如何使用没有互联网连接的GPS /地图? -- gps 领域 和 offline 领域 和 maps 领域 android 相关 的问题

How to use GPS/Maps without an Internet connection?








I need a way (possibly a third-party application) that allows me to use maps and GPS without an Internet connection.

I don't use it by car, just for walking in cities. It would be nice if I could just copy all data relative to a particular city before going there for tourism.

The Google Maps app does not store maps reliably, so it is risky to rely on it without an Internet connection.




注意:许多这些应用程序使用来自a 非常酷的免费地图项目< / a>名为osm( OpenStreetMap ),任何人都可以贡献。 OSM不断改进,但在许多领域,它可能缺乏房屋/建筑数量等信息。


  • 谷歌地图
    • 谷歌地图确实有一些脱机功能(包括effline导航为9.17版),但您可以下载的区域的大小是有限的(你不能下载整个美国州,例如)和一些国家或地区没有下载。请参阅这里有关说明:下载地图并使用它离线
  • 此处maps
    • 除非您要支持OSM,否则这可能是那里的最佳选择。 它在脱机中,有近200个国家的地图 ,和转向旋转导航100个国家。功能包括完整的街道地址,景点,替代路线,交通,公共交通和速度限制。缺少的值得注意的功能:向路由添加多个停止的能力,车道辅助,基于traffic 的Rerouting,以及导航到联系人地址的能力。
  • osmand
    • 开源,使用来自OSM的数据。 目前只有2d导航,而是一个更好的免费选项之一可用。
  • mapfactor
    • 基于OSM的离线导航。相当基本但有前途。 TomTom地图可作为应用内购买。
  • navmii (以前的Navfree): North / Latin America , elsewhere
    • 广告支持。允许您下载用于离线导航的地图,也是基于OSM的。 OSM为整个世界有地图,但是出于某种原因,valamii 只有某些国家/地区的地图,主要是在欧洲和北美。
  • 许多基于OSM的其他人在这里: android - openstreetmap wiki


  • copilot live premium:美国,其他地方
    • copilot live是一个非常好的全功能的应用程序,这将让您提前下载地图并脱机使用GPS。我最终使用它,因为与其他付费导航应用程序相比,美国版本如此廉价,但我非常满意的质量,功能,客户支持和免费应用程序和地图升级。它拥有我可以在GPS应用程序中想要的所有功能,所以唯一的缺点是您必须为流量数据提供付费订阅(付费应用程序包括免费的一年订阅),如果您,您必须购买新地图在购买的地区外面旅行。
  • 我没有使用的其他付费应用程序:
    • Garmin Viago
    • magell n smartgps
    • ndrive
    • 侦察兵(以前的狡猾):美国< / a>,其他地方
    • sygic
    • tomtom

在这里有许多Android GPS应用程序的详细审查: Android SAT NAV应用


Note: many of these applications use map data from a really cool free map project called OSM (OpenStreetMap), which anyone can contribute to. OSM is constantly improving, but in many areas it may lack information like house/building numbers.


  • Google Maps
    • Google Maps does have some offline functionality (including offline navigation as of version 9.17), but the size of the area you can download is limited (you can't download an entire US state, for instance) and some countries or areas aren't available for download. See here for instructions: Download a map and use it offline
  • HERE Maps
    • Unless you're looking to support OSM, this is probably the best free option out there. It works offline, has maps in nearly 200 countries, and turn-by-turn navigation in over 100 countries. Features include full street addresses, points of interest, alternate routes, traffic, public transport, and speed limits. Notable features that are missing: ability to add multiple stops to a route, lane assist, rerouting based on traffic, and ability to navigate to contacts' addresses.
  • OsmAnd
    • Open-source, uses data from OSM. Currently only has 2D navigation, but one of the better free options available.
  • MapFactor
    • OSM-based offline navigation. Fairly basic but promising. TomTom maps available as an in-app purchase.
  • Navmii (formerly NavFree): North/Latin America, elsewhere
    • Ad-supported. Allows you to download maps for offline navigation, also OSM-based. OSM has maps for the whole world, but for some reason Navmii only has maps available for certain countries, mostly in Europe and North America.
  • Many others based on OSM here: Android - OpenStreetMap Wiki


  • CoPilot Live Premium: USA, elsewhere
    • CoPilot Live is a very nice, full-featured app, which will let you download maps ahead of time and use GPS offline. I ended up using it because the US version was so cheap compared to the other paid navigation apps, but I've been very pleased with the quality, features, customer support, and free app and map upgrades. It has all the features I could want in a GPS app, the only downsides being you have to have a paid subscription for traffic data (the paid app includes a free one-year subscription), and you will have to buy new maps if you travel outside your purchased area.
  • Other paid apps that I haven't used:
    • Garmin viago
    • Magellan SmartGPS
    • NDrive
    • Scout (formerly Skobbler): USA, elsewhere
    • Sygic
    • TomTom

There are detailed reviews of many Android GPS apps here: Android Sat Nav Apps


google maps 5.0 现在支持离线模式!


Google Maps 5.0 now supports offline mode!



Maverick for Google Android - 代码扇区



I haven't had a chance to try it myself yet, but I've heard good things about Maverick:

Maverick for Google Android - Code Sector

There is both a limited free and pay version.


我现在正在使用 Osmand

它存储 OpenStreetMap 地图上的手机存储。






I am now using OsmAnd.

It stores OpenStreetMap maps on the phone's storage.

OsmAnd uses a vectorial format, which means it can store a lot of information without taking too much space, and is visible in all zoom factors.

You can download the maps you want, for instance Italy, Bolivia, or any other country/region.


Free, open source.


我经常使用 locus 。它在导航支持方面没有太大(虽然我认为这是在作品中),但对于越野和离线使用它很棒。





I regularly use Locus. It doesn't have much in the way of navigation support (although I think this is in the works), but for off-road and off-line use it's fantastic.

It allows downloading of maps for off-line use, supports SQLite and GEMF maps, which allow large map (2GB limit for SQLite, no realistic limit for GEMF) tile sets on your SD card without wasting masses of space. It also supports vector maps as well as bitmap ones (more coverage, less disk space). It has a very good interface and is well supported.

There's a free version with ads which doesn't support in-app map downloading (I think), although you can use your PC to download the maps. The paid version is not expensive.

That all sounds excessively glowing, so I should emphasise that I'm not the developer and have no affiliation; just a very happy user!


为英格兰和欧洲大部分地区,viploranger很棒。支持军械调查和其他官方类型的地图;还有一些开放的街道地图项目。但绝对是我会使用的 - 并做 - 如果我用手机徒步旅行。 for Android - ViewRanger


For England and much of Europe, ViewRanger is great. Supports Ordnance Survey and other official-type maps; also some open street map projects. But it is absolutely what I would use -- and do -- if I am hiking with a phone. For Android - ViewRanger




Have You tried Maps With Me? It has a lite (free) version and allows downloading maps for an offline usage. Also it is very fast: in my experience OsmAnd is much slower even with maps downloaded, although it shows more information.



backcountry navigator




Have you tried BackCountry Navigator?

BackCountry Navigator

It has topo maps, open street maps, and aerial photography.

It has a 16 day demo and a paid license.


maps( - )允许存储从OpenStreetMap的脱机使用的地图,来自OpencyClemap和Google地图。


Maps (-) allows to store maps for offline use from OpenStreetMap, from OpenCycleMap and from Google Maps.


如果您正在寻找北美地图(以及我所说的欧洲地图),我可以推荐 copilot live 。这不是免费的。


If you are looking for North American maps (and European maps as well I'm told), than I can recommend CoPilot Live. It's not free though.


您可能想要使用 sygic 如果您在印度。它配有免费的地图。


You might want to use Sygic if you are in India. It comes with free maps.


mapy.cz 是最容易的使用应用程序,现在它拥有全世界的所有内容,用于下载到脱机的向量(意味着较小的文件)。

这都是城市和旅游。 对于导航,它目前需要一个网络,但他们声称他们也会脱机。


screenshot mapy.cz


Mapy.cz is the easiest to use app and now it has all the content of the whole world for download to offline in vectors (which means smaller files).

It is both for cities and tourism. For navigation it currently needs a network, but they claim they'll make it offline as well.

It is free. The world is covered by a great render of OpenStreetMap. The Czech Republic has its own (great) cartographic data.

screenshot Mapy.cz



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