SIP设置在我的LG Optimus 4x上转到哪里? -- settings 领域 和 sip 领域 和 lg-optimus-4x 领域 android 相关 的问题

Where did the SIP settings go to on my LG Optimus 4X?




大约3个月前我购买了我的 LG Optimus 4x HD (AKA P-880),它配备了Android 4.0.3。我上下搜索了设置,非常惊讶没有可用的SIP设置。我非常确定SIP支持被添加到AOP中的姜饼,所以它必须使用ICS!



About 3 months ago I bought my LG Optimus 4X HD (aka P-880), which shipped with Android 4.0.3. I searched the settings up and down, and was quite surprised there were no SIP settings available. I'm very sure SIP support was added to AOSP with Gingerbread, so it had to be there with ICS!

Did LG remove them from their Android installation? Is there any way to get them back?




SIP设置隐藏在"TELECON" 下面的"活动" 中,我花了一段时间来找到它。创建SIP帐户是可能的,但它不是永久存储的。关闭SIP设置后再次打开它已消失。仍然使用Vimtura Vimphone作为SIP拨号器。

lg p880 fw v.20b,Android 4.1.2


That sip settings are hidden in "activities" below "Telefon", it took me a while to find it. Creating a SIP Account was possible but it was not stored permanently. After closing the sip settings and opening it again it's gone. Still using Vimtura Vimphone as sip dialer.

LG P880 fw v.20b, Android 4.1.2


是SIP功能真的来自Optimus 4x的好处?


ooops。这只是一半的真实:他们从明显的地方删除了它。您可能无法在设置中找到它。但幸运的是,他们只是删除了设置屏幕的链接 - 所有代码似乎仍然存在!


我在使用 Apex Launcher < / a>。只需要添加窗口小部件,即将添加其中一个屏幕上的自由空间即可打开预期的菜单。在此处选择"快捷方式" 。在下一个屏幕之上,你会发现一个名为"活动" 的物品,我渴望被忽略 - 不幸的是!但是在与丹广播与意图与活动相比之下,我不得不挖掘这个。并发现:

电话活动部分一个  手机活动第2部分

第一个屏幕截图中的顶部条目清楚地读取 sip设置 - 所以我将该快捷方式添加到我的主屏幕上。我该怎么说?耶稣它是长期错过的设置屏幕,从哪里配置SIP帐户(并定义是否希望设备侦听传入的SIP呼叫)!

所以如果你错过了应该在那里的东西,这可能是一个寻找它的地方。此外,作为声誉的用户作为ASE,我们总是被告知要注意新的地方隐藏的宝石 - 所以你可能想看看:


你看,其他应用程序也有他们自由用的活动(他们可能还有更多的是"私人" )。右侧的数字告诉您相应应用程序已成为"公共" 的活动。试试他们!当您尝试启动这样的活动时,您肯定会遇到一个或其他力 - 关闭(因为它可能期望参数),但它不能伤害。你可能会发现其他有趣的东西!


确定, apex 不是唯一的。 PlayStore上有其他应用程序可让您探索可用的活动,例如e.g. 包资源管理器或 Stanley 。而且你也可以使用e.g. tasker 开始发现的活动。< / p>

除了:在PlayStore上可用的大多数"快捷方式" ,您不需要任何方式。只需检查设置应用程序,似乎声明了它所拥有的每一页 - 所以您可以直接从新创建的快捷方式跳转!

仅适用于 optimus 4x



Is the SIP functionality really gone for good from the Optimus 4X?

Actually, LG really seems to think their (European?) customers don't need SIP. Most likely official argument will be that carriers either exclude SIP usage from their mobile data plans (at least here in Germany, many do). So they removed it.

Ooops. That was only half true: They removed it from the obvious places, that is. You might not find it in the settings. But luckily, they just removed the link to the settings screen -- all the code still seems to be there!

Ah! Still available! So how to access it?

I found it more accidentally while playing with Apex Launcher. Long pressing on a free space on one of the home screens, like you want to add a widget, opens the expected menu. Select "Shortcuts" here. On top of the next screen you'll find an item called "Activities", which I long ignored -- unfortunately! But after a very interesting chat session with Dan on broadcasts versus intents versus activities, I had to dig into this. And found that:

phone activities part one phone activities part 2
activities of the phone app (click images for larger variants)

The top entry in the first screenshot clearly reads Sip Settings -- so I added that shortcut to my homescreen. And what should I say? Yesss! It's the long missed settings screen, from where you can configure your SIP accounts (and define whether you want the device to listen for incoming SIP calls)!

So if you miss something that should be there, this might be a place to look for it. Besides, as reputated users as ASE we're always told to watch out for hidden gems in new places -- so you might want to look further:

list of apps with activities
list of apps with activities (click image for larger variant)

You see, other apps have also activities they made freely available (they might have even more which are kind of "private" to them). The numbers to the right tell you how much activities the corresponding app has made "public". Try them out! You surely will encounter the one or other force-close when you try to start such an activity (as it might expect parameters), but it cannot hurt. You might find other interesting things!

Are there other ways to discover/call such activities?

Sure, Apex is not the only one. There are other apps available on the playstore which let you explore available activities, such as e.g. Package Explorer or Stanley. And you also can use e.g. Tasker to start your discovered activities.

Besides: With that, most of the "shortcut-apps" available on the playstore you won't need any longer this way. Just inspect the Settings app, which seems to declare each and every page it has -- so you can directly jump there from your newly created shortcut!

Does this apply to the Optimus 4X only?

For sure not! This functionality should be available on any device. I just cannot promise you to find the SIP settings on all of them. Or anything else you've seen in above screenshots :)



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