如何root我的lg逃脱? -- rooting 领域 和 lg-escape 领域 android 相关 的问题

How to root my LG Escape?




我没有找到有关如何执行此操作的信息。我发现的唯一是似乎一个小阴凉,甚至不是为了逃跑,它只是一个通用工具。我也看到了这个问题但没有lg电话上市&除非我知道它将上班,否则我宁愿不尝试"通用一键单击" 工具。



I haven't been able to find any information on how to do this. The only thing I found was this, which seems a little shady and isn't even for the Escape, it's just a generic tool. I've also seen this question but there are no LG phones listed & I'd rather not try a 'generic one-click' tool unless I know it's going to work.

Also, I'd like to be able to do it from Ubuntu. I CAN do it from Windows if I need to, but I'd much rather not.




快速谷歌搜索转起本指南在xda上。< / p>



如果有相当大的需求,才为Windows for Windows释放到Windows的最新工具。如果您可以访问,而不是搜索Linux兼容工具,我建议在Windows系统上完成。

为您对"通用" 工具的评论,您应该知道大多数工具通过利用已知的安全漏洞,其中许多特定于内核和/或ROM版本,并且这可能会传输到多个设备(示例会是oneClickroot)。如果报告了这样的工具为您的设备工作,您可以尝试。


A quick Google search turns up this guide on XDA.

You need to have propers drivers installed.

"Download the zip and unzip it to your desktop. Go into your phone's settings and go to developers options. Turn on USB debugging. Go back to settings and go to security. Turn on unknown sources. Now plug your phone in and run the .bat file that you just unzipped. Follow the commands on the and that should be it."

Most rooting tools are released for Windows first, and Linux/Mac only if there is considerable demand. I'd suggest getting it done on a Windows system if you have access to, rather than searching for a Linux compatible tool.

As for your comment on 'generic' tools, you should know that most tools work by exploiting known security vulnerabilities, many of which are specific to a kernel and/OR ROM version, and this may carry over to multiple devices (example would be OneClickRoot). If such a tool is reported to work for your device, you can try it.


以为我会与每个人分享如何从LG转义的root root 1. / p>

如何root v10i 运行LG Spectrum IC根脚本(Windows版本)批处理文件。 大约需要一分钟



Thought I would share with everyone how to root Version 10i of the LG Escape.

How to Root Version v10i Run LG Spectrum ICS Root script (Windows version) Batch file. Takes about a minute



lg锁定了root的能力,如果您拥有当前固件(10i,因为我的上一个知识和写作时)。来自该线程的关键点是:要成功root,您必须使用固件10f(或最早)。在那个事件中,其余的"易根工具箱" (我使用由bin4ry生成的一个; 在这里提供。我相信他的工具箱配有win和* nix二进制文件,但原因* nix是无关紧要的我在下面解释)


  1. 确保您的固件是10f(如果没有,您必须追求KDZ和降级过程)
  2. 使用bin4ry的工具包

LG locked out the ability to root if you have their current firmware (10i as of my last knowledge and at time of writing). Key points from that thread are: to successfully root, you must be using firmware 10f (or presumably earlier). In that event, the rest of the 'easy root toolboxes' (I used one produced by bin4ry; available here. I believe his toolbox comes with both win and *nix binaries, but the reason *nix is irrelevant I explain below)

In conclusion: Use the information outlined in this post keeping in mind the following.

  1. Ensure your firmware is 10f (if not, you must pursue the kdz and the downgrade process)
  2. Use bin4ry's toolkit


0  如何root我的lg逃脱?  ( How to root my lg escape ) 
我没有找到有关如何执行此操作的信息。我发现的唯一是似乎一个小阴凉,甚至不是为了逃跑,它只是一个通用工具。我也看到了这个问题但没有lg电话上市&amp;除非我知道它将上班,否则我宁愿不尝试"通用一键单击" 工具。 也,我希望能够从Ubuntu做到这一点。如果我需要,我可以从窗户中完成它,但我宁愿不是。 ...

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我是发布这个。提供的答案没有在Ubuntu或Windows上工作(似乎进入无限循环)。然后我尝试了Superoneclick,它无论如何 - 那么我注意到亚行甚至没有检测到我的手机。我尝试从这里安装驱动程序,但这没有帮助。我做错了什么吗? ...

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