没有耳机的音频 -- audio 领域 和 samsung-galaxy-nexus 领域 和 headphone-jack 领域 android 相关 的问题

No audio out with headphones









When I plug a headphone into my Nexus' audio port, the headphones simply don't play any sounds or music. The device seems to detect them, because the built-in sound output stops working. I tried it with another headphone and it didn't work either. There is no error log output.

It really sucks, because I can't hear any music.

How can I solve it?

(Galaxy Nexus with stock Jelly Bean)




我拥有一个og droid和机器人仿生,两部手机最终都有类似的音频插孔问题。




  • 将音频电缆拉进出几次摆动它并测试它。 (理想情况下,您想使用连续播放音频的东西测试它,因此您不必保持击中播放)
  • 获得不同且可能的潜在质量更好的音频电缆进行测试。
  • 您还可以尝试重置为出厂默认值,如果问题是相关的软件,则可能有助于帮助。 (只要您与手机同步Google帐户,您的所有应用程序都将自动重新下载)
  • 如果所有其他都失败,请将其返回给手机制造商或您的电话服务提供商。他们应该能够以合理的价格解决它。
  • 有选择自己试图修复它,但如果您不舒服使用小/精致的电子产品,则不建议使用,更不用说空缺。

I own an OG Droid and a Droid Bionic and both phones eventually had similar audio jack problems.

On one phone I found the issue to be a wad of dust crammed in the jack which I had to fish out with a [enter your choice of small pointy tool].

It could be a result of the internal contact points being pushed back from repeated tension. This would weaken the contact with the audio cable. In your particular case I don't think this is true however.

Other things you can try:

  • Pull the audio cable in and out several times wiggling it and testing it. (Ideally you'd want to test it with something that plays audio continuously so you don't have to keep hitting play)
  • Getting a different and potentially better quality audio cable to test with.
  • You can also try resetting to factory default which may help if the problem is software related. (As long as you have a google account synced with your phone, all your apps will be automatically re-downloaded)
  • If all else fails, take it back to the phone manufacturer or your phone service provider. They should be able to fix it for a reasonable price.
  • There is the option of trying to fix it yourself but that isn't recommended if you are uncomfortable working with small/delicate electronics, not to mention voiding your warranty.



I also had this problem. I thought something was wrong. As soon as I inserted the headphone jack the sound got cut off and there was no sound coming thru the headphones. I tried pressing the volume button and found that it was turned all the way down by default. Now there is no problem




My fix was to first play the media/music like first put a song or first open a game , when the sound is playing plug in the headphones or earphones




I faced a similar issue. Tried increasing, decreasing volume.. removed, put back headphones... nothing worked.. So.. did a restart of Samsung S7 Edge and it started working...



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