如何在没有菜单按钮的设备上刷新Chrome(Ctrl + F5模拟)中的网页? -- chrome-for-android 领域 android 相关 的问题

How to refresh a web page in Chrome (Ctrl+F5 analogue) on a device without menu button?




我有一个带有4.2.2和Chrome浏览器的Nexus 7 Android设备。

如何执行Web页面的深刷新 - ctrl + f5 热键的类似桌面上的热键?




I have a Nexus 7 Android device with 4.2.2 and Chrome browser.

How can one perform a deep refresh of a web page - analogue of Ctrl+F5 hotkey on desktops?

Please, notice that the device does not have a menu button.

According to the only related question I've found here, the solution is to clear browser cache completely. I'd prefer more convenient and elegant solution.











  Settings > Privacy > CLEAR BROWSING DATA   

选择"缓存" 复选框(以及其他选项,如浏览器数据,cookie,密码等),如果要选择"清除" 。

注意: Ctrl + F5 将导致浏览器丢弃缓存和请求来自服务器的新内容,服务器可以忽略 no-cache 标题并提供服务器端缓存页面。因此,即使 Ctrl + F5 如果服务器忽略了no-cache标头,则可以返回页面的旧版本。



更有趣的讨论 Ctrl + F5 或强制刷新,

读取此帖子,浏览器的请求'F5"和" Ctrl + F5"刷新生成?


Bypassing per site cache:

This needs a simple javascript code to be run in the address bar for bypassing the cache and fetch contents from the server instead of the browser cache. According to this MDN page on Force reloading the current page from the server,


Enter the above code in the browser address bar and hit Enter key. This will fetch all the contents from the server instead of picking the elements cached in your browser(thus bypassing the browser cache).

Bypass Cache data for all websites(Global cache)

The above javascript work only for a specific website which you have currently opened. To clear all the website cache use the global browser cache data. You find this under,

Settings > Privacy > CLEAR BROWSING DATA 

Select the "Cache" Checkbox (and other options like Browser data, Cookies, Password etc if you want) and select "Clear".

Note: While Ctrl+F5 will cause the browser to throw out the cache and request new contents from the server, the server may ignore the no-cache header and serve a server-side cached page. Thus, even Ctrl+F5 may return an old version of the page if the server ignores the no-cache header.

Incognito Mode:

Browsing through incognito mode disables history and cache. So you can visit any site through incognito mode to request fresh content everytime.

For more interesting discussion on the what does Ctrl+F5 or force refresh does,

Read this SO post, What requests do browsers' xe2x80x9cF5xe2x80x9d and xe2x80x9cCtrl + F5xe2x80x9d refreshes generate?




您将找到一个垃圾图标以清除当前站点的缓存,以及"还原首选项" 按钮。

在Android Chrome 71上工作。


I found it !!!!!!

On the left side of the URL there is an info icon (i) or a lock icon. Click the icon and then [web site configuration].

You will find a trash icon to clear cache of the current site, and alternatively a "restore preferences" button.

Working on Android Chrome 71.




应该使用JavaScript触发硬重新加载。现在我不必等待几天来遵守我制作的代码变更的结果。 那是一个新问题,那是在平板电脑上打字不是我最喜欢的事情。



On my Samsung tablet browsing with Chrome, type this in the address bar:


That should trigger a hard reload using Javascript. Now I do not have to wait for days to observe results of a change of code I made. A new problem then is that typing on a tablet is not my favorite thing to do.

Instead of typing the above command I also tried to change to desktop mode and then back. That did not deep refresh.



首先,找出CSS URL。在我的情况下,它看起来像这样:

  Settings > Privacy > CLEAR BROWSING DATA 0  


  Settings > Privacy > CLEAR BROWSING DATA 1  



I did not get any of these solutions to work. However I have found a working solution.

First, find out the css url. In my case it looked like this:


Write it in the address field, but also add a GET variable to it:


Hopefully the GET variable is accepted. Because it's a new url it forces the css to reload. Now go back to the site and the css should have been reloaded.




I just find more elegant solution. In the menu of webpage ask for desktop version of the website. It will pull data from the server and page will reload. After that you can come back for mobile version once again.





  ctrl + R   



  ctrl + shift + R or shift + F5   


他们可能会这样做是为了在浏览基准中作弊。 VW风格。

我写了自己的解决方法forcereload()函数,用于Windows Chrome和Android Chrome和Chromium:

  window.forceReload = function(){     if( !window.fetch)return document.location.reload( true);     var els = document.getElementsByTagName( "*");     for( var i = 0; i < els.length; i++){         var src = "";         if( els[i].tagName == "A")continue;         if( !src && els[i].src)src = els[i].getAttribute( "src");         if( !src && els[i].href)src = els[i].getAttribute( "href");         if( !src)continue;         fetch( src, { cache: "reload"});     }     return document.location.reload( true); };   



I need a way to clear the current cache or all cache from the same origin domain via javascript, so i can make sure the update rollout of my webapp arrives without errors.

I also had no success on temporarily changing the cache meta tags in the html header.

Only on desktop and not automatable:

ctrl + R 

used to work to force reload to clear the cache.

now you have to press

ctrl + shift + R or shift + F5 

It seems like chrome made it difficult to clear the cache.

They probably do this to cheat in browserspeed benchmarks. VW Style.

I wrote my own workaround forceReload() function that works on windows Chrome and android Chrome and chromium:

window.forceReload = function(){     if( !window.fetch)return document.location.reload( true);     var els = document.getElementsByTagName( "*");     for( var i = 0; i < els.length; i++){         var src = "";         if( els[i].tagName == "A")continue;         if( !src && els[i].src)src = els[i].getAttribute( "src");         if( !src && els[i].href)src = els[i].getAttribute( "href");         if( !src)continue;         fetch( src, { cache: "reload"});     }     return document.location.reload( true); }; 

This function will only reload contents that have been loaded on the current page, you can trigger it once on each of your clients after new updates are on the server, or simply add a working refresh button on your app.





I use a New Incognito Tab. It works on other devices and browsers, as well. It avoids the local cache normally.

Notice that private sessions can still be considered concurrent, so you may have to close all incognito tabs to clear their cache.




Pull down on a page to reload it, it comes ncorporated to chrome for smartphones, to see more tricks like that check this link, where i found the solution for your problem




To the left of the web address window you are visiting is a nearly circular arrow.



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