关闭WhatsApp后为什么会看到广告? -- applications 领域 和 ads 领域 android 相关 的问题

Why do I see adverts after closing WhatsApp?










whatsapp不宣传。如果您看到了您的广告 设备,它来自您的设备而不是WhatsApp。



Every time I close WhatsApp I get some sort of an advertisement.

According to their site they don't advertise, but I see adverts like this after closing the app:

screenshot of advert

Click image for larger version

I have contacted the WhatsApp support team and their reply was:

WhatsApp does not advertise. If you are seeing advertisement on your device, it is from your device and not WhatsApp.

How can the device advertise on it's own??




像 keshavagn ,我怀疑它背后的第三方应用程序。但既不是你的 nova发射器,也不是 whatsapp 本身。要隔离罪魁祸首,我建议以下步骤:

  1. 检查 appbrain ad detector (或trantgo,哪个您选择了携带广告模块的应用程序。这些可能包括您的罪魁祸首 - 但在第二个外观上,这不是典型的"广告网络消息" 。无论如何,请注意它们。
  2. 请参阅我的答案在这里如何检查具有某些权限的应用程序。如上所述,这也是一个"全屏广告" ,所以系统_Alert_Window 可能涉及权限。随着它始终在关闭 whatsapp 时,也检查 get_tasks (允许一个应用程序检查运行哪个应用程序)和 get_top_acticity_info (关于在前台运行的应用程序的详细信息)。再次,在匹配中进行笔记。
  3. 密切关注广告的应用程序。尝试在播放(最好不要点击广告)找到它们 - 虽然广告背后的URL可能会透露更多)。如果它始终是相同的开发,请检查您的设备上是否有一个应用程序。如果这已经在上面的一个列表中,你最有可能找到了你的罪魁祸首。
  4. 难以实现,但可能在某些WiFi上控制路由器:如果弹出窗口打开,请切割Internet连接路由器(即您的设备仍在使用WiFi,但是无法达到"开放互联网" )。现在它不应该太冒险攻丝广告(希望)。我希望它打开浏览器,现在无法解决页面 - 但您应该在浏览器的地址栏中看到URL。如果它与您使用的任何应用程序有关,这可能有助于进一步缩小嫌疑人。

最后,检查在这四个步骤中创建的列表,并注意匹配。如果列表中有一个应用程序2 + 3(以及可选地),那是一个很好的候选人。如果它也在其他列表中的至少一个。继续如我与项目#2所谓的答案所述。



Like KeshavaGN, I suspect a 3rd party app behind this. But neither your Nova Launcher, nor WhatsApp itself. To isolate the culprit, I suggest the following steps:

  1. Check with e.g. Appbrain Ad Detector (or TrustGO, which you chose) for apps carrying ad modules. These might include your culprit xe2x80x93 but on a second look, that's not a typical "ad network message". Anyhow, note them down.
  2. See my answer here for how to check for apps having certain permissions. As described there, it's a "full-screen ad" here as well, so the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission might be involved. As it happens always on closing WhatsApp, also check for GET_TASKS (allows an app to check which apps are running) and GET_TOP_ACTIVITY_INFO (details on the app running in foreground). Again, make a note on matches.
  3. Keep an eye on what apps are advertized. Try finding them at Play (better not by clicking on the ad, but separately xe2x80x93 though the URL behind the ad might reveal more). If it's always the same dev behind it, check whether you have an app from him running on your device. If that's already on one of your lists from above, you most likely have found your culprit.
  4. Hard to realize, but possible while on some WiFi you control the router as well: If that popup is open, cut the Internet connection behind your router (i.e. your device is still using WiFi, but cannot reach the "open Internet"). Now it shouldn't be too risky tapping the ad (hopefully). I'd expect it opening your browser, which now cannot resolve the page xe2x80x93 but you should see the URL in the browser's address bar. This might help to further narrow down suspects, if it is related to any of the apps you're using.

Finally, check your lists created during these four steps, and watch out for matches. If there's an app on list 2+3 (and optionally more), that's a pretty certain candidate. It gets even more likely if it's also on at least one of the other lists. Continue as described in the answer I've linked with item #2.

If you found out the responsible app, additionally to the steps described in the other answer, it would be a good idea to report your finding here as well ;)



尝试打开oplock和左侧边栏菜单,点击名为"帐户中心" 或"升级到高级" 的第一项(或菜单标题),您可以看到它可以显示横幅广告或全屏广告。


I think applock is the culprit(and they openly mention that).

Try opening applock and inside left sidebar menu, tap first item(or menu header) called 'Account center' or 'Upgrade to Premium' and there you can see that it either shows banner ads or full screen ads.


我也有同样的问题或仍然存在相同的问题。我尝试了像广告软件这样的所有这些广告软件扫描仪,但它们不能构成广告的应用程序。所以在思考它之后,我意识到这种弹出只是一项活动,活动有一个标题。所以我有这个应用程序,它显示了我正在互动的每个活动的名称。因此,当广告突然出现时,我能够将其追溯到Ilauncher,这个看似无害的iOS 8启动器,我非常喜欢。所以检查所有发射器。


I also had the same problem or still have the same problem. I tried all these adware scanners like adware but they couldn't the app that was causing the ads . So after thinking about it, I realised that this pop up is just an activity and an activity has a title. So I have this application that shows the name of each activity that I am interacting with. So when the ad popped was I able to trace it back to ilauncher, this seemingly harmless ios 8 launcher that I like so much. So check all your launchers.



检查任何其他第三方应用程序,主要是您正在使用的第三方启动器。 uninstal /停止那些发射器/应用程序并检查。


This may be produced by some other application such as third party launcher.

Check any other 3rd party apps, mainly, 3rd party launcher that you are using. Uninstal/stop those launchers/apps and check.


我在手机上有同样的问题,不仅当我关闭whatsapp时,其他一些应用程序也是如此。问题是Applock。这是免费版的一部分,并阻止这些广告爆发唯一的方式是支付其年费。 虽然我了解开发人员需要广告,以维持他们的应用程序并产生收入,但我也认为这种类型的广告是辱骂。它并没有让我想下载所宣传的内容,它对相反! 恼人的!


I have the same issue on my phone and not only when I close whatsapp, some other apps do the same. The problem is APPLOCK. It's part of the free version and to stop those ads from popping the only way is to pay their annual fee. While I understand that devs need ads in order to maintain their apps and generate income, I also think that this type of advertising is abusive. It doesn't make me want to download what's being advertised, it does the opposite! Annoying!



转到手机中的Google设置 - 选择广告,从那里选择基于兴趣的广告。在此之后,您将通过Google查看广告的选项,选择此选项。在那里,您会发现停止这些广告的说明。它将重定向到链接,我的链接无法正常工作。



So basically these are Google ads. I am not sure why these are shown but I think there is way to opt out.

Go to your Google settings in your phone - select ads and from there opt out of interest - based ads. After this you will see the option of Ads by Google, select that. There you will find the instructions to stop these ads. It will redirect to a link, my link is not working.

Can you please try it and if you get through, please let me know as well.





It is 360 security app. This app has almost all the permission. It is also able to track your activities such as browsing data. It shows app based on the things you browsed.

I also having the same problem and upon remiving 360 security app it seems that issue resolved.



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