沉默一个whatsapp小组 -- settings 领域 和 notifications 领域 和 whatsapp-messenger 领域 android 相关 的问题

Silencing a Whatsapp group






  • 我不想离开小组。
  • 我不想关闭所有whatsapp通知。还有其他群体,我仍然想要了解通知。
  • 我不想只是静音通知声音。我想要的是完全摆脱小组的通知。

I would like to stop receiving new message notifications from a certain Whatsapp group. Is it possible?


  • I don't want to leave the group.
  • I don't want to turn off all Whatsapp notifications. There are other groups from which I still want to get notifications.
  • I don't want to just mute the notification sound. What I want is to get rid of the group's notifications entirely.



由于WhatsApp版本2.11.399及以上for Android您可以在组静音时禁用通知。


  • 打开你想要静音的小组。
  • 现在进入'选项'> '静音'。
  • 将弹出一个对话框,然后of whatsapp版本2.11.399选择可用于静音的最大时间,以静音为" 1年" 。
  • untick 'show通知'复选框。然后单击"确定" 。





Since WhatsApp version 2.11.399 and above for Android you can disable notifications when group is muted.

Follow this:

  • Open your group which you wanna mute.
  • Now go in 'Options' > 'Mute'.
  • A dialog box will pop up and as of WhatsApp version 2.11.399 select the max period available to mute your group which is '1 Year'.
  • Untick the 'Show Notifications' checkbox. Then click 'OK'.

You won't receive any notifications now from this group on your status bar.

(Click image to enlarge)

IMG: This is how it looks like


您唯一可以做的就是进入你想要静音的whatsapp room。然后选择 Menu > Mute > 1 Year 和取消选中 Show notifications


The only thing you can do is to go into the Whatsapp group you want to mute. Then select Menu > Mute > 1 Year and uncheck Show notifications.

不幸的是,没有解决方案,您可以在其中禁用一个组而不是另一组的通知。 但是,如果您的问题是"我想仅针对单个消息获得通知而不是群体消息" (这是我驱动我这个页面的情况),这是一个答案可能有助于浏览这个的其他人页面:
  • 禁用从设置的所有WhatsApp通知 - > apps-> whatsapp。
  • 打开whatsapp并启用弹出通知消息 通知(不是组通知)。



Unfortunately there is no solution where you disable notifications from one group and not the other.

However, if your question was "I want to get notifications only for individual messages and not group messages" (which was my situation that drove me to this page), here is an answer that may be helpful for other people browsing this page:

  • Disable all WhatsApp notifications from Settings->Apps->WhatsApp.
  • Open WhatsApp and enable popup notifications for message notifications (not group notifications).

Now, messages from individuals will appear as popup messages on your phone, so you sure won't miss them. Other than this, WhatsApp won't bug you for anything else, including notifications of group messages.


在iphone 中,可以解决问题。开放组对话。单击组图标,然后单击"自定义通知" 以获取自定义通知的"自定义通知" 。改变声音沉默,没有振动。

在Android 中,您无法解决问题;只有关闭所有通知。


In iPhone, you can solve the problem. Open group conversation. Click on group icon, then custom notification change for custom notification on. Change to sound silent and no vibration.

In Android, you can't solve the problem; only by turn off all notifications.


在组信息页面中,转到"自定义通知" ,然后将其更改为禁用声音,并禁用警报。 也许会有所帮助?


In the Group Info page, go to "Custom Notification", then change it to disable sound, and disable Alert. maybe that will help?

本质上,您询问如何使用该软件中的特定软件组成的特定软件来完成某些内容。这就像问"我如何使用Skype登录ICQ" - 嗯,除非你可以修改Skype以开始,否则不会发生。除非WhatsApp是开源,您可以聘请开发人员来写入您需要的功能,或者还有其他可用于访问此功能存在或可以添加的WhatsApp网络的软件,无论如何都无法解决此功能你设置的赏金有多高。



In essence you're asking about how to accomplish something with a specific piece of software that isn't a part of the native functions in that piece of software. It's like asking "how do I log into ICQ with Skype" -- well, it's not going to happen unless you can modify Skype to begin with. Unless Whatsapp is open source and you can hire a developer to write the function you need for you, or there is other software available for accessing the Whatsapp network where this functionality exists or can be added, you're not going to solve this no matter how high of a bounty you set on it.

The most pragmatic and realistic approach is to bug the Whatsapp developers about this until they add the function you want to the software (or stop forcing notifications).



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