生根始终如何? -- rooting 领域 和 linux 领域 和 bootloader 领域 android 相关 的问题

How is it that Rooting is always possible?





我的问题是:如何运送操作系统并不硬化?谁是负责的人?这是我们正在谈论的Linux操作系统,被认为是"安全" 。然而,人们总能找到进入和root设备的方法。


Having spent some time researching what actually goes behind rooting an Android phone, the main reason that leads to the ability root is an inherent vulnerability on the Linux kernel that leads to the exploit and getting the 'su' binary to be installed.

My question is: How come the OS is not hardened yet? Who is responsible? This is a Linux OS we're talking about, which is considered "secure". Yet, people always find a way to get in and root devices.




它不是"Linux操作系统" ,它是Linux内核。漏洞不一定在OS或内核中。使用不同的利用。我记得某些设备在恢复中加载任何zip文件,如果由签名的zip文件是"预先预先预先预先遵循" 。因此,它们使用符号zip并将无符号zip添加到文件的末尾。我认为这种漏洞是针对原来的机器人。





it's not really the "linux OS", it is the linux kernel. The vulnerability is not necessarily in the OS, or the kernel. There are different exploits that are used. I remember some device being able to load any zip file in the recovery if it was "pre-pended" by a signed zip file. So they used a signed zip and added an unsigned zip to the end of the file. I think this exploit was for the Original Droid.

No software is 100% bug free. if it was, then even a mature product like Windows would not have to do security patch releases every month.

No matter how smart the developer is, or thinks he is, more likely than not, there is probably someone smarter (or at least they may know more about exploiting code).

When exploits are discovered, Google (or the manufacturer) has (usually) patched them. But since a lot of the devices don't receive updates very often, the exploit remains available.


rooting始终是可能的,因为rooting,aka用户切换,aka setuid

对于许多设备,生根实际上并不涉及任何安全漏洞; rooting方法需要通过引导加载程序和/或rom更新程序实用程序(例如三星的Odin,HTC的RUU等)不是安全漏洞,因为它们是专门为闪烁roms设计的合法功能。以这种方式植根了大量设备。


实际上没有多种生根方法实际使用安全漏洞(例如 Rageagainstthecage , zergrush , gingerbreak 等),并且这些漏洞通常会重新包装成一种形式对于群众来说,更容易用于群众(例如Superoneclick)。通过漏洞利用源于击中并小姐,因为它们对仍然在更新期间的设备进行了相当快地修补;但有时它们提供优势,例如避免触发保修标记。



Rooting is always possible because rooting, a.k.a. user switching, a.k.a. setuid, is one of the most fundamental feature of Unix and Linux.

For many devices, rooting does not actually involve any security exploits; rooting methods that requires flashing a file through the bootloader and/or ROM updater utility (e.g. Samsung's Odin, HTC's RUU, etc) are not a security breach, as they are legitimate features specifically designed for flashing ROMs. A large number of devices are rooted in this way.

On those devices, rooting are possible because the manufacturers actually provides the facility for it. They certainly do not make rooting an easy one-click process (for good reasons; most people who wanted to root do not actually need root), but they do provide an officially sanctioned method to root under the condition that your warranty voids (official rooting method often leaves a permanent mark to let authorized technicians know if a phone had been rooted).

There are not that many quite a few rooting methods that actually uses a security exploits (e.g. rageagainstthecage, zergRush, gingerbreak, etc), and these exploits are often repackaged into a form that are much easier to use for the masses (e.g. SuperOneClick). Rooting through exploits are often hit and miss since they get patched fairly quickly for devices that are still within update period; but sometimes they provide advantages such as avoiding triggering the warranty marking.

The issue becomes a little complicated when the tech news and blogs reported when a developer wrote tutorials or tools to ease up legitimate rooting process. They often do not understand the nature of the rooting method, and certainly I have never seen them distinguish between legitimate rooting methods and rooting through security exploits, worse they also often report the repackaging of existing exploit and the porting of an existing exploit to a new device as if they're a totally different exploits. Thus the confusion that makes it appear that Android seems to have more exploits than it really does.



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