A3000中国移动 - 双SIM或双GSM支持自Android 2.2(再次?) -- dual-sim 领域 android 相关 的问题

A3000 chinese mobile - Dual-SIM or Dual-GSM support since Android 2.2 (again?)




我的问题主题是Android支持双SIM硬件。更具体地说,我想知道它是否是Android 2.2版本,即增加了对真实双SIM和双GSM支持的支持,以及延伸两个卡在线或可用作数据通道。

一个关于 https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/865/dual- Sim-Android-Phone 已经在这里提出来了,但它没有完全调查这个问题。所提到的移动(Tiger G3)也很可能被错误地报告为Android手机。从所有的图片都看过我所看到的是普通的中国MTK / Nucleuos手机。

我想将我的问题作为硬件示例作为Star A3000。验证了它真正运行的Android,双SIM卡能力似乎非常合理:
http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale ?searchtext=a3000
我正在链接到搜索列表,而不是商店或直接审查以避免闪烁的印象。这也是一种更加长的链接。但最重要的是突出显示有两个硬件版本。原始A3000运行Android 2.1,并提供无双色功能。所有新闻所有列表都广告了Android 2.2和双SIM SIMP支持。

中国移动和经销商的麻烦是,并非所有细节都超级可靠。您必须交叉检查多个来源,更好地假设最低的公共分母。在上面的商店搜索中,一些Android 2.2双SIM A3000例如仍然用原始硬件版本描述。我已经看到了一些图像(并且有一个YouTube视频)使用双SIM插槽,因此我认为这是验证的。还有一个谣言(在deaxtreme上)这两个硬件版本都是相同的并且有只有一个黑色盖子上方的第二个SIM插槽,适用于第一个版本(从图片看起来是合理的)。这就是为什么我假设Android 2.1不支持这样的功能,而且可以介绍Android 2.2内核。

但是我看到了A3000 Android 2.2.1版本的一张照片,它显示了一个配置屏幕,其中包含沿线"[x]选择SIM卡在靴子上的选项。这表明它不是一个真正的双GSM设置,而只是双SIM - 它只允许切换。然而所有我的第一个链接的列表表明手机和Android是"双SIM双待机" 。所以我很困惑。

返回问题:Android 2.2是否为双GSM介绍了适当的支持?我知道没有一个大品牌供应商支持这样的东西,所以它必须是一个边缘功能,甚至可能在oOHA文档中。某种发行说明中提到了这样的几个机会? (真的我没有线索,没有Android手机,仍然衡量。)


另一个音符。我知道还有一般移动DSTL1一次,这是第一个(只有很长时间)Android 1.5 / 1.6手机宣传双SIM。我不知道哪个扩展它支持真正的双GSM功能。但是,旧的Android版本允许它很有趣。因此,我会将我的问题延长为什么没有Android 2.0和2.1手机存在双SIM。该功能是否可能在Androids寿命中出现两次?


My question topic is Android support for dual SIM hardware. More specifically I'd like to find out if it's the Android 2.2 release that added support for real dual SIM and dual GSM support, and to which extend both cards are online or usable as data channel.

A question about https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/865/dual-sim-android-phone already came up here, but it didn't investigate the issue completely. And the mentioned mobile (Tiger G3) was also most likely incorrectly reported as Android phone. From all pictures I've seen it's a regular chinese MTK/NucleuOS phone.

I want to base my question on the STAR A3000 as hardware example. It's verified that it is really running Android, and dual SIM capabilities seem very plausible:
I'm linking to a search listing and not a shop or review directly to avoid the impression of spamvertizing. It's also a more long-lived link that way. But foremost I want to highlight that there are two hardware versions. The original A3000 runs Android 2.1 and offers no dual SIM capabilities. All newer listings advertise both Android 2.2 and dual SIM support.

The trouble with chinese mobiles and resellers is that not all details are super reliable. You'll have to cross check multiple sources, and better assume the lowest common denominator. In the above shop search some Android 2.2 dual sim A3000s are for example still depicted with the original hardware version. I've seen a few images (and there's a youtube video) with the dual sim slots, so I presume this verified. There's also a rumor (on dealextreme) that both hardware versions are identical and there's just a black cover above the second sim slot for the first version (looks plausible from pictures). So that's why I assume that Android 2.1 didn't support such features, and the Android 2.2 kernel maybe introduced it.

The hardware in this phone most likely supports not only dual SIM, but dual GSM. This means that both SIM cards are connected the whole time, to two different networks. All previous MTK chips and mobiles support that.
However I've seen one picture of the A3000 Android 2.2.1 version which shows a configuration screen with an option along the lines "[x] Select SIM card at bootup". This would suggest that it's not a real dual-GSM setup, but just dual-SIM - which only allows switching. Yet all the listings from my first link suggest that the phone and Android is "dual sim dual standby". So I'm confused.

Back to the question: Did Android 2.2 introduce proper support for dual-GSM? I know none of the big brand vendors supports anything like that, so it must be a fringe feature, maybe not even in the OHA documentation. Any chance something like this was mentioned in some sort of release notes? (Really I have no clue, no Android phone yet, still gauging.)

My main interest is keeping my main phone number, and using a secondary SIM and contract for data connnections preferrably. Or the other way round.

Another note. I know there was also the General Mobile DSTL1 once, which was the first (and for a long time only) Android 1.5/1.6 phone to advertise dual-SIM. I don't know to which extend it supported real dual-GSM functionality. But it's interesting that old Android versions allowed it. So I'll extend my question into why no Android 2.0 and 2.1 phones with dual-sim existed. Did the feature possibly come and go twice in Androids lifetime?




A3000是一个真正的双备用Android手机。它允许在打电话或发送短信时选择SIM。您还收到了对任何SIM的呼叫。当你与一个SIM交谈时,第二个节目也很忙。我刚从阿里巴巴(今天早上)有这条手机,现在我正在测试它。 来自西伯利亚的你好:)


A3000 is a real dual standby Android phone. It allows selecting a SIM when you call or send an SMS. And also you receive calls to any SIM. When you talk to one SIM, the second shows busy too. I've just got this phone (this morning) from alibaba.com and now I'm testing it. Hello from Siberia :)


我有一个星期,我相信我已经设法测试了大部分功能。 WiFi Works,BT Works,Bouth Sims完美,相机2.0MPIX,闪光作品,市场作品,更好地收费外部充电器,因为小诺基亚或USB电缆(三星)并不总是有效。 G传感器工作(迷宫)。绑架或NFS太慢了。您可以选择使用SIM1的GPRS,SIM2 AR非。没有microSD,它是无用的。电视(模拟)作品。 Giglay对游戏太慢,但似乎是一个很好的手机。


I have it for a week, and I believe I have managed to test most of its functions. WiFi works, BT works, bouth sims works perfectly, camera 2.0Mpix, flash works, market works, better to charge in external charger because small nokia or usb cable (samsung) not always works. g sensors works (labyrinth). too slow for abduction or NFS. you can chose use gprs from sim1, sim2 ar non of them. without microSD it is useless. TV (analog) works. generay its too slow for games, but seems a good phone.



唯一的限制是第三方应用程序(如从Google Play下载的拨号器)只能看到其中一个SIM卡 - 因为这是所有标准的Android框架都可以公开。


No, there's still no dual-SIM or multi-SIM support in Android itself. There's nothing to stop manufacturers extending their ROM to support two or more SIM cards, and several have done this. There are some phones where you have to reboot to switch SIMs, like in the old days with dumbphones, and some phones, such as this one, where you can actually be on standby on two networks at once.

The only limitation is that third-party apps (such as dialers you download from Google Play) can only see one of the SIM cards - because that's all the standard Android framework can expose.



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