有没有办法讲述他们的Android设备是否已加密或不进行加密? -- security 领域 和 encryption 领域 和 disk-encryption 领域 android 相关 的问题

Is there a way for a user to tell if their Android device is encrypted or not?




上有一个半相关线程 https://stackoverflow.com/问题/ 12640708 / check-if-android-filesystem-in-cregrypted 这解释了开发人员如何确定是否启用了全磁盘加密,但有没有用户知道的简单方法?我尝试加密(我在4.4.2),似乎在某些时候失败,但没有抛出错误,只是把我扔回了一定点的屏幕上。


There is a semi-relevant thread on SO https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12640708/check-if-android-filesystem-is-encrypted that explains how a developer would determine if full-disk encryption is enabled, but is there an easy way for a user to know? I tried encrypting (I'm on 4.4.2) and it seemed to fail at some point but did not throw an error, just dropped me back to the homescreen at a certain point.




在oreo 8.0.0

设置→安全性&位置→加密&凭据&它显示 phone encrypted


使用 adb 命令 adb shell getprop ro.crypto.state < / code>(在Unooted设备上工作)返回 encrypted unencrypted


  • oreo(恕不另,加密)

vostro1510〜$ adb shell getprop ro.crypto.state


  • 棉花糖(根,未加密)

vostro1510〜$ adb shell getprop ro.crypto.state


source - adb命令检查设备是否已加密


编辑而不是 adb 你可以安装 termux 和类型 getprop ro.crypto.state 要获取结果 - 在unoRoted设备上工作也


On Oreo 8.0.0

Settings xe2x86x92 Security & Location xe2x86x92 Encryption & Credentials & it shows phone encrypted

Better method

Using adb command adb shell getprop ro.crypto.state ( works on unrooted devices also) returns encrypted or unencrypted

Output examples

  • Oreo ( Unrooted, encrypted)

Vostro1510 ~ $ adb shell getprop ro.crypto.state


  • Marshmallow ( Rooted, unencrypted)

Vostro1510 ~ $ adb shell getprop ro.crypto.state


Source - Adb command to check if the device is encrypted

Note : Original question refers to Full Disk Encryption which has been replaced by File encryption from Nougat onwards. See this for details

Edit Instead of adb you can install Termux and type getprop ro.crypto.state to get the result - works on unrooted device also



(我在4.3) Settings -> Options -> Security , 第一个条目将报告状态和提供解密(如果加密) 或加密(如果没有)。


Same place where you start the encryption:

In (I am on 4.3) Settings -> Options -> Security, the first entry will report the status and offer decrypt (if encrypted) or encrypt (if not).


如果您的手机带有Android 5或更高版本,则默认情况下存储存储。您可以通过进入 Settings &gt来验证这一点。 Security & lock screen &gt; Encryption & credentials 。它应该说加密电话 - 加密,它不会允许您关闭它。

Hovewer,加密的安全取决于几个因素。最重要的是,您应该使用强密码。 PIN码可以易于强制开发 - Android允许您每30秒尝试5个不同的密码。这意味着蛮力迫使4位数销不到17小时。



Android 10+,一些带Android 7 - 9的设备。


您可以通过重新启动它来快速验证您的手机是否使用FBE。如果它要求使用默认主题键盘的PIN /密码,它使用FBE。

更可靠的方式正在运行 adb shell getprop ro.crypto.type 。您将获得响应 file for fbe。


Android 4.4 - 6,带Android 7 - 9的一些设备。

默认情况下,仅使用设备键加密主密钥。如果您可以在设备上运行任何代码*,则您的数据与未加密一样好。要使用密码或密码加密主密钥,您需要启用"安全启动" ( Settings &gt; Security & location &gt; Screen lock &gt; PIN Password ,然后点击 Security & lock screen0 当您想使用安全启动时)。这使得主密钥与设备密钥和密码/密码加密。

如果使用提示"启动Android,输入您的密码/密码" ,则使用安全启动,请使用"启动Android" 。如果它通常靴子并要求使用自定义键盘的PIN /密码,您的手机不使用安全的启动。

您可以通过运行 Security & lock screen1 来检查设备是否使用FDE使用FDE。您将获得响应 Security & lock screen2 for fde。



阅读更多关于Android加密的内容: https://source.android.com/security/encreption /


If your phone came with Android 5 or above, the storage is encrypted by default. You can verify this by going into Settings > Security & lock screen > Encryption & credentials. It should say Encrypt phone - encrypted and it won't allow you to turn it off.

Hovewer, the safety of the encryption depends on several factors. Most importantly, you should be using a strong password. PIN codes can be brute forced easily - Android allows you to try 5 different passwords every 30 seconds. That means brute forcing a 4 digit PIN takes less than 17 hours.

Another factor is whether you have the bootloader unlocked and what kind of encryption your phone uses.

File-based encryption

Android 10+, some devices with Android 7 - 9.

Android with FBE enabled encrypts the master key by a combination of the device key and your PIN/password. A device like this is NOT decryptable without your password even if one can run arbitrary code* on the device.

You can quickly verify if your phone is using FBE by restarting it. If it asks for PIN/password with a default-themed keyboard, it's using FBE.

A more reliable way is running adb shell getprop ro.crypto.type. You'll get the response file for FBE.

Full-disk encryption

Android 4.4 - 6, some devices with Android 7 - 9.

The master key is encrypted using only the device key by default. If you can run any code* on the device, your data is as good as unencrypted. To encrypt the master key with your PIN or password, you need to enable "secure startup" (Settings > Security & location > Screen lock > PIN or Password and tap Yes when it asks if you want to use Secure start-up). That makes the master key encrypted with the device key AND your PIN/password.

If you get a black screen with a prompt "To start Android, enter your PIN/password", then your phone is using the secure start-up. If it boots normally and asks for PIN/password with your customized keyboard, your phone is NOT using the secure start-up.

You can check if the device is using FDE by running adb shell getprop ro.crypto.type. You'll get the response block for FDE.

* you can run arbitrary code if the bootloader is unlocked, the device manufacturer (or possibly a very determined hacker) can likely do this even with bootloader locked

Read more about Android encryption here: https://source.android.com/security/encryption/



Security & lock screen3


我的p9 lite(android 7)表现得那样,这与用户指南 Page 193

全磁盘加密|内存芯片组上的所有数据都是 自动加密


Try changeing default storage to SD Card

Settings -> Memory -> Default Location -> SD Card

if your phone is encrypted than you'll get a warning stating that internal memory is encrypted. Of course its only a hint, not a proof.

My P9 Lite (Android 7) behaves like that, and this is consistent with user guide page 193

Full-disk encryption | All data on the memory chipset is automatically encrypted



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