为什么我的Android固件升级升级为0%一小时? (三星Galaxy Ace) -- updates 领域 和 samsung-kies 领域 和 device-firmware 领域 android 相关 的问题

Why has my Android firmware upgrade been stuck at 0% for an hour? (Samsung Galaxy Ace)




我正在使用三星Galaxy Ace GT-S5830。 超过一小时,三星kies提示我安装固件更新。 它下载了所需的文件,然后继续进行实际升级。 现在,自一个小时以来,我在"进展中的Fireware更新..." 屏幕上获得了0%的进展。它显然说不要断开电话。 电话显示"下载......" 从一小时以来就像这样。 我不想通过拉开USB电缆来拼写手机。 请建议一些东西。


I'm using Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830. More than an hour ago, Samsung-Kies prompted me to install a firmware update. It downloaded the required files and then proceeded to the actual upgrade. Now, since an hour, I'm getting 0% progress on the "Firware update in progress..." screen. It obviously says not to disconnect the phone. The phone shows "Downloading..." It's been like this since an hour. I don't want to brick my phone by pulling the USB cable off. Please suggest something.





  1. 取下电池
  2. 持有Volumedown加上主键加电源。抱着,
    1. 重新插入电池。
    2. 释放电源按钮,仍然持有其他,在出现白色徽标文本后约1秒。
    3. 在几秒钟后,一个黄色三角形与Android中应该出现,这是下载模式。如果没有,请在整个时间保持电源的同时再次尝试。

I would suggest pulling it off and trying again. Usually this happens when Kies wasn't able to properly communicate with the device after putting it into Download Mode. I've had this happen before and rebooting my device and trying again worked. You can also try putting the phone into Download Mode manually (may or may not work while plugged into USB):

  1. Remove the battery
  2. Hold VolumeDown plus the Home key plus Power. While holding,
    1. Reinsert the battery.
    2. Release the Power button, still holding the others, about 1 second after the white logo text appears.
    3. After a few seconds a yellow triangle with an android in it should appear, this is Download Mode. If it doesn't, try this again while holding Power the whole time.



I know this sounds silly but press the power button ten times and walla! I read a YouTube comment after an hour of researching trying to find a solution and I tried it even thinking it was just a joke and I can't believe it actually worked !




I had this issue and took my battery, sim card, and memory card out for about two hours. When I put it back together, it booted right up and is working fine now.



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