生根库存固件 - GSII与NFC -- rooting 领域 和 samsung-galaxy-s-2 领域 和 stock-android 领域 和 odin 领域 android 相关 的问题

Rooting Stock Firmware - GSII with NFC




我有一个带有nfc(gt-i9100p)的Galaxy S2,我希望root访问权限正确地管理手机。



更多信息: 我的基带版本 I9100PBVLP7

内核版本: 3.0.15-I9100PBVLPA-CL364024dpi@DELL169 #3



right 如果有人可以帮助我在我的股票固件上获取root访问,我将在问题有资格获得它的情况下给予他们尽可能多的赏金。


I have a Galaxy S2 with NFC (GT-I9100P) and I wish to have root access to properly administrate my phone.

I've been looking at various forum posts on different sites and I've just been getting more and more confused as to what I need to do.

From what I understand, I need to flash an unsecure kernel to the phone (with ODIN) to get root access, then I can flash the stock firmware back onto the phone and retain root access. Is this correct?

Further information: My baseband version is I9100PBVLP7

kernel version: 3.0.15-I9100PBVLPA-CL364024dpi@DELL169 #3

and my operator is Orange UK.

I've managed to obtain the firmware version that is on my phone already through sammobile.com, I just have no idea what I need to do next.

Reward If anyone can help me to get root access on my stock firmware I will give them as much bounty as I can when the question is eligible for it.




如果您需要的只是root Access,请尝试闪烁 Siyah内核通过Odin。确保您获得S2版本,因为DEV也有一个用于S3。此外,您将需要TAR版本,因为您将通过ODIN闪存它(至少第一次)。稍后的实例,您可以通过CWM获取ZIP格式并通过CWM闪存(ClockWorkMod恢复,内核中内置)。除了具有更多处理器步骤的功能之外,还可以超频/脚底,调整各种参数并具有背光通知等功能。



一边,一旦安装内核,获取来自市场的Extweaks 应用程序,专为此内核而设计,并提供GUI / Frontend来访问许多罩的功能。


  1. 下载Siyah内核的Tar文件。请注意,最新系列适用于IC,以防您正在运行姜饼,搜索并下载适当的旧版本的内核。

  2. 启动odin并通过USB电缆在输入下载模式后通过USB电缆连接电话(在完全关闭手机后同时按下Vol Down + Home + Power按钮。在警告屏幕下,卷为确认进入下载模式)。

  3. 一旦连接,您应该看到一个带有黄色背景的COM端口号。

  4. 在Odin程序中,按PDA按钮并指向Tar文件。

  5. 确保仅勾选自动重启,然后单击开始。




If all you need is root access, try flashing the Siyah kernel via ODIN. Ensure you get the S2 version, as the dev has one for the S3 as well. Also, you will need the TAR version as you will flash it via ODIN (at least for the first time). Later instances, you can get the ZIP format and flash it via CWM (ClockworkMod recovery, which is built into the kernel). Apart from features like more processor steps, you can also overclock/underclock, adjust various parameters and have features like Backlight Notifications.

Since you will flash this kernel, you DO NOT need to flash the firmware. You can keep the stock firmware and your data intact. This kernel automatically installs root access so your primary requirement is also fulfilled.

As with all operations, ensure you have an off-site backup of all your data.

As an aside, once you install the kernel, get the ExTweaks app from the market which is designed especially for this kernel and offers a GUI/frontend to access many under-the-hood features.

Assuming you have all the drivers installed, here's how you go about it:

  1. Download the TAR file of the Siyah kernel. Note that the latest series is for ICS, in case you're running Gingerbread, search for and download the appropriate older version of the kernel.

  2. Start ODIN and connect your phone via the USB cable AFTER you enter DOWNLOAD MODE (Press Vol down + HOME + POWER button simultaneously for a few seconds after completely shutting down phone. At the warning screen hit Vol UP to confirm entry to download mode).

  3. Once connected, you should see a COM port number with a yellow background.

  4. In the ODIN program, press the PDA button and point to the TAR file.

  5. make sure ONLY Auto-reboot is ticked and then click START.

If all goes well, you should see a green box with PASS! shown after which your phone will boot up. It may take a minute or two, so don't panic.

Refer to the FAQ and the respective threads on XDA-Forums for more info.



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