/ sd-ext突然重新安装在工作期间只读 -- external-sd 领域 和 app2sd 领域 和 mount 领域 和 s2e 领域 android 相关 的问题

/sd-ext gets suddenly remounted read only during work




我对Cyanogenmod 7.2(用少于斑点贴剂)和分区microSD卡(第一:脂肪,第二:Ext3)。

第二个分区会自动安装读/可写作 /sd-ext ,因为它应该是。 我正在使用S2E在这个ext3分区上存储我的应用程序和应用程序数据。 mount 命令显示,ext3分区不仅安装到 /sd-ext ,还为 /data/app /data/data 。所有这些都是读/写的。


在开始一切工作正常。我可以在没有问题的情况下安装和使用我的应用程序。但是,过了一会越来越多的应用程序开始崩溃,我总是不得不重新启动手机以再次摆脱这些崩溃。我发现由只读数据分区引起的崩溃。实际上所有目录 /sd-ext /data/data ,以及 /data/apps 突然挂载只读。



I have an HTC Desire with cyanogenmod 7.2 (with pdroid patch) and with an partitioned microSD card (first: FAT, second: ext3).

The second partition gets automatically mounted read/writeable as /sd-ext as it should be. I'm using S2E to store my apps and the app data on this ext3 partition. The mount command shows me that the ext3 partition is not only mounted to /sd-ext but also to /data/app and /data/data. All of them are mounted read/writeable.

My first question: Is it normal and secure that multiple directories are bound to the same partition? Are there no conflicts?

In the beginning everything worked fine. I could install and use my apps without problems. But after a while more and more apps begun to crash and I always had to restart my phone to get rid of those crashes again. I discovered that the crashes where caused by a read only data partition. In fact all the directories /sd-ext, /data/data, and /data/apps where suddenly mounted read only.

My second question: Why does Android sometimes remount my ext3 partition in read only mode while I work with my phone?





  • 使用手机作为USB大容量存储设备,并在写入中正在进行时拔掉它
  • 手机重新启动应用程序或操作系统正在写入文件系统
  • 在ROM中的ext3驱动程序中的一个错误,您正在使用
  • 由于过热或冷,机械冲击,制造缺陷,强磁场,& c。
  • 导致SD卡上的物理错误

无论根本原因如何,请尝试将卡插入PC上的卡读卡器并检查其for文件系统错误(例如,在GNU / Linux框中使用 fsck )。


Remounting as read-only is an action taken by Linux-based operating systems (including Android) in case of errors accessing the filesystem. In this case it probably indicates that your micro-SD has been (partially) corrupted. There are several possible causes of corruption like this:

  • Using the phone as a USB mass storage device and unplugging it while a write is in progress
  • The phone rebooting while an app or the OS is writing to the filesystem
  • A bug in the ext3 driver in the ROM you're using
  • A physical error on the SD card due to excessive heat or cold, mechanical shock, manufacturing defects, strong magnetic fields, &c.

Whatever the root cause, try plugging your card into a card reader on a PC and checking it for filesystem errors (for example, using fsck on a GNU/Linux box).


我终于设法摆脱了文件系统损坏。我配置了S2E,使其仅将ext3分区安装到 /sd-ext /data/apps 。从那时起,分区未被重新安装只读。因此,似乎同时写入到ext3分区的不同安装点( /data/apps /data/data )导致文件系统损坏。


I finally managed to get rid of the filesystem corruptions. I configured S2E so that it mounts the ext3 partition only to /sd-ext and /data/apps. Since then the partition is not remounted read only anymore. So it seems that the simultaneous write access to the different mount points of the ext3 partition (/data/apps and /data/data) caused the filesystem corruptions.



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