生根和闪烁华为提升Y330 -- rooting 领域 和 rom-flashing 领域 和 custom-roms 领域 android 相关 的问题

Rooting & Flashing Huawei Ascend Y330




我有华为上升Y330,带有Android 4.2.2。我想知道root我的设备的最佳方法是什么,用更高的Android版本(如果可能的话)闪光自定义ROM的最佳方法是什么?

我在互联网上看到了很多链接,但所有这些都不是华为提升Y330。我看到了奇怪的指南如何将我的设备闪存到Android 5.0,但我不认为这是可能的。


I have Huawei Ascend Y330 with Android 4.2.2. I was wondering what is the best approach to root my device and what is the best way to flash custom ROM with higher Android version (4.4 or even 5.0 if possible)?

I saw a lot of links on the internet, but all of them are not about Huawei Ascend Y330. I saw even strange guide how to flash my device to Android 5.0, but I don't think it's possible.




基于此线程您可以使用Kingoroot root设备root设备(查看此处)。



这个post 包含一些链接文章关于在您的设备上运行Demded ROM( source )。这是股票ROM,具有一些添加的功能/功能。请记住,这可能会使您的保修失效。

以下是上面提到的 :(通过 cgb spender 在 xda-developers )

  • 股票英国rom (永远下载,但如果你砖头,请掌握)

  • 解锁bootloader

  • 安装cwm recovery (它无法安装外部SD,因为它在错误的地方寻找它,但闪烁等工作):

  • rooted库存rom

  • rooted库存材料主题

note :您应该在切换/修改ROM​​之前始终在完整的备份,以确定!某些设备在扎根或升级到不同的ROM时需要出厂重置。


Based on this thread you can root the device using KingoRoot (see here).

As for custom ROMs, it seems the device is not popular enough amongst hobby developers to have attracted someone with the time and skills to create a custom ROM. It seems you might have to wait for custom ROMs, or ask somebody over at Modaco or XDA if they could perhaps try creating such a ROM.

Custom ROMs are almost always hobby projects, so if your device is not sold very much or nobody with the required skills for building a ROM has bought one, you are out of luck.

This post contains a link to a few articles about running a modded ROM on your device (source). This is the stock ROM with some added features/functionality. Please keep in mind that this might void your warranty.

Here are the contents of the pastebin mentioned above: (by C.G.B. Spender at XDA-developers)

  • Stock UK ROM (takes forever to download, but handy if you brick the phone)

  • To unlock bootloader

  • To install CWM Recovery (it can't mount external SD because it looks for it in wrong place, but flashing etc works):

  • Rooted Stock ROM

  • Rooted stock material themed

Note: You should always make a full backup before switching/modifying ROMs, just to be sure! Some devices require a factory reset when rooting or upgrading to a different ROM.


试试kingroot。它肯定为我工作了每一次。不幸的是,它在Google Play商店中不可用,因此您必须从Internet获取.apk文件。 (像APK4FUN这样的网站可能有一些版本)。该应用程序包含旁通Android安全的代码 - 别担心,这实际上是为了生根目的,并获得额外的普通权限;这些权限让您删除像FM收音机,壁纸,壁纸等系统应用程序,但只有在您愿意的话。尝试获取可用的最新版本。


Try KingRoot. It definitely works for me every single time. Unfortunately, it is not available in Google Play Store so you have to obtain a .apk file from internet. (sites like apk4fun might have some of its versions ). The application contains code for by-passing android security - do not worry, this is actually for rooting purposes and gaining extra ordinary permissions; these permissions let you remove system apps like FM Radio, Wallpapers, but only if you want. Try to obtain the latest version available.



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