为什么使用USB从计算机充电而不是使用插座? -- battery 领域 和 usb 领域 和 charging 领域 android 相关 的问题

Why is charging from computer using USB slower than using an outlet?




以及USB VS充电器充电速度的比率是多少?如果重要的话,我的手机是三星Galaxy S.


And what is roughly the ratio of the charging speed in USB vs charger? My phone is Samsung Galaxy S, if that matters.




计算机USB端口限制在500毫安(或为USB 3.0端口为900 mA)。另一方面,专用的墙壁充电器通常能够提供1000 mA或更大。

让我们拍摄连接的手机使用200 mA的情况。然后,USB端口将在墙壁USB充电器左侧留下电池300 mA左侧。典型的智能手机电池现今的容量约为1500 Mah(毫安 - 小时)。这意味着在一个完美有效的世界中,1500 mA的电流将在1小时内向电池充电。因此,相同的电池将在USB 2.0端口5小时内充电,并且在壁上充电器约1H50。


A computer USB port is limited to 500 milliamperes (or 900 mA for a USB 3.0 port). The dedicated wall charger, on the other hand, is usually able to provide 1000 mA or more.

Let's take the case where a connected phone uses 200 mA. Then, the USB port would have 300 mA left to charge the battery while the wall USB charger would have 800 mA left. A typical smart phone battery has a capacity of about 1500 mAh (milliamperes-hour) nowadays. This means that in a perfectly efficient world, a current of 1500 mA would charge the battery in 1 hour. So the same battery would then charge in 5 hours over the USB 2.0 port and in about 1h50 with the wall charger.

Of course in reality power losses would also affect charging times but these numbers are quite close to what I get with my actual phone.



我不知道哪个是USB和正常充电器之间的充电速度汇率在SGS的情况下,但在我的情况下(HTC Desive)具有正常充电器,我需要大约2到3个小时的全部费用,但是,USB连接只有15%到35%的时间。


Charging from a USB port of a computer is slower than charging using a charger because the voltage and amperage provided by the computer is considerably lower than in the case of using a normal charger, so the mobile is using xe2x80x9cslow charge modexe2x80x9d

I donxe2x80x99t know which is the charging speed ration between USB and normal charger in the case of a SGS, but in my case (HTC Desire) with a normal charger I need approximately 2 to 3 hours for a full charge, but with a USB connection that time only charges 15 to 35 percent.



在第一位置存在规范的原因是,计算机USB端口的电压通常通过主板通过单循环连接提供,该连接一次提供所有USB端口。该电路仅为几微米厚,不能将电流与专用充电线相同。它是高度不可能的,您将通过尝试通过该电路绘制完整的可用电流(尽管您的计算机总计为,但是佩斯开始)。更有可能发生的是,您将超过制造商的设计规范,从而否认您所连接的任何其他USB设备的足够的电源,以及/或其他可以导致PC崩溃的内部电路。这是非常相同的原因建议您使用供电 USB集线器。


The reason your android device draws less power from your USB connection than from a wall adapter is because of the USB specification. This can be side-stepped by shorting the data wires in in the USB cable, which will switch the phone or tablet into wall mode where it can draw the full available current. The amount of current available will vary considerably from PC to PC.

The reason the specification exists in the first place is that the voltage to the computer's USB ports is usually supplied via the motherboard by a single loop connection which services all of the USB ports at once. Being only a few microns thick, this circuit is not able to deliver the same current as a dedicated charging wire. It is highly improbable that you will 'burn out your motherboard' by trying to draw the full available current through this circuit (although it is theoretically possible if your computer was a total P.O.S. to begin with). What is more likely to happen is that you will exceed the manufacturer's design specification, thereby denying sufficient power to any other USB devices you have connected, and/or other internal circuits which can cause the PC to crash. This is the very same reason it is recommended you use powered USB hubs.


谨慎一句话,虽然我们都希望我们的电池快速充电,请注意,收取电池的速度越快,它会变暖,而且热量会破坏电池寿命。每次@ 0.5放大器的每次每次都会超过一个充电的电池充电,每次充满电费@ 1.0放大器。我不知道这么少的差异足以对手机电池的关注,但我发现使用iPad充电器(5.2V,2.4扬)VS推荐的PC USB端口(5V,0.5 AMP)充电率将缩短振动噪声消除耳塞电池的寿命。快乐充电。


A word of caution, while we all want our batteries to charge fast, be aware that the faster you charge a battery, the warmer it gets, and heat destroys battery life. A battery charge to full each time @ 0.5 amps will last longer than one charged to full each time @ 1.0 amps. I don't know enough to say this small difference is enough to be of concern for a cell phone battery, but I have found out that using an iPad charger (5.2V, 2.4amp) vs the recommended PC USB port (5V, 0.5amp) charge rate will shorten the life of a Bose noise canceling earbud battery. Happy charging.




Consider that computers often have other things inside of them or connected to them that need the same charge. The power within a computer itself is always lower than direct power from a outlet from a wall. When power is distributed through a computer to your phone, that same amount of power is also being used throughout the whole computer slowing the voltage to your phone, and other things that are plugged up. Always remember, if you want direct power and a quicker charge, its always good to use to wall outlet instead of a computer or labtop.




USB from computer delivers only 500mA. So, a 2100mA battery will take 5 hours to charge from a computer.

The charger outlet delivers 700mA to 1A. So, the battery will charge within 3 to 3.5 Hrs.


三星桥梁贴图2和3面向手机。如果打开引脚2和3,则手机将您的充电能力限制在大约350 mA左右。 一探究竟: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1384253


Samsung bridges pins 2 and 3 facing the phone. If pins 2 and 3 are open, the phone limits your charging capability to about 350 mA or so. Check it out: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1384253




Most of the answers here are very informative on the battery issue, I don't want to touch on that, though I should let you know that if you have to charge your android with your laptop or desktop, make sure it gets full before you unplug it, otherwise you will be slowly ending the long life of your battery by unplugging every time you have to leave because it kind of takes longer. I take a major precaution when it comes to charging because I changed my phones charging adapter more than thrice due to charging using my laptop. I was finally advised by my techie to use the specified charger and since then, i have no battery issues. Just a precaution.


完全取决于您的主板我有一个PSU和顶部范围类型的主板的野兽,让您关闭数据连接和充电 - 它在不到一半的专用充电器时收取电话。据说,虽然大多数计算机将限制为此导致慢电荷


Completely depends on your motherboard I have a beast of a PSU and top range type motherboard which lets you turn data connection off and the charge up - it charges phone in less than half the time of dedicated charger. As said though most computers will limit this so result in a slow charge



USB 2.0规范为集线器定义至少500 mA,为设备最多500 mA,USB 3.0规格对于900 mA具有相同的限制: http://www.maxrev.de/files/2014/08/usb_3_0_english。 pdf


这意味着如果它连接到集线器(PC),则不允许设备(手机)超过900 mA,但允许集线器尽可能多地提供!

此外,您需要知道USB规范不涵盖USB电源。这是由电力传递规范。这意味着它们可以传递最多2a @ 5v 和许多智能手机利用更高的电流。

现在回电脑。具有三个USB端口的PC被定义为"集线器" ,并满足USB规范,每端口将提供> 500 mA。由于它更便宜地使用一个电源,所有三个端口都连接到同一个端口。因此,如果是一个设备可以容易地消耗>如果是唯一的连接设备,则可以容易地消耗1500 mA。但问题是设备"谈论" 到集线器(通过使用100 mA),然后两者都按照USB版本排列更高的电流(500或900 mA)。


但如果您愚弄设备,所以它认为它连接到电源,它可以从集线器中消耗其最大值。为此,您需要一个名为"快速充电适配器" 的适配器,缩短数据行(示例1 ,例2 )。

因此,在其他答案中,计算机端口不限于500或900 mA。限制来自规格。

注意:存在异常。例如,允许超用户的移动设备共享所有端口的最小值。我有一个惠普监视器,解释了USB规范非常严格,并限制了两个USB 3.0端口中的一个的电流为910 mA(避免了许多USB 3.0 USB驱动器的使用时间一点)。


Most of the answers are incomplete so I try to answer it, too.

The USB 2.0 specification defines a minimum of 500 mA for the hub and a maximum of 500 mA for the device and the USB 3.0 spec has the same limits for 900 mA: http://www.maxrev.de/files/2014/08/usb_3_0_english.pdf

enter image description here

This means a device (the phone) is not allowed to consume more than 900 mA if it is connected to a hub (the pc) but the hub is allowed to provide as much as possible!

In addition you need to know that the USB specification does not cover USB power supplies. This is covered by the power delivery specification. This means they can deliver up to 2A @ 5V and many smartphones make use of higher currents.

Now back to the PC. A PC with three USB ports is defined as a "hub" and to meet the USB specification it will deliver >500 mA per port. And because its much cheaper to use one power supply, all three ports are connected to the same one. And because of that a device can easily consume >1500 mA if it is the only connected device. But the problem is that the device "talks" to the hub (by using 100 mA) and then both arrange the higher current (500 or 900 mA depending on the USB version).

So to answer the question: Charging from the computer is slower because both devices comply to the USB specification.

But if you fool the device so it thinks its connected to a power supply it can consume its maximum from the hub. For that you need an adaptor called "fast charge adaptor" that shortens the data lines (example 1, example 2).

So a computer port is not limited to 500 or 900 mA as stated in other answers. The limitation comes from the spec.

Note: There exist exceptions. For example mobile devices like ultrabooks are allowed to share the one port minimum for all ports. And I had a HP monitor that interpreted the USB specification very strict and limited the current of one of two USB 3.0 ports to 910 mA (avoiding the usage of many USB 3.0 usb drives that consume for a short time a little bit more).



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从 @nobbz 三星Galaxy Tab的负载电流为2a,但是 USB-Compicisimication仅允许整个总线500 mA。 从 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/universal_serial_bus @usb 3.0 电池充电规范1.2于2010年...

4  Nexus 4/5(QI)无线充电器的500个充电限制  ( 500 charge limit on wireless charger for nexus 4 5 qi ) 
我最近为我的nexus买了一个qi兼容的充电器5.在它状态的盒子上,"无线电费高达500倍" 。 我不明白为什么充电器只能为我的手机充电500次。 充电器会发生什么,以便它不再工作了?有人可以解释一下吗? 谢谢你的帮助。 这是这个设备: qi charger from RACPOWER 编辑2...

12  我的手机是否有可能爆炸,如果我用不同的手机用充电器收取收费?  ( Is my phone liable to explode if i charge it with a charger that came with a dif ) 
我的朋友,我都有机器人,我们经常在方便的时候用户互相充电器。我被告知,如果它充电,我的手机可能会爆炸,这是没有专门为手机建造的充电器。这跨越Droids是如何真实的? ...


0  三星S款 - 显示充电符号但不增加百分比 
2  如何将监视器和键盘连接到LG G3? 
11  充电时使用OTG电缆 
1  姜饼 - 如何唤醒100%电池? 
0  长期电池容量降解 
4  HTC Mains-to-USB充电器:用于为其他非HTC充电但USB可充电的设备? 
0  快速充电电缆的各种技术规格是什么? 
5  充电华硕变压器(Prime) 
0  电池突然下降到0% 
8  引导程序/恢复期间电池会发生什么? 
1  如何强迫我的设备从充电器拉出更多瓦特? 
1  如何通过USB连接Samsung J7但禁用充电? 
280  不断充电损害我的Android手机吗? 
6  如何在充电设备时禁用前端状态LED? 
3  通过USB将电话连接到PC时的充电和数据模式(Nougat) 
0  Cyanogenmod 10.2 Galaxy S3充电问题 
11  微USB电缆只收取,但没有数据,没有安装等(三星Galaxy S) 
35  为什么使用USB从计算机充电而不是使用插座? 
0  充电时电源电源,但仅当电池电量大于20%时 
1  您可以快速充电3.0手机,快速充电2.0主电源适配器吗? 
1  lg-ally不会收费 
9  将它插入USB时,如何防止在MAC上自动安装的Kindle Fire? 
5  三星Galaxy Tab,充电技术通过USB电缆 
4  Nexus 4/5(QI)无线充电器的500个充电限制 
12  我的手机是否有可能爆炸,如果我用不同的手机用充电器收取收费? 

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