如何通过使用Android手机接收短信来唤醒? -- alarm 领域 和 locale 领域 和 sms 领域 和 oncall 领域 android 相关 的问题

how be woken up by receiving a text message with an Android phone?





我使用区域设置,以及区域设置"入站短信" 插件,但这似乎没有工作(使用测试帐户,它不会全响亮和alt铃声)。




Android 1.6在T-Mobile G1。如果需要,我可以雄辩,但实际上不一定。



I am on call sometimes, and get sms and email from our systems. I need to be woken up by them, but right now, that isn't happening.

I use Locale, and the Locale "Inbound SMS" Plug-in, but that does not seem to be working yet (with a test account, it does not go full loud and alt ring tone).

The sender is an email to sms gateway that is unique to this and always the same, the messages start with the same words.

I would like it to do something like have a song starts playing loudly.

It would also be nice if it sanely handled getting 200 pages in 10 min (probably just disable Locale).

Android 1.6 on at T-Mobile G1. I could root it if need be, but really rather not.

Any tips or thoughts?



我和Tasker一起去了,它有点便宜(特别是当你意识到你不太可能需要插头时,虽然它可以使用Locale Plug Ins似乎),但运行是棘手的,但允许对于比地区的更广泛的选择。 因此,当它看到SMS在主题中进入"问题" 时,它将音乐播放变为最大卷,然后在循环中开始播放歌曲,直到您单击"停止" 按钮。我需要添加该功能以再次触发几分钟(以处理洪水问题)。



I went with Tasker, it is a bit cheaper (especially when you realize that you are less likely to need plug ins with it, though it can use Locale plug ins it seems), it is trickier to get running, but allows for a much wider range of options than Locale.

So when it sees an SMS come in with "PROBLEM" in the subject, it turns music playback to maximum volume, and then starts playing a song in a loop, until you click on the stop button. I need to add the feature to not trigger again for a few minutes (to deal with the flood issue).

I looked at Setting Profiles web page, but have not tried it.


tasker 无疑是对此和许多其他想要的强大答案,所以你可能已经解决了你的需求。我将只是添加,这个特定需求的一个很好的点解决方案将是我的机器人。它是一个免费的应用程序,旨在找到错位的手机。但它也适用于此用例,但除了您没有选择自定义铃声。


Tasker is undoubtedly a powerful answer to this and MANY other wants, so you have probably solved your need. I will just add, a good point-solution for this specific need would be Where's My Droid. It is a free app, geared toward finding a misplaced phone. But it would work for this use case as well, with the exception that you don't get to select a custom ringtone.





要将其正常工作,请尝试当文本消息进出时发布单独的通知。通知插件有一个"力量" 选项,将打开音量并确保听到通知。

I am the developer of Locale.

This can be accomplished with Locale, with a slight tweak to the current setup.

As current described, you have a race condition: Locale is increasing the volume but only after Android has already posted the notification, so the volume increase appears to have no effect.

To get this to work correctly, try the Locale Notification Plug-in to post a separate notification when the text message comes in. The Notification Plug-in has a "force volume" option that will turn the volume up and ensure the notification is heard.


为什么不仅仅是使用处理SMS并为该特定发件人配置自定义"响亮" 铃声。您还可以将应用程序配置为每x分钟重复警报,因此您将在解雇警报之前继续提醒。



Why not just use Handcent SMS and configure a custom "loud" ringtone for that particular sender. you can also configure the app to repeat the alert every X minutes, so you keep getting reminded until you dismiss the alert.

In Handcent, open the conversation thread you want to customise and click the Personalization icon (in the top bar, to the right of the name of the person). you can then set different notification icon / ringtone / vibrate pattern and LED settings (if your device has one).

我最近看到了一个提示:你可以设置你的"我的机器人在哪里?" 密码是你期待的那个字符串。这将从静默模式改变设备并转到最大卷。

I saw a tip recently: You can set your "Where's My Droid?" passphrase to be that string that you're expecting. That'll change the device from silent mode and go to maximum volume.



如果您不喜欢支付,则有一个"Lite" 版本,可允许您定义一个配置文件。这可能足以满足您的需求。


You could try using Setting Profiles. This allows you to designate some contact groups so the volume is increased when they call. I'm not sure if this also works with SMS or email, but there are many activation rules that might combine to suit your needs.

If you don't fancy paying, there is a 'Lite' version that lets you define a single profile. That may be enough for your needs.



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2  语音动作“设置闹钟......”不适用于HTC欲望  ( Voice action set alarm doesnt work on htc desire ) 
我一直在尝试语音操作在一个htc的欲望中。 "导航......" ,"指示......" 和"自我注意" 的行为,"备忘录" 。当我尝试说"将警报设置为9点" 时,我收到此错误消息: "设置警报......" 为了使用此功能,从Android Market下载最新时钟。 我已经拥有HTC时钟应用程序,并且据我所...

7  如何使我的警报稳定作为服务器?  ( How to make my alarm as stable as a server ) 
我用htc sence与原始的Android 2.2(内核2.6.32.15-gf5a401c)有HTC愿望。我没有安装任何任务杀手。 现在我有一个库存警报时钟应用。 昨天晚上,我将警报暂停在早上6:30,但是在10年代迟到了我的工作。 当我拿到手机时,我注意到了3件事 它显示出类似的消息,如"没有互联网连接" ,...

2  棒棒糖:警报并未及时射击  ( Lollipop alarm isnt firing in time ) 
更新我的nexus 5到Android 5.0我注意到警报未在设定的时间(实际上被损坏了我今天的早晨)。 当我设置警报时,它写入正确的增量(例如,从立即开始"报警3分钟),但它不会在3分钟内发出任何声音或任何屏幕上的更改:警报刚刚在通知中挂起托盘作为"即将到来的警报" 。 我已经检查了通知设置,并没有找到任何问题。...

13  当手机关闭时闹钟不起作用是什么原因?  ( Whats the reason that the alarm clock isnt working when the phone is turned of ) 
我知道手机关闭时警报不起作用,但我的问题是:为什么不工作?开发人员/工程师思考是什么? 我始终使用手机作为闹钟,甚至在关闭时甚至非常旧的手机支持闹钟。 ...

7  小部件显示关于HTC欲望的警报信息  ( Widget to show alarm information on htc desire ) 
是否可以在屏幕上具有有关计划警报的信息?理想情况下,作为一个带有警报列表的小部件,或者至少只在下一个警报的时间某处,所以我总是可以一目了然地了解这个信息,而无需打开警报设置屏幕。 现在,我必须通过单击时钟小部件定期检查我的警报设置,这是不方便的。此外,状态栏中有一个警报图标,这是相当毫无用的,因为我在不同时间有几个警...


10  闹钟唤醒音乐播放列表? 
6  使用耳机出局将闹钟应用程序挂钩给扬声器 
8  如何选择贪睡时间进行日历事件通知? 
1  警报应用Bootloop 
12  一个强大的警报的日历 
0  我的手机报警器是否耗尽电池或需要细胞服务 
8  是否有Android开源闹钟?我想记录我是否按贪睡[关闭] 
2  带自动飞行模式的闹钟 
0  闹钟解锁设备 
2  在闹钟加上,“允许自动贪睡/解雇”是什么意思? 
5  摩托罗拉Blackflip时钟不会更新其屏幕关闭时 
3  如果我的HTC愿望自动调整夏令时储蓄? 
1  一些应用程序将警报响度设置为零 
2  铃声戒指只有一次警报,并在Cyanogenmod 11中呼叫 
6  为什么我的HTC欲望上的警报无法正常工作? 
2  [Galaxy S8】如何设置默认警报声音? 
1  G2上的内置闹钟? 
0  如何从手机中提取警报铃声文件? 
5  有闹钟事件日志吗? 
12  是否有一个闹钟应用程序考虑个人和/或公众假期? 
1  应用程序设置默认日历提醒 
0  注4 - 不会停止宣布警报标题 
32  当我的手机关闭时报警工作吗? 
6  不准确的时间?如何解决它? 
5  今天早上我的闹钟没有下车! 
2  语音动作“设置闹钟......”不适用于HTC欲望 
7  如何使我的警报稳定作为服务器? 
2  棒棒糖:警报并未及时射击 
13  当手机关闭时闹钟不起作用是什么原因? 
7  小部件显示关于HTC欲望的警报信息 

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