如何为我的Android设备设置我的WiFi路由器? -- wi-fi 领域 和 networking 领域 android 相关 的问题

How do I set up my wifi router for my Android device?




我有一个无线网络设置使用sweex lc000070路由器,wep加密,而我的htc hero可以连接到网络,互联网似乎没有工作。



I have a wireless network set up with a Sweex LC000070 router, WEP encryption and while my HTC Hero can connect to the network, internet doesn't seem to work.

Is there any setting on the router I have to change in order for Android devices to connect?




显然WEP支持在Android 2.0.1及以上彻底批准。


http://www.droidforums.net/论坛/ DROID-General-excormations / 1253-Wifi-archious.html 通过禁用/启用路由器防火墙,虽然我没有尝试过,但它也不会...... )

http://www.draconos.com/博客/ 2009/11/19 / WiFi-On-Droid

www。 611connect.com/howto/merben_how-to-enable-wi-fi-on-the-motorola-droid (评论)(也表明,如果您最初升级到WPA以使其工作,您可以稍后删除回到WEP,它将继续工作......)


Apparently WEP support is thoroughly broked in Android 2.0.1 and above.


http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-general-discussions/1253-wifi-problem.html (also includes a possible fix for WEP by disabling/enabling the router firewall, though I haven't tried it and ain't gonna...)


http://www.611connect.com/howto/merben_how-to-enable-wi-fi-on-the-motorola-droid (comments) (also suggests that, if you initially upgrade to WPA to get it working, you can later drop back to WEP and it will continue to work...)


That said, WPA is a better choice all around anyway.


这种东西是非计算机设备的真正问题。升级到WPA(特别是WPA2)将修理手机,但可能会破坏其他设备(旧笔记本电脑,Tivo等)。另一种解决方案是放弃加密,特别是因为WEP并没有真正加密。几乎所有路由器都支持MAC过滤,以及大多数支持"仅Internet--Internet" 连接,这样您就可以让您的无线设备上的任何设备您了解,并让礼貌的人知道他们不应该连接。黑客和混蛋(并不总是同一个人)仍然可以欺骗MAC地址,但这是"仅限互联网" 的:您没有通过无线公开本地网络。



This kind of thing is real problem with non-computer devices. Upgrading to WPA (especially WPA2) will fix the phone but could break other devices (old laptops, TiVo's etc). Another solution is to give up on encryption, especially since WEP isn't really encryption. Almost all routers support MAC filtering, and most support "internet-only" connections, This way you can let any device on your wireless that you know about, and let polite people know they shouldn't connect. Hackers and jerks (not always the same people) can still spoof MAC addresses but that is what "internet-only" is for: you are not exposing your local network over wireless.

Obviously this setup won't work for everyone but it has worked for me in the past, and I might do it again if I get even one more device that can't talk WPA2


在我的Droid 2.3.6上有相同的问题。它用于连接到WiFi,但无法浏览互联网,直到我禁用:





Have had the same issue on my droid 2.3.6. It used to connect to wifi but could not browse the internet until I disabled:

Parental Control

from my wifi router.

Hope this will help someone.



单击WiFi网络名称下的高级复选框,然后单击"静态IP" 。你的问题将得到解决。

或者,您可以尝试WPA2 - 个人加密或根本没有加密。


When I first bought my tablet, I, too, faced the same issue. I tweaked the wifi settings a lit bit and it worked. Here is what I did:

Click on advanced checkbox under your wifi network name and click "static ip". Your problem will be solved.

Alternatively, you can try either WPA2-personal encryption or no encryption at all.



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