RAM和处理器速度如何影响Android上的整体性能? -- hardware 领域 和 performance 领域 和 ram 领域 和 processor 领域 android 相关 的问题

How do RAM and processor speed affect overall performance on Android?







Since Android can be installed on wide range of devices, I'm wondering how important RAM and the CPU speed are to the performance of a device. There are always tradeoffs when something is increased and another one decreased!

Is more RAM or a faster processor better for general browsing and less mulititasking? What if I'm interested in gaming or doing lots of things at once? Will more RAM make up for a slower processor or vice-versa?




在Android的上下文中,更多的RAM意味着Android可以在RAM中保持更多的睡眠程序,以便在返回应用程序时随时可以快速恢复。更多的RAM意味着Android将花费少量的时间杀死和重新加载来自内部存储器/ SD卡的应用程序,而是花费更多时间进行您关心的实际工作。这意味着更多的RAM通常会给您更好/更快的任务切换。此外,更多的RAM意味着您的主屏幕不太可能被杀死;而且你不会遇到10秒的等待 - 那种感觉。拥有更多RAM还允许您运行自然需要大量内存的复杂应用程序,例如,照片/视频编辑器,复杂的游戏等。

更高的CPU能够更快地计算事物,而这可能首先看起来很诱人,值得注意的是,大多数程序 - 除了游戏和合成基准以及可能的闪存重型网页之外 - I / O绑定而不是CPU绑定;换句话说,大多数程序正在等待网络传输,闪存存储读取,DMA读取,触摸事件处理等,而不是等待一些计算。在CPU绑定的应用中,CPU速度的增加可能意味着触摸屏幕和屏幕更新之间的延迟,以反映触摸事件。但是,达到某一点,将不再有任何明显的益处,增加更多的CPU;超出某个点,输入周转将比我们自己的大脑的周转时间(约100-200ms)更快,我们将无法察觉到增加CPU的益处。另外,请注意,输入到输出周转时间取决于大量其他因素,例如,电缆的延迟,总线的速度等。第二,具有一些额外的CPU时间来备份也意味着Android可以将这些备用CPU周期分配给后台进程,因此背景进程可以更好地运行。



  • 更好的任务切换
  • 可以运行更复杂的应用程序或打开更大/更复杂的文件


  • 更好的背景处理



In the context of Android, more RAM means Android can keep more sleeping program in the RAM so they will be ready to be quickly resumed when you return back to the apps. More RAM means Android is going to spend less of its time killing and reloading apps from the internal memory/sd card, and instead spend more time doing actual work you care about. This means that more RAM usually give you better/faster task-switching. Also, more RAM means your homescreen is less likely to be killed; and you won't experience that 10-second-wait-that-feels-like-forever. Having more RAM also allows you to run complex apps that naturally requires a lot of memory, e.g. photo/video editor, complex games, etc.

A higher CPU is able to calculate things much faster, while this might look tempting at first, it is notable that most programs -- except for games and synthetic benchmark and possibly flash-heavy webpages -- are I/O-bound and not CPU-bound; in other word, most programs are waiting for network transmission, flash storage reads, DMA reads, touch event processing, etc to finish, instead of waiting for some calculations. In CPU-bound application, increasing CPU speed can mean less latency between touching the screen and the screen updating to reflect the touch event. However, up to a certain point, there will be no longer any noticeable benefit of adding even more CPU; beyond a certain point, the input turnaround will be much faster than our own brain's turnaround time (approx. 100-200ms) and we will not be able to perceive the benefit of adding even faster CPU. Also, note that input-to-output turnaround time depends on a large number of other factors, e.g. the latency of the cables, speed of the bus, etc. Second, having some extra CPU time to spare also means that Android can assign those spare CPU cycles to background processes, so background processes can run better.


More RAM:

  • better task-switching
  • can run more complicated apps or open larger/more complex files

More CPU:

  • faster turnaround between input and response (less lag) on CPU-bound apps
  • better background processing

In short, both are equally important; your own personal usage pattern will determine which is more valuable for you. If you generally stays in a single program and is sensitive to input-to-output latency then having faster CPU will be more valuable for you; if you constantly task switch between many different apps or if you need to run complex memory-hungry apps to open complex large files, then having extra RAM is going to be more valuable to you.



我有512 MB RAM,如果我运行使用像愤怒的小鸟这样的东西,我的进程只会开始杀死。另一方面,我有一个1 GHz处理器,我从来没有注意到我正在做的事情(除了在长期播放期间陷入自身的愤怒鸟类)。


另一个重要考虑因素是I / O速度。如果您有一个使用RFS的三星手机,请安装Ext4 Lagfix - 您会注意到巨大的改进。如果您录制高清视频,您可能需要更快的SD卡(我们对此有问题),等等。

存储大小与性能无关,但您也希望考虑一下。许多用户在安装一些应用程序后启动自己并发现他们已经耗尽了空间。我强烈推荐一种像我的充满活力一样的设备,它具有过多的2 GB内部(系统+数据)存储(和14 GB内部SD,以及外部SD卡)。


Well this is very subjective, because it depends what you're doing.

First of all, true multitasking (having multiple apps run) requires a faster CPU, so that all the processes can run at a decent speed. You are right that for all these apps to remain in memory, you need more RAM.

I have 512 MB RAM, and my processes only start getting killed if I run something that uses a ton like Angry Birds. On the other hand I have a 1 GHz processor and I never notice slowdowns regardless of what I'm doing (apart from Angry Birds bogging itself down during long plays).

If you're doing email, Twitter, Facebook, web, etc. then you probably want more RAM. If you want to play games then you need a decent amount of RAM, but the processor and graphics chip is going to be more important. In general.

Another important consideration is I/O speed. If you have a Samsung phone that uses RFS, install an EXT4 lagfix xe2x80x94 you'll notice a huge improvement. If you're recording HD video you may want a faster SD card (we have questions about that), and so on.

Storage size is largely unrelated to performance, but you'll want to consider that as well. Many users kick themselves after installing a few apps and finding that they've run out of space. I highly recommend a device like my Vibrant, which has an excessive 2 GB internal (system+data) storage (and 14 GB internal SD, plus the external SD card).

在一个电话中,您将使用的大多数程序都认为电子邮件,IM,Web浏览器, -


所以,不止一个或另一个,重要的是和Android手机平衡。使用2GHz CPU和512MB的RAM,您将浪费CPU电源,因为手机没有足够的内存来适应足够的应用程序来消耗CPU周期的数量。使用500MHz CPU和2GB或RAM时,处理器不会有足够的周期来执行足够的应用程序来消耗该数量的RAM。

所以平衡是要考虑的事情。 1GHz的CPU,512到1GB RAM是一个很好的组合。 600MHz的600MHz相同,256MB到512MB(对于最近的Andorid版本有点受到动力),或者为具有712MB或更多RAM的新的两个核心1GHz CPU。



In a phone most of the programs you will use are thinks like email, IM, web browser,xe2x80xa6

This kind of apps does not need a powerful CPU, but given the fact that you will be using an Android Phone you will be running multiple applications at the same time which needs some extra CPU time, but more importantly, needs enough RAM memory to accommodate all the applications.

So, more than one or the other, the important thing in and Android phone balance. With a 2Ghz CPU and 512MB of RAM you will be wasting CPU power because the phone will not have enough memory to accommodate sufficient applications to consume that amount of CPU cycles. The same occurs with a 500Mhz CPU and 2Gb or RAM, the processor will not have enough cycles to execute enough applications to consume that amount of RAM.

So BALANCE is the thing to consider. A CPU at 1Ghz with 512 to 1Gb of RAM is a great combination. The same goes for a 600Mhz with 256Mb to 512Mb (a little underpowered for recent versions of Andorid), or for a new two cores 1Ghz CPU with 712Mb or more of RAM.

Given this considerations my recommendation will be to search for a phone with a 1Ghz or more CPU and 1Gb or more of RAM, this phone will be powerful enough to run all the applications you will need in the next 2 years that is the maximum period of time you will be using the phone giving the evolution rate of the mobile technology.




It's actually the memory bandwidth that is most limiting. Secondly, a good balance in specs, including RAM size, processor speed and parallelism.



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