出现在画廊的不需要的文件夹。他们可以被删除吗? -- gallery 领域 android 相关 的问题

Unwanted folders showing up in Gallery. Can they be removed?




我享受bejeweled 2,但不希望图库中的'背景','字体'和多个'图像*'文件夹。当我想看看我自己的照片时,他们是一种痛苦的伤害。有没有办法删除它们?

我已经忘了一点,但只发现了其他人抱怨问题 - 没有真正的解决方案。


I'm enjoying Bejeweled 2, but don't want the 'backdrops', 'fonts', and multiple 'images*' folders in the Gallery. They're a pain to wade through when I'm trying to see my own pics. Is there any way to remove them?

I've Googled a bit, but have only found other people complaining about the issue--no real solutions.




是的,你可以!在您不希望被媒体扫描仪扫描的目录中放置一个名为 .nomedia







Yes you can! In directories that you do not want scanned by the media scanner put a blank file called .nomedia

Don't forget the "."

Windows may not let you create this file because of the name.

Some file explorer apps have an option for creating this file.

The app developers should have created this file for you but some forget.



我建议使用更好的画廊,如 QuickPic ,您可以在其中设置要包含哪个文件夹,而不是需要排除文件夹。我仍然没有得到它为什么这个选项没有在载体库中提供!

另一个解决方案是使用单独的应用来隐藏某些文件夹,如果您的问题是您有一些"秘密" 文件夹,则您不希望您的朋友或GF / BF查看;) neimit pro 是那种​​优秀的应用程序。


.nomedia doesn't solve the problem at all! Putting that file in folder where you store music (to get rid of all covers to be listed in gallery) also excludes all the music in the media player (PlayerPro in my case).

I would suggest using a BETTER gallery, like QuickPic, where you can set which folder to INCLUDE instead of needing to exclude folders. I Still don't get it why this option isn't available in stock gallery!

Another solution would be to use a separate app to HIDE certain folders, if your issue is that you have some 'secret' folders you don't want your friends or gf/bf to see ;) Hideit Pro is an excellent app of that kind.







plus,您甚至不需要一个rooted设备:第一步您可以使用任何文件mgr,即使是使用Android设备的Dinky Its,您可以使用您的设备自己的App MGR如上所述,第三步是有没有root的媒体扫描仪应用程序,差异只在一些额外的选项中,但调用了Android媒体扫描服务本身只是一个单行代码,无需根。


If you really want .nomedia to do its job, follow these 3 stepsxe2x80x8a:

xe2x80xa2xe2x80x8a add a .nomedia to whichever folders you choose

xe2x80xa2xe2x80x8a flush your photo gallery app's cache/data using your device's app mgr

xe2x80xa2xe2x80x8a download/install a free media scanner app from the market (there are several) and invoke itxe2x80x8axe2x80xa6 this last step will rebuild the photo gallery's cache/dataxe2x80xa6 CORRECTLY this timexe2x80x8a!

Plus, you don't even need a rooted device for thisxe2x80x8a: first step you can use any file mgr, even the dinky one that comes stock with Android devices, second step you can use your device's own app mgr as stated, and third step there are media scanner apps both for and without root, diff is only in some extra options, but invoking the Android media scan service itself is just one single line of code, no root needed.


在创建之后工作。 Nomedia文件,您必须将媒体文件移出,然后返回到文件夹中。 我使用es文件资源管理器来创建.nomedia文件。创建一个后,只需使用副本/粘贴来传播它。

还为了避免将来的压力,最好将.nomedia文件放在新创建的文件夹中,以便在它中最终结束的所有未来媒体文件不会在图库中显示。 我在Evernote文件夹中找到了Nomedia文件,这意味着他们太伪造了这个问题: - )

编辑:我遇到了另一个解决方案。 创建".nomedia" 文件后,您可以删除并重新插入SD卡,而不是手动移动媒体文件,以强制库重新扫描文件夹。


For it to work, after creating the. nomedia file, you must move the media file out, then back into the folder. I used ES file explorer to create the .nomedia file. Once you create one, just use copy/paste to spread it around.

Also in order to avoid the stress in future, it's better to place the .nomedia file in newly created folders so that all future media file that end up in it won't show up in Gallery. I found the nomedia file in Evernote folder which means they too foresaw this problem :-)

Edit: I came across another solution. After creating the ".nomedia" file, instead of manually moving the media files to and fro, you could remove and reinsert the SD card in order to force the gallery to rescan folders.


我刚刚测试了Seth的答案,它在我的HTC Evo上工作了很好。我创建了 .nomedia 文件,使用 notepad ++ 和默认记事本在Windows上,因此,这两者都应该创建 .nomedia 文件很好。即使这为我工作了,我仍然建议你在尝试这个之前备份你的文件(我在我测试时做了),因为我从我读到这一点以申请用户的不可靠的方法。再次从我读取的内容,如果将媒体文件放在文件夹之后 .nomedia 文件放在其中,则在文件夹中,它可以正常工作> .nomedia 文件然后它 may 删除文件。如果Seth的答案不适合您,您可能想要尝试创建一个空文件夹(与要将 .nomedia 文件的名称相同,则放置 .nomedia < / code>文件在文件夹中,然后添加照片(或任何您想要的媒体),看看是否修复了该问题。如果第一个方法失败,我将尝试此操作,但它尚未删除我的媒体,所以我们会看到会发生什么。如果这些方法中的任何一种都没有有帮助,市场中有一些应用程序在市场中有一些应用程序声称隐藏您的媒体。再次,首先备份您的数据,因为我确实阅读了一个用户的照片被删除的评论。




I just tested out Seth's answer and it worked fine on my HTC EVO. I created the .nomedia file using Notepad++ and the default Notepad on Windows, so both of those should create a .nomedia file just fine. Even though this worked for me, I still suggest you make a backup of your files before trying this (I did when I tested), since from what I read this in an unreliable method for users to apply. Again from what I read it works fine if the media files are placed in the folder after the .nomedia file is placed in it, but if the files are there before the .nomedia file then it may delete the files. If Seth's answer does not work for you, you may want to try creating an empty folder (with the same name as the one you want to put the .nomedia file in), place the .nomedia file in the folder and then add the photos (or whatever media you want), and see if that fixes the issue. I was going to try this if the first method failed, but it hasn't deleted my media yet, so we'll see what happens. If either of these methods are not helpful, there are a few apps in the market that claim to hide your media. Again, BACK UP YOUR DATA FIRST, since I did read a comment that one user's photos were deleted.

Hope this helps.

Edit: As Matt H pointed out, I should have provided links. See the comments below for relevant links.



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