HTC上的FM收音机谷歌播放版 -- htc 领域 和 fm-radio 领域 android 相关 的问题

FM Radio on HTC One Google Play Edition




我的htc 一个有调谐FM收音机的能力。

和标准版附带app 使用它。

但是,我无法找到一种方法来在(非植根地)Google Play Edition上使用FM收音机。任何想法?

运行Android 4.4.2 ...如果这重要了。


My HTC One has the capability to tune FM Radio stations.

And the Standard Edition comes with an app for using it.

However, I can't find a way to use the FM Radio on a (non-rooted) Google Play Edition. Any ideas?

Running Android 4.4.2 ... if that matters.





谷歌和一些OEM似乎没有再支持FM,在Nexus 4和5中没有内置的任何FM硬件,也可以内置的。三星Galaxy S4也在持续这种趋势。理论是有互联网raido服务,可以通过千频道流汇流。这不适合每个人。该理论是它为制造的硬件和成本节省了空间。 Android论坛讨论缺乏Nexus 5

这个xda线程表明它是不可能的 FM应用程序在那里。

这是一个非常低的Reviwed FM App 在声称使用调谐器的播放商店上。更新:不适用于HTC One。


另一个xda fm radio


最推荐的是我发现的是 spirit fm 哪些具体说明不需要互联网连接。



I'll put this altogether here.

Google and some OEMs don't seem to be supporting FM anymore, as evident in the Nexus 4 and 5 not having any FM hardware built in. The Samsung Galaxy S4 also are carrying on this trend. The theory being that there are Internet raido services that can stream thousands of channels. Which doesn't suit everyone. The theory is that it saves space for the hardware and cost in manufacture. Android forums discussion on the lack of FM on Nexus 5

This XDA thread suggests it isn't possible however there are FM apps out there.

This is a very lowly reviwed FM app on the Play Store that claims to use the tuner. UPDATE: Does not work on HTC One.

This XDA thread has an attached apk for an FM tuner that MAY work. I have not tested, the usual warnings about unknown sources applies, of course.

Another XDA FM radio

For rooted devices there is one more here

The one that is most recommended that I have found is Spirit FM which specifically states that No internet connection is required.

Try them out, see what works, and most of all be wary of permissions and apps you are not confident about.


免费选项: nextradio Sprint特别说明它是不是一个流式服务,但在手机中使用FM调谐器。它说它只适用于一些Sprint手机,但似乎可以在我的Galaxy Nexus和Moto X上安装,因此应该可以为您的HTC一个播放版提供。



  • 调整手机上的本地FM站
  • 通过引导中的类型或频率找到无线电台
  • 使用的数据比流音乐
  • 更多 与流音乐相比,
  • 获得3x更好的电池寿命


付费选项:如 android中央, Spirit fm 应用程序将在HTC One Play Edition的技巧:

如果您是普通的电话用户,&不知道Android"rooting" 是什么,精神可能会很可能>不为您提供比您的股票FM应用程序更多。如果您的手机没有股票FM应用程序,>这种精神不太可能会致力于它。 精神主要是针对"根" &amp的Android爱好者; "rom" 他们的手机。但它也有效>在许多股票上,"商店买了" 手机。





一股股票,谷歌播放版& AOSE ONE X LTE(AT& t) LTE /一个s




WES:谢谢 联系HTC Chat.Hello Jacob。

是you可以,但you可能需要 下载为第三方应用程序。

jacob:你知道吗?唯一的 我可以找到的是互联网收音机,我想利用FM 调谐器硬件

jacob:或者你知道我可以下载应用程序的地方吗? 来自非播放版本

WES:我真的不确定第三方应用程序是什么 这是可行的。


jacob:会 HTC能够从原始HTC提供应用程序?

WES:那 将是一个预先安装的应用程序。对他们来说真的没有一个链接。

jacob: 我知道。这就是为什么我想问一个HTC代表

WES: 我现在正在研究它。

WES: 20radio

告诉你真相,第二个只是 FM Player ,它看起来很有希望,但它只是为摩托罗拉设备而言。


Free Option: NextRadio by Sprint says specifically it is not a streaming services, but uses the FM tuner in your phone. It says it is only for a few Sprint phones, but appears to be installable on my Galaxy Nexus and Moto X, so it should be available for your HTC One Play Edition.


Key Features:

  • Tune in to local FM stations on your phone
  • Find radio stations by genre or frequency in the Guide
  • Uses 90% LESS data than streaming music
  • Get 3X BETTER battery life compared to streaming music

NOTE: for another possibly free option, see the conversation below.

Paid Option: As stated on Android Central, the Spirit FM app will do the trick on the HTC One Play Edition:

If you're an average phone user, & don't know what Android "rooting" is, Spirit will likely > not offer you much more than your stock FM app. If your phone does not have a stock FM app, > it is unlikely that Spirit will work on it. Spirit is mostly for Android enthusiasts who "root" & "ROM" their phones. But it also works > on many stock, "store bought" phones.


This Works with:



One Stock, Google Play Edition & AOSP One X LTE (AT&T) LTE / One S


This is a paid option, but has been quoted to work on your device and you can always refund within 15 minutes if it doesn't.

I had a conversation with an HTC Representative and while he said it should be possible, he could not give me any specifics. The conversation is below.

Wes: Thank you for contacting HTC Chat.Hello Jacob.

Yes y ou can but y ou may need to download as a third party app.

Jacob: Do you know of any ? The only ones i can find are internet radio ones, I'd like to utilize the fm tuner hardware

Jacob: Or do you know of a place i can download the app from the non-play edition?

Wes: I really am not sure what 3rd party app that would be workable.

Wes: Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jacob: Would HTC be able to provide the app from the original HTC one?

Wes: That would be a pre installed app. There isnt really a link for them.

Jacob: I know. That's why I wanted to ask an HTC representative

Wes: I am looking into it at the moment.


Tell you the truth though, the second is simply FM Player and it looks promising, but states it's only for Motorola devices.


标准的FMRADIO专为HTC One采用的芯片组而设计,您将难以找到支持,因此芯片组在播放商店中看到的无线电FM应用程序>可能没有支持它。


  • 您指的是哪一个型号?在咨询之后其中?
  • 您指的是什么Android版本?

不要忘记标准FM收音机的一个重要事项,更经常,如果不太可能,它将有支持在 /system/lib 和通常足够的情况下找到的库,如果尝试复制apk应用程序并在其他地方安装它将失败,也将失败,也将失败,缺少依赖于所讨论的库或芯片组没有内核支持。



The standard FMRadio is designed specifically for that chipset employed by the HTC One, you will have difficulty in finding support for that said chipset hence the Radio FM apps you see on the Play-Store may not have the support for it.

Vital questions:

  • Which HTC One model are you referring to? After consulting there seems to be a few of them?
  • What Android version are you referring to?

Do not forget one important matter about the standard FM Radio, more then often, if not likely, it will have supporting libraries found in /system/lib and commonly enough, if an attempt to copy the APK of the app and install it elsewhere will fail either due to missing dependencies on the libraries in question or the chipset does not have the kernel support either.

The mileage will vary depending on the above.



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