我可以使用我的Android设备作为我的电脑的Wi-Fi适配器(即通过USB的PC,但使用Wi-Fi而不是电话网络)? -- wi-fi 领域 和 usb 领域 和 tethering 领域 android 相关 的问题

Can I use my Android device as Wi-Fi Adapter for my PC (i.e. Tethering to PC through USB, but using Wi-Fi not Phone Network)?




我想通过Wi-Fi使用我的Android手机将桌面(Windows 7)PC连接到Internet(即,不超过我的数据计划)。这可能是可以在那里出来的各种系列选项吗?


背景 - 出于各种原因,我们的办公室网络是B0RKED,非常慢。办公室WiFi网络另一方面是快乐又快的。但我的台式电脑仅有线。如果我可以使用手机作为WiFi加密狗/调制解调器/适配器,并连接到办公室WiFi,那么我将获得更快的连接。



I want to use my Android phone to connect a desktop (windows 7) PC to the internet via Wi-Fi (ie, not muching though my Data plan). Is this possible with the various tethering options out there?

The reason I ask is, most suppot wi-fi the other way around, ie, the phone is the wi-fi hotspot, and the internet connection comes over the phone network. I want to connect to an existing wi-fi network, and share that with the PC.

Background - for various reasons our office LAN network is b0rked and very slow. The office WiFi network on the other hand is happy and fast. But my desktop PC is wired only. If I can use my phone as a wifi dongle/modem/adaptor, and connect to the office wifi, then I'll get a much faster connection.

Edit: I've got an HTC Desire HD, I haven't rooted it so far.




您可以在Android的某些版本上实现这一本身的(对于我而言,它在Kitkat 4.4.4上工作)。您所要做的就是像往常一样将手机连接到Wi-Fi,然后连接USB电缆并进行USB系绳。某些设备可能要求您在移动热点设置中启用WiFi共享。您的计算机应该检测到一个新的硬件 - 一个"USB以太网" 或类似的硬件,您可能需要为此安装驱动程序,YMMV。然后它的行为就像任何其他网卡一样。这适用于所有常见操作系统,包括Windows(驱动程序部件可能适用的位置)。




You can achieve this natively on some versions of Android (for me it works on KitKat 4.4.4). All you have to do is connect the phone to wi-fi as usual and then connect the USB cable and do a USB tether. Some devices may require you to enable WiFi sharing in the mobile hotspot settings. Your computer should detect a new hardware - a "USB ethernet" or similar, you may need to install drivers for that, ymmv. Then it behaves just like any other network card. This works for all common operating system, including Windows (where the drivers part may apply).

Just to be sure, you can disable mobile data on the phone for the time being but the phone should be smart enough to route traffic via wifi automatically when it is available.

No root needed.


您可以使用 pdanet 。

从 knowyourmobile.com :


  • 摩托罗拉里程碑USB驱动程序
  • Pdanet Tethering软件(现在购买15.95美元,有限的试验也可用)


  • 点击里程碑主屏幕上的向上指向箭头,以获取应用程序菜单
  • 点击设置图标
  • 点击应用
  • 点击开发
  • 选中USB调试的框


  • 在PC和里程碑上安装PDANet软件 - 安装在桌面上时,它应该自动为您安装USB驱动程序,但如果它不得不使用上面下载的驱动程序。< / li>
  • 通过USB将您的里程碑连接到您的PC,然后在您的设备上启动PDanet 单击里程碑上的"转动PDANET" 右键单击PC上任务栏中的PDANet图标,然后单击Connect

You can do this using PdaNet.

From KnowYourMobile.com:

To use your Milestone as a mobile broadband dongle, you will need:

  • Motorola Milestone USB Drivers
  • PDANet Tethering Software ($15.95 to buy right now, limited trial also available)

Step I:

  • Tap the upward pointing arrow on the Milestone's home screen to get to the app menu
  • Tap the Settings icon
  • Tap Applications
  • Tap Development
  • Check the box for USB debugging

Step II:

  • Install the PDANet software on both your PC and Milestone -- when installed on the desktop, it should automatically install the USB driver for you but if it doesnxe2x80x99t, you will have to use the driver you downloaded above.
  • Connect your Milestone to your PC via USB, then launch PDANet on your device Click on "Turn PdaNet On" on the Milestone Right-click the PDANet icon in the taskbar on your PC, then click Connect

Pdanet 声称能够这样做。其他手机,如我的伙伴,从盒子中做到这一点。


PDANet claims to be able to do this. Other phones, such as my Sidekick, do this out of the box.


假设您的计算机已经没有Wi-Fi卡,而且您无法生根,我可能只是购买USB Wi-Fi卡。您几乎可以肯定会购买低于PDANET的成本。

如果要植根,请 cyanogenmod 在无线&amp中有内置的系列。网络设置菜单现在一段时间。您可以启用 USB Tethering 并将手机连接到热点,以基本上使它类似于USB Wi-Fi卡。

对于我没有覆盖ROM覆盖的其他系列需求(例如蓝牙网络系列),我首选 Android Wi-Fi系绳,虽然我不知道它在里程碑上的工作程度如何。


Assuming your computer doesn't have a Wi-Fi card already and you're not rooted, I would probably just buy a USB Wi-Fi card. You can almost certainly buy one for less than the cost of PDANet.

If you are rooted, Cyanogenmod has had built-in tethering in the Wireless & network settings menu for a while now. You can enable USB tethering and connect your phone to the hotspot to essentially have it act like a USB Wi-Fi card.

For my other tethering needs that aren't covered ROM-covered (e.g. Bluetooth network tethering) I've preferred Android Wi-Fi Tether, which is free, although I don't know how well it works on the Milestone.



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132  如何在USB上设置反向系数? 
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85  如何通过USB电缆在Android手机上使用Windows Internet 
12  哪种无线系绳方法使用最少的功率?蓝牙或WiFi? 
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6  如何使用Android Froyo和Mac OS X进行USB系列? 

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