合(有些软件包更多的Google Apps,但其他软件包具有较少),它们甚至可以选择包含香气安装程序的选项在TWRP或发条时闪烁的版本实际上将介绍一个菜单系统,您可以点击以制作哪些应用以及安装时想要的设置!当然,它包含所有内容,但能够在安装时自定义GAPP安装可能很好(并且是的,它有能力保存您的选择,以便在设置UI结束时安装未来安装将询问您是否要保存您的选择。如果您将来安装,它只需打开UI,然后点击加载保存的文件并完成)。


cyanogen mod有自己的gapps版本(页面列出gapps packs for每个版本的cm4 +在本页面上的每个版本。注意,Cm11 cm roms现在可以闪存打开gapps。):

(看起来像CM13,他们已经停止了他们的自定义GAPPS拉链,现在完全使用了Open Gapps)。

使用这两个链接,您应该对闪存GAPP有关任何一个版本的Android(我无法解释一个可能无法使用的人的严重定制作业,可能无法使用Open和/或CM GAPP,因为我们知道什么当我们在科技界假设时发生!)。


I wanted to add to this as there is no link to where to get the GApps. The newest group is Open Gapps. These do not work with EVERY custom ROM, but the vast majority (and those based on AOSP should work).

Open Gapps: http://opengapps.org/

This site is awesome because when loaded you get a basic UI with a couple selections that allows you to specify what you want (some packages have more google apps, others have less), they even have an option to include the Aroma Installer version which when flashed in TWRP or clockwork will actually bring up a menu system which you can tap to make selections of which apps and which settings you would like at the time of the install! Of course it is large as it includes everything, but it can be nice to be able to customize the gapps install as you are installing it (and yes it has the ability to save your selections for future installs at the end of the setup UI it will ask if you want to save your selections. If you do future installs it just opens the UI and you tap to load the saved file and done).

Open Gapps has help ?s all over and documentation on their site to help you with many questions.

Cyanogen MOD has their own version of Gapps (page lists gapps packs for every version of CM ROM from CM4+ on this page. Note that as of CM11 CM Roms can now flash Open Gapps.):

(looks like as of CM13 they have stopped their custom Gapps zips and now fully use Open Gapps).

With these 2 links you should be good to flash GApps with just about any version of Android (I can not account for a severely custom job done by someone that may not work with Open and/or CM GApps, as we know what happens when we assume in the tech world!).



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