如果我root我的Android手机,我会丢失我的所有数据吗? -- htc-droid-incredible 领域 和 rooting 领域 android 相关 的问题

If I root my Android phone, will I lose all of my data?





编辑#1:基于一个建议,我使用undroked rootible令人难以置信,我没有丢失任何信息。


As the question title implies, if I root my Droid Incredible (or any Android phone), will I lose all of my data? I'm not interested in installing a custom ROM right now so will rooting cause me to lose my data? Also, which tool should I use to root the phone?

Edit #1: Based on a suggestion, I rooted my Incredible using Unrevoked, and I didn't lose any information.




简短答案: no


rooting - 如果成功 - 没有更改任何数据,它只会为您提供root访问权限。

现在,如果你刷你的手机的rom - 你只能用root访问权限 - 那么,是的,你可能会丢失东西。自从需要生根以来,很多人都会自动与切换ROM相关联。但是你可以root,然后做任何事情,如果你想要的话。

我很懒,我扎根并安装了一个屏幕截图应用程序;但它是所以值得。 [好吧,不是懒惰 - 我现在只是没有必要也不需要其他东西。但如果我想,我可以。]

警告:做任何事情真的,真的错了可以搞砸。请参阅: rooting设备有风险吗?


Short answer: no

Long answer:

Rooting -- if successful -- doesn't change any of your data, it just gives you root access.

Now, if you reflash your phone's ROM -- something you can only do with root access -- then, yeah, you might lose stuff. A lot of people automatically associate rooting with switching ROMs, since rooting is required. But you can root, and then do nothing, if you want.

I'm so lazy, I rooted and installed a screenshot app; but it was so worth it. [Okay, not lazy -- I just don't have the need nor desire for much else, at the moment. But if I want to, I can.]

Caveat: anything done really, really wrong can screw things up. See: Are there any risks to rooting a device?


我推荐使用 veroveed root您的设备。我没有一个令人难以置信的机器人,但我用这种方法对我的愿望没有问题。




I'd recommend using Unrevoked to root your device. I don't have a Droid Incredible, but I used this method on my Desire with no probs.

You shouldn't need to wipe your data if you aren't flashing custom ROMs. Even if you do wish to later, you won't necessarily need to wipe your data, and even if you do there are lots of options for backing up and restoring your data (especially once your device is rooted!).

Good luck.



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