我可以做些什么来增加我的Android设备上的电池寿命? -- battery-life 领域 android 相关 的问题

What can I do to increase battery life on my Android device?






What can I do to get better battery life on my Droid? Battery life seems awful. Less than 15 hours or so on normal usage.





请注意,与OS 2.1的摩托罗拉机器人上的结果是我的结果。您的结果可能会有所不同,特别是如果您使用的是不同的操作系统版本!

  • 不要使用动态壁纸。他们很酷,但他们吃电池。
  • 不要使用sense ui。那是HTC的家庭应用程序。再一次,它很漂亮,但对电池不友好。
  • 更喜欢主按钮的后退按钮。后退按钮让应用程序决定是否要在后台运行。主屏幕通常会在不需要时留下应用程序。
  • 不要使用应用程序杀手!如果您使用后退按钮,则无需它们,并且由于应用之间的非明显依赖,您将最终结束其他应用程序。
  • 在您访问网络时使用WiFi,因为它使用的电池少于3G。 (距离较短,较低的电源。)当您无权访问网络时,关闭WiFi,否则它将继续寻找它可以使用的WiFi网络(其排出电池)。
  • 减少应用刷新内容的频率。普通罪犯是社交媒体客户(Twitter,Facebook等),电子邮件和新闻或天气应用程序。
  • 最后,在设置下观察您的电池用法 - >关于电话 - >电池 - >电池使用。这将向您展示自上次收费以来一直在使用电池的内容。 (所以它在充电时显示了什么!)如果任何意外使用电池,请考虑用另一个应用程序或服务替换它。



I played with this for a little while after getting my Droid, and found that there are a few easy things you can do that make a big difference. There's also a lot of misinformation out there, so you need to do some testing. I get 20 hours of regular use or 16 hours of heavy use.

Note that these are my results on a Motorola Droid with OS 2.1. Your results may vary, particularly if you're using a different OS version!

  • Don't use Live Wallpapers. They're cool, but they eat battery.
  • Don't use Sense UI. That's HTC's home app. Again, it's pretty, but not friendly to battery.
  • Prefer the back button over the home button. The back button lets apps decide if they want to run in the background. The home screen often leaves apps running when they don't need to.
  • Don't use app killers! There's no need for them if you use the back button, and you'll end up crippling other apps because of non-obvious dependencies between apps.
  • Use WiFi whenever you have access to a network because it uses less battery than 3G. (Shorter distance, lower power.) Turn WiFi off when you don't have access to a network, otherwise it will keep looking for a WiFi network it can use (which drains battery).
  • Reduce the frequency at which apps refresh their content. Common offenders are social media clients (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), email, and news or weather apps.
  • Finally, watch your battery usage under Settings -> About Phone -> Battery -> Battery Use. This will show you what has been using the battery since it was last charged. (So it shows nothing while charging!) If anything unexpected is using the battery, consider replacing it with another app or service.

Best of luck, and enjoy your Android phone!





  • 降低屏幕亮度
  • 关闭3g(如果您有手机,可以在3g和2g之间切换)。
  • 禁用自动数据同步或:
  • 将您的应用程序以更长的间隔同步或不使用经常同步的应用/小部件
  • 关闭任何不必要的振动或触觉反馈
  • 禁用键盘背光
  • 避免使用扬声器,选择使用耳机
  • 底层cpu(rooted用户)
  • 完全关闭数据(使用 apndroid )
  • 不要使用任务杀手自动终止流程。他们只会重生。卸载不希望的应用程序。
  • 使用 locale Tasker 要控制您的手机的WiFi / GPS /蓝牙/ Sreen亮度/等。使用配置条件自动设置在某些条件下激活的配置文件
  • 将屏幕超时设置为短时间间隔。然后使用 screebl 当手机只以特定角度保持时,请保持手机屏幕。< / li>

Some of the biggest power drainers: GPS, Wifi, and Bluetooth.

In general, it is best to keep these services off unless you are using them. However, GPS will only be used when an application calls for it, so you could technically leave it on all the time.

Some other tips:

  • Lower the screen brightness
  • Turn off 3G (if you have a phone that you can switch between 3G and 2G).
  • Disable automatic Data Sync or:
  • Set your apps to sync at longer intervals or don't use apps/widgets that do synchronize often
  • Turn off any unnecessary vibrations or haptic feedbacks
  • Disable the keyboards backlight
  • Avoid using the speakers, opt in for using headphones
  • Underclock the CPU (rooted users)
  • Turn off data completely (using an app like APNDroid)
  • Don't use task killers to automatically kill off processes. They simply will respawn. Uninstall undesired apps.
  • Use applications like Locale or Tasker to control your phone's Wifi/GPS/Bluetooth/Sreen brightness/etc. settings automatically with profiles that activate under certain conditions
  • Set your screen timeout to a short time interval. Then use Screebl to keep your phone screen on when the phone is only held at certain angles.

有很多东西可以做到我不想在这里重复:删除坏的应用程序,减少你的亮度......艾姆说:不重复,好的。但是,如果你想到你可以关闭/下降的东西以及它提供的效果:德国技术网站上有一个漂亮的桌子,题为 EnergiesParplan (谷歌翻译版本在这里)。它们略微修改了摩托罗拉机器人能够获得精确的能量消耗数据 - 并以这样的漂亮桌子结束,该桌子已经缓和"基础消耗" ,从而为每个组件/动作提供数据。

2012年7月,同一个发布商再次与他的文章 durchthaltring (谷歌翻译:挂起! - 本文可在线提供,但有效笼,这次利用更新的三星Galaxy S3; 相同 For The 三星Galaxy S6 在2016年1月 1 - 所以我在这里添加它们的值:< / p>

  ┌─────────────────┬────────────────────┬───────────┬───────────┐ | Action          | Motorola Droid     | Galaxy S3 | Galaxy S6 | ├─────────────────┼────────────────────┼───────────┤───────────┤ | Video recording |            1557 mW |   1683 mW |  2277 mW² | | UMTS Upload     |            1410 mW |   1033 mW |   908 mW  | | UMTS Download   |            1349 mW |   1074 mW |  1138 mW  | | EGDE Upload     |            1179 mW |           |           | | Wifi Download   |            1158 mW |    549 mW |  1138 mW  | | Play Video*1    |            1135 mW |    597 mW |   395 mW² | | UMTS call       |             983 mW |    637 mW |   362 mW  | | Camera*1        |             934 mW |   1460 mW |  2335 mW  | | EGDE Download   |             853 mW |           |   635 mW  | | BT receive      |             751 mW |    487 mW |           | | Display (max)   |             730 mW |   1568 mW |  1227 mW  | | GPS Searching   |             550 mW |    263 mW |   191 mW  | | GSM call        |             511 mW |    297 mW |   310 mW  | | BT send         |             487 mW |    454 mW |           | | Wifi Upload     |             479 mW |    488 mW |   987 mW  | | Display (min)   |             310 mW |    567 mW |   260 mW  | | MP3 play        |             160 mW |    153 mW |   140 mW  | | UMTS Standby    |            18.3 mW |   10.9 mW |  16.2 mW  | | GSM/EDGE Standby|            11.6 mW |    9.5 mW |    15 mW  | | Wifi Stdby 2.4  |             7.8 mW |    9.3 mW |    18 mW  | | Wifi Stby 5 GHz |               -    |   14.6 mW |    20 mW  | | BT Standby      |             2.8 mW |    1.8 mW |   2.9 mW  | | GPS Standby     |             0.4 mW |    0.7 mW |   0.2 mW  | | NFC Standby     |               -    |      4 mW |   0.1 µW  | | Wifi Tether*2   |                    |    372 mW |   542 mW³ | | Wifi Tether DL*3|                    |   1254 mW |  1871 mW³ | └─────────────────┴────────────────────┴───────────┴───────────┘   

* 1全屏,已经减去显示器
* 2带1个用户的系绳活性
* 3通过WiFi系绳从笔记本下载

作为附加参考,基线:飞机模式:6.4 / 6.4 / 10.7 mw。

寒冷的日子推荐让温暖的手指:用双手拿起你的设备,插上充电器。现在通过3G / LTE从YouTube流式流,播放它全面,并且在后台进行一些视频录制,该视频录制并行通过3G / LTE上传。 小心!!! 戴上手套...# - )

1:计算使用不同的基地与第三个运行,所以我"重新撤销" 这里的值匹配


There are so many things one can do I don't wanna repeat here: Remove bad apps, reduce brightness of your disxe2x80xa6 ahem, said: not repeat, OK. But if you think about what you could turn off/down and what effect it offers: There's a nice table to be found at the German technology site Heise, titled Energiesparplan (Google Translate Version here). They slightly modified a Motorola Droid to be able to get precise data on energy consumption xe2x80x93 and ended up with a nice table like this, which already substracts the xe2x80x9ebase consumptionxe2x80x9c and thus gives the data for each component/action.

In July 2012, the same publisher again made something similar with his article Durchhaltetraining (Google translate: Hang on! xe2x80x93 this article is available online, but paywalled), this time utilizing the more recent Samsung Galaxy S3; same for the Samsung Galaxy S6 in January 20161 xe2x80x93 so I add their values here:

xe2x94x8cxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xacxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xacxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xacxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x90 | Action          | Motorola Droid     | Galaxy S3 | Galaxy S6 | xe2x94x9cxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xbcxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xbcxe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xa4xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xa4 | Video recording |            1557 mW |   1683 mW |  2277 mWxc2xb2 | | UMTS Upload     |            1410 mW |   1033 mW |   908 mW  | | UMTS Download   |            1349 mW |   1074 mW |  1138 mW  | | EGDE Upload     |            1179 mW |           |           | | Wifi Download   |            1158 mW |    549 mW |  1138 mW  | | Play Video*1    |            1135 mW |    597 mW |   395 mWxc2xb2 | | UMTS call       |             983 mW |    637 mW |   362 mW  | | Camera*1        |             934 mW |   1460 mW |  2335 mW  | | EGDE Download   |             853 mW |           |   635 mW  | | BT receive      |             751 mW |    487 mW |           | | Display (max)   |             730 mW |   1568 mW |  1227 mW  | | GPS Searching   |             550 mW |    263 mW |   191 mW  | | GSM call        |             511 mW |    297 mW |   310 mW  | | BT send         |             487 mW |    454 mW |           | | Wifi Upload     |             479 mW |    488 mW |   987 mW  | | Display (min)   |             310 mW |    567 mW |   260 mW  | | MP3 play        |             160 mW |    153 mW |   140 mW  | | UMTS Standby    |            18.3 mW |   10.9 mW |  16.2 mW  | | GSM/EDGE Standby|            11.6 mW |    9.5 mW |    15 mW  | | Wifi Stdby 2.4  |             7.8 mW |    9.3 mW |    18 mW  | | Wifi Stby 5 GHz |               -    |   14.6 mW |    20 mW  | | BT Standby      |             2.8 mW |    1.8 mW |   2.9 mW  | | GPS Standby     |             0.4 mW |    0.7 mW |   0.2 mW  | | NFC Standby     |               -    |      4 mW |   0.1 xc2xb5W  | | Wifi Tether*2   |                    |    372 mW |   542 mWxc2xb3 | | Wifi Tether DL*3|                    |   1254 mW |  1871 mWxc2xb3 | xe2x94x94xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xb4xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xb4xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94xb4xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x80xe2x94x98 

*1 fullscreen, already minus the display
*2 Tether active with 1 user
*3 download from notebook via Wifi Tether

As an additional reference, the baseline: Airplane Mode: 6.4 / 6.4 / 10.7 mW.

Recommendation for cold days to get warm fingers: Take your device with both hands, plug in the charger. Now stream a HD video from youtube via 3G/LTE, play it fullsize, and in the background do some video recording which in parallel gets uploaded via 3G/LTE. CAREFUL !!! Wear gloves xe2x80xa6 #-)

1: calculations used a different base with this third run, so I xe2x80x9erebasedxe2x80x9c the values here to match
2: full HD
3: with LTE




  1. 长按在主屏幕的空区域
  2. 选择"Android小部件"
  3. 选择"电源控制" (占用整行)




Android comes with a widget to easily turn on and off the most common power drainers.

To get it on the home screen:

  1. long press on empty area of home screen
  2. select 'android widgets'
  3. select 'power control' (it takes up a whole row)

It allows you to turn on/off bluetooth, wi-fi, gps, auto aync and screen brightness.

The notifications bar allows wi-fi, bluetooth and gps to be turned on and off.




I usually find that the display uses the most battery. Turning down the brightness drastically improves my battery life.


考虑 ju redefender 。当手机的屏幕关闭时,此应用程序关闭您的数据服务,然后每15(这是可配置的)只能再次启用3分钟。通过按计划制作所有应用同步,您可以防止在无线电上延续大量争抢。它还可以防止WiFi在不接近任何存储的热点时搜索热点。另外,注意任务杀手,因为它们始终运行,监控应用程序,他们最终可以引起比应用程序自己更多的流量

alt text


Consider JuiceDefender. This app turns off your data services when the phone's screen is off and then only enables them again for 3 minutes every 15 (this is configurable). By making all your apps sync at once on a schedule you prevent a lot of thrashing on your radios. It can also prevent the wifi from searching for hotspots when you are not close to any stored hotspots. Also, watch out for task killers, since they are always running, monitoring apps, they can end up causing more drain than the apps themselves

alt text


i运行 tasker 在我的htc上,它会产生明显的差异,没有我必须考虑电源管理。它是手机的脚本工具 - 设置一个条件以及您想要发生的事情。



这是一个设置和忘记应用程序,并允许您在上面的其他答案上自动化很多好的建议。缺点是它不是自由的;但便宜。 YMMV,但我是一个快乐的用户。


I run Tasker on my HTC and it's made a noticeable difference without me having to think about power-management. It's kind of a scripting tool for the phone - set a condition and what you want to happen as a result.

Mine is set to turn off Mobile Internet whenever connected via Wifi (and vice versa), only turn on Bluetooth when docked in the car, turn off Wifi when I leave home or work (and forget!) and dim the display after dark.

I've also got it to automatically turn on/off GPS when set apps are running.

It's a set-and-forget app and allows you to automate a lot of the good advice on other answers above. Downside is that it's not free; but cheap. YMMV, but I'm a happy user.


将<强> Wi-Fi睡眠策略到当屏幕关闭时。 ←不这样做!


在我的三星Galaxy S Captivate上,可以找到:设置无线和网络 Wi-Fi设置拼影:高级


I discovered one thing that absolutely killed my battery life:
Setting Wi-Fi Sleep Policy to When screen turns off. xe2x86x90 Don't do this!

Make sure it is set to Never sleep or else it will power the Wi-Fi radio on/off every time it needs to sync something.

On my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate this can be found under: Settings xe2x86x92 Wireless and network xe2x86x92 Wi-Fi Settings xe2x86x92 MenuKey:Advanced



  • 不要使用动态壁纸。
  • 如果你已经alimoled,请使用暗背景。

在这里有很好的指导,这些点和更多; Android电池节省指南


To add to these great suggestions;

  • Dont use live wallpapers.
  • Use a dark background if you have AMOLED.

Good guide here with these points and more; Android Battery Saving Guide


如果您有一个OLED屏幕(我知道机器人没有),那么你可以通过调整显示的内容来获得大量节省。 jeff sharkey最近发布了一个博客条目描述他用屏幕颜色的实验和对电池使用的影响。

滤波仅显示红色像素仅需要平均需要35%的原始基线OLED面板电流。添加基线电流,总体上的最佳案例大约是原始系统电流的42%,有效地加倍电池寿命。也显示了红色像素加倍作为令人敬畏的夜视模式,非常适合天文学。 :)


If you have an OLED screen (I know the Droid doesn't), then you can get significant savings by tweaking what is displayed. Jeff Sharkey has recently posted a blog entry describing his experiments with screen colour and the effect on battery usage.

Filtering to show only red pixels only requires 35% of the original baseline OLED panel current, on average. Adding back the baseline current, the best case overall is about 42% of the original system current, effectively doubling the battery life. Also, showing only red pixels doubles as an awesome night vision mode, perfect for astronomy. :)

So a dark and/or reddish background could save a lot of juice.


setcpu 是XDA论坛和市场上免费提供的巨大的小软件1.99美元。



  • 默认模式是 conservative ,最大速度设置为768 MHz(我有Snapdragon 1GHz CPU)。
  • 让CPU以最大速度和<代码> ABCDEFGHIJKLMNABCDEFGHIJKLMN1 配置文件运行,当手机通过USB负责时。

还有许多其他可能性。唯一的退缩就是它需要 root访问


SetCPU is a great little software available for free on XDA forums and on the market for 1.99$.

It allows to set different CPU profiles in different conditions.

I have set the following profiles and the battery usage dropped a lot:

  • Default mode is conservative with maximum speed set to 768 Mhz (I have Snapdragon 1Ghz CPU).
  • Let the CPU run at maximum speed and performance profile when the phone is in charge via USB.
  • Set the CPU to drop to 500 Mhz and powersave profile when the screen is off.

There are many other possibilities. The only draw back is that it requires root access.


要做的事情是检查您的更新频率设置 - &gt;账户&amp;同步。您可以降低更新频率。


还设置 - &gt;关于电话 - &gt;电池 - &gt;电池使用 可以向您展示电池上的任何不寻常的重击球手。

您还可以在市场中找到应用程序,例如"备件" ,为您提供更详细的电池使用信息。

有些人报告说,如果您发现手机供应商已安装您想要定期杀死的任何讨厌的应用程序,则可以使用诸如"高级任务杀手" 之类的应用程序来定期终止运行应用程序。在我目前的电话,虽然我发现高级任务杀手刚刚使用了不必要的电池电量,但并没有真正帮助我。


Unfortunately battery life on android devices seems to be worse then other similar phones (iPhone and blackberry). This is from personal, anecdotal experience.

Things to do are to check your update frequency settings-> accounts & sync. You can lower your update frequencies.

Additionally keep blue tooth or wifi off when you don't need them. You can find widgets for your homescreen that will let you toggle these quickly.

Also settings-> About Phone -> Battery -> Battery Use could show you any unusual heavy hitters on your battery.

You can also find applications in the market such as "Spare Parts" that give you more detailed battery use information.

Some people have reported that that applications such as "Advanced Task Killer" can be used to periodically kill running applications if you find that your phone vendor has installed any pesky applications that you want to periodically kill. On my current phone though I've found that Advanced Task Killer just used unnecessary battery power and didn't really help me.





Don't use Google Voice for Text Messages the way that you are supposed to use it out of the box.

If you set up GV to push your SMS notifications as email (rather than maintaining the Voice app and constant polling), and then do all of your replies via email it minimizes the use for GV, saves on battery, and keeps your SMS's free.


如果您有一个 nexus 5 以下YouTube视频题为"nexus 5前10个电池保存提示"应该证明有用和亮点:

  • 关闭振动键按
  • 关闭自动亮度
  • 将GPS设置为电池节省
  • 使用默认启动器
  • 转动NFC
  • 使用像自动化任务的应用程序
  • 最大限度地减少使用小部件和amp的使用;屏幕
  • 使用自定义内核(需要root
  • 使用 art 运行时
  • 关闭"好的google"

请注意,当视频突出显示Nexus 5时,它当然也适用于其他Android设备的整个主机。

对于更全面的外观,另见本指南题为"如何扩展您的Android - €™ S电池寿命" 2013年4月15日发布,适用于Android权威。


If you have a Nexus 5 the following Youtube video entitled "Nexus 5 Top 10 Battery Saving Tips" should prove useful and highlights:

  • Turning off vibrating Key Press
  • Turning off auto brightness
  • Setting GPS to Battery Saving
  • Using the Default Launcher
  • Turning NFC off
  • Use Apps like Tasker for Automation
  • Minimise the use of Widgets & Screens
  • Use a custom kernel (requires Root)
  • Use ART runtime
  • Turn off "OK Google"

Please note that whilst the video highlights the Nexus 5, it will of course be applicable to a whole host of other Android devices as well.

For a more comprehensive look see also this guide entitled "How to extend your Androidxe2x80x99s battery life" published on April 15th 2013, for Android Authority.


为4g手机,请将4g天线放在外,直到您有用它。如果发现没有4G点,请将其关闭。 4G天线是最昂贵的力量明智的天线。除非您正在观看视频,甚至HTC建议将其关闭。


For 4g phones, keep the 4g antenna off until you have a use for it. And if no 4g spot is found, turn it off. 4G antenna is the most expensive power wise antenna out there. And unless you are watching videos even htc recommends turning it off.


如果您的主电源漏极是屏幕,您可能会尝试磁盒(或向现有案例添加磁铁)+ HOLSTER SNOOZE将手机放开时自动关闭屏幕。


If your main power drain is the screen, you might try a magnetic case (or adding a magnet to your existing case) + Holster Snooze to automatically turn off your screen when you put your phone away.


如果您的设备上有root访问权限,那么它肯定值得看看绿化。此应用程序负责永久运行背景中的过程,并不唤醒您的设备:只要您关闭显示, Greenify "Hibernates" 您选择的应用程序,所以它们不能再唤醒您的设备以"不必要的事情" 。一旦您重新打开屏幕,它们会得到"重新动画" 。


If you have root access on your device, it's certainly worth taking a look at Greenify. This app takes care for those processes permanently running in background and waking up your device needlessly: As soon as you switch your display off, Greenify "hibernates" apps you selected to be handled, so they can no longer wake up your device to "do something needless". They get "re-animated" once you switch your screen back on.


只是添加到人们建议的余检 - 您可以为越来频率创建一个配置文件,并仅在手机被锁定时启用该配置文件。这将确保您的手机在解锁时表现良好,但在锁定时节省电池。


Just adding to what people have suggested for underclocking - you can create a profile for an underclocked frequency and enable that profile only when the phone is locked. This will ensure that your phone performs well when unlocked but saves battery when locked.


始终在监视应用程序上,如健身应用程序。 Google Fit有一个高精度模式,可以使用更多电池。

还关闭"确定谷歌" :配置→习语和文本→谷歌语音检测→确定谷歌检测→关闭全部,或至少"从任何屏幕" 配置。



Turn off always on monitoring Apps, like the fitness applications. Google Fit has a High Precision mode that eats more battery.

Also turn off "Ok Google": Configuration xe2x86x92 Idiom and Text xe2x86x92 Google voice dictation xe2x86x92 Ok Google detection xe2x86x92 Turn off all, or at least the "from any screen" config.

Turn off any other monitoring App you can think about.



注意 :出厂重置而无需备份数据,您将丢失数据。因此,在出厂重置之前备份所有数据(联系人,短信,应用程序数据等),也读取此答案 < / p>


As no one mentioned this, so if all the other solutions didn't increase your battery lifetime, then a factory reset is your last choice. Based on this question, the user has said that he got tremendous battery performance after factory resetting the device.

Note: Factory resetting without backing up your data you will lose data. So backup all the data(contacts, SMS, app-data etc) before factory resetting and also read this answer




Try to do CPU-intensive tasks like downloading stuff, installing updates, watching video, etc, whilst connected to a charger. This will reduce the wear on your battery so it will perform well for longer.






This is radical but very useful if you are in a remote region without cellular network or in an crowded event where the network capacity isn't enough for everybody: turn off your chips.

Go to Configuration xe2x86x92 SIM Cards xe2x86x92 uncheck all your cards.

If you have a multi-chip phone, turn off one your secondary chip that it will help.



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