我可以在Android手机上关掉WiFi,GPS等吗? -- wi-fi 领域 和 gps 领域 和 automation 领域 android 相关 的问题

Can I turn off wifi, GPS, etc. on Android phone overnight?





  • 关闭wifi
  • 关闭gps
  • 仅使用2g数据网络




I'd like for my Android phone to automatically turn off some features overnight to save battery, and re-enable them in the morning. Among the things I'd like to turn do:

  • Turn off wifi
  • Turn off the GPS
  • Use only 2G data networks

I don't need any fancy idle detection. I'd be happy with the ability to do this from, say, 12am to 6am.

What Android apps are good for this sort of thing?




如果您不介意为应用支付,那么这与 locale for Android确实如此,您可以将其设置为打开或关闭内容,或者在特殊/粗糙位置等的条件时将应用程序运行在手机上。在市场上提供了相当多的区域设置(许多自由),可以提供额外功能的负载。


If you don't mind paying for an app, then this is very similar to the sort of thing that Locale for Android does, you can set it to switch stuff on or off, or run apps on your phone when certain conditions like fine/coarse location, etc are met. There are also quite a few Locale plugins (many of them free) available on the market that give it loads of extra functionality.


我使用 Tasker 做到这一点,更大(很多)更多。它是否可以在2g和3g之间切换似乎依赖于手机,你没有提到。 这里是来自Tasker Wiki的一个例子,展示了如何在夜间将手机设置为飞机模式。



I use Tasker to do exactly that, and much (much) more. Whether or not it can switch between 2G and 3G seems to depend on the handset, which you don't mention. Here is an example from the Tasker Wiki, showing how to set the phone into Airplane mode at night.

Note that the GPS only uses power if something uses it, so turning it off is highly unlikely to make any meaningful difference to your battery life.


may sweetdreams 可以为您做好工作。根据规则集,它将关闭蓝牙,WiFi,并在确定时间范围内选择选择的铃声配置。


Maybe SweetDreams can do the work for you. According to a ruleset it will turn off bluetooth, wifi and select the ringtone configuration of your choice during a determinate time range.


我使用 llama 在时间表中做类似的事情,例如在工作时间上工作时,将手机放在沉默中,当我离开家时,关闭Wi-Fi,等等。

您可以根据您的其他条件等于时间/日期,屏幕开/关,电池电量等的其他条件设置事件.LLAMA学习基于范围内的小型塔而不是您的Wi- fi或gps位置,所以它根本不会进入电池。骆驼不需要root。我发现它很容易使用,现在我已经配置了我想要的方式,除非我想改变一些东西,否则我不会看它。


I use Llama to do similar things on a schedule, e.g. put my phone on silent while I'm at work during working hours, turn off Wi-Fi when I leave home, and so on.

You can set events to occur based on where you are among other conditions such as time/date, screen on/off, battery level, etc. Llama learns locations based on the cell towers that are in range rather than your Wi-Fi or GPS location, so it does not eat into your battery at all. Llama does not require root. I find it very easy to use and now that I have it configured the way I want, I don't ever look at it unless I want to change something.


我使用 timeriffic (免费),它将打开/关闭wifi, GPS,改变铃声,亮度等基于定时的时间表。

不幸的是"仅使用2G数据网络" 不是在选项中。

I use Timeriffic (free) which will turn on/off wifi, gps, change ringer, brightness etc. based on timed schedules.

Unfortunately "Use only 2G data networks" is not in the options.


也,如果您使用umicedefender android.com/details?id = com.latedroid.juicedefender& hl=en 可以选择夜间模式与您所谈论的一切以及更多,无论如何,Jueddefender非常令人敬畏。最后,如果你扎根了你的手机,cyanogenmod模式。


Also, if you use Juicedefender https://market.android.com/details?id=com.latedroid.juicedefender&hl=en that has an option for night mode with everything you were talking about and more, JuiceDefender is pretty awesome anyway. Lastly, if you have rooted your phone, Cyanogenmod http://www.cyanogenmod.com/ also has a night mode.


您当然可以根据您的位置进行: http://www.twofortyfouram.com/product。 html



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可以根据单独的时间切换地位,例如 无论位置如何,晚上都在沉默? 约翰





You can certainly do it based on your location: http://www.twofortyfouram.com/product.html

I have enquired of their support whether you can use time as one of the switching criteria, I would be surprised if you could not. Even if it isn't available out of the box, there is a plugin system and scripting that I am sure would do it.

I do not own the app so I cannot comment on it's efficacy, but I have seen good references.

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Response from developer

Can Locale be made to switch situations based on time alone, such as going silent at night regardless of location? John


Hi John,



silence 可以切换铃声, Wi-Fi,蓝牙和飞机模式设置自动定时间隔。


  • 简单,直观的全主题接口
  • 计划一次发生的事件,或者在本周的某些日内重复
  • 将铃声更改为静音,振动或正常模式
  • 打开和关闭Wi-Fi,蓝牙和飞机模式
  • 当计划的事件结束时自动更改您的设置



Silence can toggle your ringer, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode settings automatically over scheduled intervals.


  • Simple, intuitive Holo-themed interface
  • Schedule events that occur once, or repeat on certain days of the week
  • Change your ringer to silent, vibrate, or normal mode
  • Turn Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode on and off
  • Change your settings back automatically when the scheduled event ends

There is also a paid version without ads.



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