如何在背景/最小化中播放YouTube剪辑? -- youtube 领域 android 相关 的问题

How to play a YouTube clip in background/minimised?




股票YouTube应用程序(这里是2.1- eclair,但适用于所有Android版本)在最小化时停止播放,切换到另一个应用程序,甚至锁手机。当我恢复它重新启动时从头开始下载剪辑。有没有办法,我可以在背景中播放YouTube剪辑?注意,我只能继续播放音频。


The stock YouTube app (here on 2.1-eclair, but applies to all android versions) stops playing when I minimised, switched to another application or even when I lock the phone. And when I resume it restart downloading the clip from the beginning. Is there any way that I can play YouTube clips in the background? Note, I only the audio to continue playing.






  1. 安装 newpipe (来自apk或fossdroid应用程序)。
  2. 安装 vlc android 。
  3. 打开newpipe,在设置中,确保使用外部播放器具有复选标记。
  4. 打开vlc,并且在首选项中,确保在背景中播放视频具有复选标记。
  5. 现在,当您在NewPipe中播放视频时,在显示VLC播放器的对话框中。它将在VLC中播放,您可以在播放时进行其他事情。

Here's a solution using entirely free and open source software. The basic idea is that although YouTube can't play clips in the background, VLC for Android can play clips in the background, so all we need to do is pipe the clip to VLC where we can listen to it minimised.

That sounds complicated, but luckily there is software that does it for us.

  1. Install NewPipe (either from APK or from the Fossdroid app).
  2. Install VLC Android.
  3. Open NewPipe, and in Settings, make sure that Use External Player has a checkmark.
  4. Open VLC, and in Preferences, make sure that Play videos in background has a checkmark.
  5. Now, when you play a video in NewPipe, on the dialog that appears select VLC player. It will play in VLC and you can do other things while it plays.
  • 下载 mx播放器
  • 使用mx播放器播放YouTube视频。
  • 按MENU按钮(或3个点图标),然后选择播放
  • 确保选中"背景播放"
  • 现在,您可以按Home按钮并在锁定屏幕中侦听。 还有一个用于启用背景播放的快捷方式,它正在攻击和握住播放按钮,而不是只是点击它来播放视频

更新: 现在MX播放器不允许直接播放YouTube视频,如Narayanan所述。


  • 您需要下载 uc浏览器。
  • 现在通过UC浏览器播放YouTube视频


  • 现在您必须选择一个名为的选项,在视频播放器顶部和选择mx播放器。 那是它。


仅为rooted :您可以安装 xposed模块安装程序和使用名为 Youtube背景播放 < / p>

尝试 youtube vanced

  • 安装 microg APK 如果您想使用YouTube登录 帐户。
  • 找到所需的YouTube Vanced APK,然后下载它。
  • 通常将像你一样安装apk。

对于 rooted手机 :

  • 下载下载中的官方安装程序
  • 为您的设备选择合适的APK(使用CPU-Z等应用程序检查您的架构)和您想要的辅助主题。 (所有APKS都包括白色主题)
  • 将下载的apk放入/ sdcard /下载或安装zip
  • 内部
  • 卸载所有YouTube更新并禁用PlayStore中的自动更新(如果您能够完全卸载YouTube应用程序,请执行此操作)
  • 闪存在TWRP中的安装程序
  • Download MX Player
  • Play YouTube video using MX Player.
  • Press Menu button (or the 3 dot icon), and then select Play
  • Make sure "Background Play" is checked
  • Now, you can press Home Button and listen in lock screen. There is also a shortcut for enabling Background Play, which is tapping and holding the Play button, instead of just tapping it to play a video

Update : Now MX player is not allowing to play youtube videos directly as mentioned by narayanan.

Solution :

  • You need to download UC browser .
  • Now play the youtube video through UC browser

(The other browsers redirect to youtube app but it wont since it has its own built in player)

  • Now you have to select option called Play With in top of video player and select MX player. Thats it.

Update #2:

Only For Rooted: You can install Xposed Modules Installer and use Repository called Youtube Background Play

Update #3:
Try YouTube Vanced
For non-rooted phone:

  • Install the MicroG APK if you want to log in with your YouTube account.
  • Find the YouTube Vanced APK that you want and download it.
  • Install the APK like you normally would.

For rooted phone:

  • Download the official installer found in downloads above
  • Select a suitable apk for your device (check your architecture using an app such as CPU-Z) and the secondary theme you want to. (All apks include the white theme)
  • Place the downloaded apk into /sdcard/Downloads or inside the installation zip
  • Uninstall all YouTube updates and disable auto-update in the playstore (If you are able to completely uninstall the youtube app do so)
  • Flash the installer in TWRP

tubemate youtube下载器是一个很棒的应用程序,可以让您从YouTube文件下载音频或视频并将其保存到您的设备。当它在您的设备上时,您就可以使用媒体播放器(如DoubLetWist)在后台播放。但是对于来自YouTube的直背景音乐,这是一个禁止:/


TubeMate YouTube Downloader is a great app that will let you download either the audio or the video from a YouTube file and save it to your device. When it is on your device, you are then able to use a media player (such as DoubleTwist) to play either in the background. But as for straight background music from YouTube, that's a no-go :/


目前尚不有可能,但它应该很快。根据 androidpolice 背景音频正在推出YouTube应用程序的未来版本。


It's not currently possible but it should be soon. According to AndroidPolice background audio is coming in a future release of the YouTube app.


您可以使用Firefox并请求桌面站点。您可以更改选项卡,打开其他应用程序,或关闭屏幕。但是,桌面站点布局对于移动Firefox而言,不是最佳的。这在Chrome或默认("标准" )浏览器中不起作用,它不会播放需要Flash(Vevo)的视频。


You can use firefox and request the desktop site. You can change tabs, open other apps, or turn off the screen. However the desktop site layout is not optimal for mobile firefox. This does not work in chrome or the default ("Standard") browser and it will not play videos that require flash (vevo).




Instead of the YouTube app, open YouTube in your standard browser. Then, the video won't pause or stop when you turn your screen off. It will still pause when you go home or minimize, though.


你也可以使用 youtube vanced 。 YouTube Vanced是一个修改版的YouTube版本。它是官方YouTube应用程序的功能增强版本,最重要的是为背景播放(以及其他同样有用的功能,包括内置adblocking,黑色/黑暗主题等)的功能。< / p>

它正式支持最小(API 17)4.2 jellybean,适用于 other rooted和无根设备。

本页有安装说明和下载 norned 和 rooted 设备。





You could also use YouTube Vanced. YouTube Vanced is a modded version of YouTube. It is a feature enhanced version of the official YouTube app, most importantly brings the feature for background playback (as well as other equally useful features including built-in adblocking, black/dark themes, etc).

It officially supports minimum (API 17) version 4.2 jellybean and works on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

This page has installation instructions and download links for non-rooted and rooted devices.

Additionally you need to install the install MicroG package (found in the download links) in order to be able to log into google account (not necessary if you don't want to log in)

(Click image to enlarge)




  1. 下载Xposed Installer
  2. 从该应用程序安装xposed framework
  3. 比下载部分找到youtube背景播放模块,激活它而不是重启。 享受!

但要注意如果您的设备运行库存ROM,则在安装Xposed Framework后会有很大的机会获取Bootlop。

编辑:哦,抱歉,我没有看到您的设备运行2.1 android,并且使用Xposed Framework 4.0+ Android。


It is possible with xposed framework, and module youtube background playback:

  1. Download xposed installer
  2. From that app install xposed framework
  3. Than in download section find youtube background playback module, activate it and than reboot. Enjoy!

But beware if your device runs stock rom there is big chance to get bootlop after installing xposed framework.

EDIT: ooh, sorry I didn's see that your device is running 2.1 android, and for using xposed framework 4.0+ android is required..


Android for Android的功能。 YouTube阻止了它,所以现在你需要一个分机。 https://addons.mozilla.org/en -us / firefox / addon / video-background-play-fix /


Firefox for Android had that feature. YouTube blocked it so now you need an extension for that. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-background-play-fix/


选择一个视频并开始播放。按HOME按钮(OFCOUSS YOUTUBE应用程序将关闭/最小化)。戴着耳机插入,留在主屏幕中,在耳机本身上按播放/暂停按钮。每次都适用于我,但仅用于从浏览器播放不是来自YouTube应用程序。


Select a video and start playing. Press home button (ofcourse youtube app will close/minimize). With headphones plugged, stay in the home screen, press play/pause button on the headphone itself. Works for me everytime, but only for playing from browser not from YouTube app.



  • 安装 brave浏览器,在网站设置中启用媒体播放背景选项,并访问 https://m.youtube.com

  • 使用youtube vanced app https://youtubevance.com/

  • 使用 Ymusic App

  • 使用 newpipe app


I'll share 4 methods to play youtube in background and with the screen lock.

  • Install Brave browser, enable media play background option in site settings, and visit https://m.youtube.com

  • use Youtube vanced app https://youtubevanced.com/

  • use YMusic app

  • use NewPipe app



https://m.apkpure.com/non-stop-yt/ com.non_stopyt

我也可以提到,您可以登录并查看您的Feed /和订阅源以及每件事。


Non-Stop YT app does this. It looks and works just like the normal youtube app. Except you can open up other apps, turn off your screen and every thing. You can find it for download here:


Also I for got to mention, you can sign in and view your feed / and subscription feed and every thing.



  1. 在Google Chrome中播放YouTube视频。

  2. 切换到桌面模式( Options 〜&gt; Request Desktop Site )。

  3. 点击主页按钮将Google Chrome推入背景中。

  4. 下拉通知以查找Google Chrome Media控件。从这里播放视频。




Simplest way to play YouTube video or playlist in background:

  1. Play a YouTube video in Google Chrome.

  2. Switch to Desktop Mode (Options ~> Request Desktop Site).

  3. Hit the Home button to push Google Chrome into background.

  4. Pull down notification to find Google Chrome media control. Play the video from here.

There's no thumbs down of it as you can still open new tabs in Google Chrome to do another thing.

Enjoy listening YouTube podcasts and song playlists while doing other things in smartphone or real world!



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