Android防病毒软件(解决方案和电池寿命相关) -- battery-life 领域 和 antivirus 领域 android 相关 的问题

Android Antivirus Software (solution and battery life relevance)




是一个安全的Android安全解决方案,它在此时被认为是"最好的" 一个,或者是在PC世界中有3-4的"最好" ?


注意:我正在运行Android 2.2,很快将更新为2.2.1。


Is there a security solution for Android that's vastly regarded as "the best" one at the moment or is it like in the PC world where there are 3-4 which are "the best"?

Also, what should I expect to happen to the battery life between charges if I were to install an antivirus?

Note: I am running Android 2.2, soon to be updated to 2.2.1.





当第一个Android troojan病毒在去年8月份的回来,同样到最近的地球米米特洛伊木马,在这两种情况下,受影响的用户必须自愿地安装来自第三方来源的应用程序,并通过应用程序专门要求它不应该真正需要的权限的权限屏幕。


当病毒学会突破其应用程序的沙箱并进入另一个人或了解如何给自己root访问权限或利用其他人已安装的根访问时,真正的问题会发生。这就是大约一年前的iPhone蠕虫DID ,什么时候它利用了最受欢迎的iPhone越狱应用程序默认为所有越狱手机留下了相同的root密码,大多数用户从未打扰更改密码。没有Android病毒尚未显示能够这样做。


An antivirus app will have a major effect on your battery life. A friend with an HTC Desire couldn't understand why he could never get more than 4 or 5 hours out of his battery, even turning most things off, until he remembered installing one of the AV apps to try it out. Removing that brought his battery life back up to what it should be.

When the first Android troojan virus hit back in August last year, similarly to the recent Geinimi trojan, in both cases the affected user had to willingly install an app that was from a third-party source, and go through the permissions screen where the app specifically asks for permissions that it shouldn't really need.

An attentive and careful user can protect themselves from these kind of threats just by taking care to only install apps from trusted sources, and to read which permissions an app asks for as it installs, and stop to think whether it really needs to do things like read your contacts and send SMSs.

The real problem will come when a virus learns to either break out of its app's sandbox and into another, or learns how to give itself root access, or take advantage of the root access that someone else has installed. This is what the iPhone worm of about a year ago did, when it took advantage of the fact that the most popular iPhone jailbreak app left all jailbroken phones with the same root password by default, and most users never bothered changing the password. No Android virus has yet been shown to be able to do that.




按照这些简单的两条规则来保护自己有关此类恶意应用程序: - 切勿安装刚刚在市场上出现的应用程序。 - 阅读评论,通常应该迅速识别恶意应用程序,用户将在评论中向其报告。


An Antivirus solution would really be waste of processing resources and battery life. Each application is running in a locked environment and it cannot really infiltrate or break anything on other applications nor on the OS.

The only thing I'd be looking into are malicious applications that are sending your private info to a remote server. In order to do this, a user would need to accept the list of permissions to access their private content.

Follow these simple two rules to protect yourself about such malicious applications: - Never install applications that just came out on the Market. - Read the comments, usually a malicious application should be rapidly identified and the users will report it in the comments.


Kaprica Security 使扭曲在头上。只需将Android设备连接到Skorpion充电器,它将在收取恶意软件,病毒和恶意rootkits时扫描。

一个题为智能手机充电器,用于恶意软件的嗅闻是写在 2013年10月4日 by r。梅斯 麻省理工学院评论


Kaprica Security have twisted this on the head. Simply connect your Android device to the Skorpion charger and it will be scanned for malware, viruses, and malicious rootkits while it charges.

A review entitled A Smartphone Charger That Sniffs for Malware was written on 4th October 2013 by R. Metz for The MIT Review.





There is apparently a trojan on the loose on some Chinese Android phones.

AVG has a version for your Android phone.



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